The Russian APS, PP 90 and ultra-rare PP91

    Army Inside have released an interesting video with the APS pistol and the PP90 and PP91 sub-machine guns.

    The video is well made and includes subtitles

    The Stechkin pistol APS is a 9×18 mm Makarov pistol adopted in 1951, at the same time as the Makarov PM pistol.

    The APS pistol shoots fully automatic as well, which is demonstrated in the video.

    The PP90 sub-machine gun in 9×18 mm (Makarov) is next. It was designed for covert operations and developed by the KBP Instrument Design Bureau.

    The PP90 is an automatic-only firearm with a straight blowback operation.

    Folded, it is formed to look like a pencil case with the size of only 270x90x32 mm.

    The sights look a bit challenging to use, but I guess that anything that’s visible thru both those holes will eventually get hit as long as it’s in range for the 9×18 mm. This is more of a point an shoot type of firearm.

    It looks almost like a clay-more mine, but as they mention in the video, if you remember the VHS video cassette? Note the trigger which is protruding to the right.

    Above and below: The Russian PP90 folded vs. loaded and ready to shoot. Sheet metal at its best?

    It looks like the Russians might have taken a few ideas from the American Ares FMG (Folding Machine Gun). Check here for a reference:

    Magpul was onto something similar with their Magpul FMG-9:

    Last up in the video is the PP91 (KEDR) in 9×18 mm.

    The PP91 is a semi and fully automatic machine gun based on the energy of free slide recoil, and has a magazine with two rows. The shoulder rest folds over the receiver, to facilitate storage and concealment.

    The sight is diopter style.

    Mr. Yevgeny Dragunov designed the PP91. Yes you guessed it, he also desiged the SVD sniper rifle.

    Note the reversed recoil pad. At only about 1.6 kilos, it should be very light to handle.

    Enjoy the video from Army Inside here:

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