Duct tape is used for pretty much anything. Remember the Mythbusters? They made a working boat using Duct Tape as the skin. They even made an airplane. Well a five time felon needed a holster for his Raven MP25. Boynton Beach Police Department posted this photo.

There’s another gun off the streets of Boynton Beach thanks to the incredible work of Sgt. McDeavitt and Officers Donnino and Berben. Officers responded to a shots fired call in the 300 block of Northeast 20th Avenue on Tuesday night. Witnesses said a man fired a gunshot from the passenger’s side of a small silver vehicle, and that there were two young children inside the car. Sgt. McDeavitt spotted the suspect vehicle as it entered I-95 from Boynton Beach Boulevard. A felony traffic stop was conducted and contact was made with the female driver and male passenger, as well as two children, approximately 1 and 2 years of age. In plain view on the front passenger floorboard, was a .25 caliber gun magazine. The female driver gave consent to search the vehicle, where officers found a .25 caliber Raven MP pistol inside the glove box, along with a magazine fitting the firearm and a box containing 45 .25 caliber Winchester rounds. One round with the same ammunition make was recovered from the firearm.
The passenger, Cleavon Allen, was taken into custody and charged with 51 counts of possession of a weapon or ammo by a convicted felon. Allen, 36, of Boynton Beach, is a five time convicted felon.

We know the problem of felons getting guns. I wonder if the driver was charged with anything considering she was driving the vehicle and the suspect allegedly shot the Raven out of the car?

The holster above, looks like it actually works. It appears to cover the trigger guard and it even has a security strap. Unfortunately we do not get to see the other side of the holster to know if he made belt loops for it or not.


  • Michael Powers

    It has a retention strap….more than most of what I see….

  • MissileMech

    Do they still do leather craft in prison? This fellow could rehabilitate himself.

  • glasspix

    Probably more than enough of pubic hair pulled by that tape for a reliable DNA match.

    • Swarf


  • Zundfolge

    Still better than an Uncle Mike’s.

    • They should hire him. I think he has a future in holster design.

      Though it will probably be a couple of years until he is available.

      • sage419

        Maybe the prison has a leather working program to learn new techniques.

        • Edeco

          Harry’s Holsters should take him on as an apprentice; polish the rough diamond of his natural talent.

        • That would put him out of Uncle Mike’s capability range.

    • Old Tofu

      been using Uncle Mike’s for around 15 years and not disappointed yet, carrying a glock 21 daily iwb

  • Some Rabbit

    Yeah, he bad.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Taking the whole family out for a nice Sunday drive-by?
    And they say families dont spend time together any more.

    • The family that Bangs together, Hangs together.

      The family that Shoots together, Scoots together.

  • Edeco

    Needs some night-sights made from radium alarm clock numbers 😀

  • Tyler Shaw

    The better headline would be “Raven pistol fired successfully”

    • loopydupe

      Whoa there, no one said it cycled.

      • Tyler Shaw

        Well done!

      • thegnomeyouknow

        Step 1 is “Raven .25”
        Step 2 is “No one knows”
        Step 3 is “Raven fires”

        Cycling is, like, step seven or so in that progression.

    • Tex Pat

      It seems to have ejected the magazine after one shot.

    • Ark

      “Raven product discharged, owner escapes injury.”

  • Giolli Joker

    Are the 45 .25 ACP rounds worth more than the pistol?

    • Arie Heath

      Damn near

      • Dakota Raduenz

        Having bought one before when I was younger and didn’t know better, couldn’t afford better and was doing granny a favor by buying it- you ain’t wrong..

  • Veteran for Trump

    Looking at the dark color, that appears to be T-REX Duct Tape, “Ferociously Strong Tape”. I have a roll and you better believe what it says!

    • PK

      For what it matters to tape aficionados, T-Rex Tape is great stuff, but not as good for outdoor use as Sticky Ass Tape. It also doesn’t bend anywhere nearly as easy, 17 mil versus SAT’s 13 mil and yet both break at 80lbs. Go figure!

  • Dougscamo

    I can tell you from experience that charging on each round of ammo as a separate charge ain’t gonna fly….
    The headline should be “Another felon off the streets”….

    • Nathan Alred

      Probably get more time for ONE count of Felon in possession, and tack on two counts of child endangerment.

  • Gary Kirk

    Welp.. As they say.. “If ya caint duct it, F¿©# it”..

  • iksnilol

    Not surprised, I’ve improvised gloves and pouches out of duct tape.

  • Ark

    I mean…having any holster whatsoever probably puts him at least in the top 25% of convicted felons.

  • John

    >I wonder if the driver was charged with anything considering she was
    driving the vehicle and the suspect allegedly shot the Raven out of the

    She’s most likely the children’s mother. What good would come of arresting her and creating two more felons in the process?

    Stick to the firearm, TFB. Be impressed with the duct tape holster, for we now have a working example to copy.

    • Edison Frisbee

      I dunno….removing the kids from an obviously incompetent mother?

  • Rogertc1


  • Renov8

    Ghetto ingenuity…

  • robert57Q

    Right off the top, why is “a five time convicted felon” free at all? This is why so many cities are such criminal-infested chitholes.

    • Suppressed

      When our for-profit privatized prison industry and our crazy war on drugs has made citizens felons for stupid stuff like picking up an extra bag of pot for their GF/bf/bro/sis/friend (distribution/delivery of controlled substance), you make felons out of otherwise harmless and good people. Once they have that felony on their record they’re basically unemployable, and unless they’re blessed in some way, they need to resort to crime to feed their families. I know felons that are honest, trustworthy, non-violent people.

      All that being said, five times is kinda nuts. If the allegations of him doing a drive-by with kids in the car are true, he probably isn’t one of the unfortunate people I described in the paragraph above.

  • Minuteman

    What part of “shall not be infringed” does the Government not get?

  • I M Deplorable

    No mention of his crime of cultural appropriation.

  • Suppressed

    If you can be trusted to be free in society, you should be able to enjoy all your constitutional rights. If you’re so dangerous that you can’t be trusted with a firearm, then you shouldn’t be free in society.