POTD: DIY Duct Tape Holster

    Duct tape is used for pretty much anything. Remember the Mythbusters? They made a working boat using Duct Tape as the skin. They even made an airplane. Well a five time felon needed a holster for his Raven MP25. Boynton Beach Police Department posted this photo.

    There’s another gun off the streets of Boynton Beach thanks to the incredible work of Sgt. McDeavitt and Officers Donnino and Berben. Officers responded to a shots fired call in the 300 block of Northeast 20th Avenue on Tuesday night. Witnesses said a man fired a gunshot from the passenger’s side of a small silver vehicle, and that there were two young children inside the car. Sgt. McDeavitt spotted the suspect vehicle as it entered I-95 from Boynton Beach Boulevard. A felony traffic stop was conducted and contact was made with the female driver and male passenger, as well as two children, approximately 1 and 2 years of age. In plain view on the front passenger floorboard, was a .25 caliber gun magazine. The female driver gave consent to search the vehicle, where officers found a .25 caliber Raven MP pistol inside the glove box, along with a magazine fitting the firearm and a box containing 45 .25 caliber Winchester rounds. One round with the same ammunition make was recovered from the firearm.
    The passenger, Cleavon Allen, was taken into custody and charged with 51 counts of possession of a weapon or ammo by a convicted felon. Allen, 36, of Boynton Beach, is a five time convicted felon.

    We know the problem of felons getting guns. I wonder if the driver was charged with anything considering she was driving the vehicle and the suspect allegedly shot the Raven out of the car?

    The holster above, looks like it actually works. It appears to cover the trigger guard and it even has a security strap. Unfortunately we do not get to see the other side of the holster to know if he made belt loops for it or not.