Q’s Honey Badger Heads To California, Doesn’t Get Arrested

As drenched as they are in National Firearms Act (NFA) goodness, my friends at Q are experts in all flavors of science and innovation. Even when it comes to building something as polar opposite to suppressors and short barreled rifles – such as a California compliant Honey Badger.

Now, I know what you are thinking: in a Honey Badger’s DNA is the information for a short, suppressed, semiautomatic rifle platform that focus on silence and compactness. None of which are currently legal in the great state of California. However, in a ‘leave no man/woman behind’ philosophy, Brittingham and the rest of the Q team decided to fill a void and provide Golden State shooters a taste of what most of the U.S. can already enjoy.

Unfortunately, details on the actual mechanical operation and CA ready designs of the Honey Badger are not yet public. So as speculation trickles through the community, we will have to wait for the full announcement. Needless to say, when they are ready, I’ll take TFB up to Q HQ for some detailed photos of the operation an manufacture of their newest rifle configuration.

Of course, I have my speculations on the secret sauce that is going in to the west coast builds. But for now ¬†I’ll keep that to myself.¬†Manufacturers interested in licensing the California Honey Badger designs into their own quality rifle builds can contact Q for additional information.

A few months ago I pledged to offer regular product updates for those who are stuck ‘behind enemy lines’. I am still working with social media outlet #hashtagtical to bring you additional product releases and information in the near future. But consider Q’s latest announcement a leading contender in the race for Top Gun.

California Honey Badger By Q:

Q Seacoast Art-Stars Contest For Kids:


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  • Jared Vynn

    At what point is a honey badger rifle no longer a honey badger? Perhaps “wolverine” or even “drop bear” would be a better name.

  • Evan TV

    My bet is that it is not a Semi Auto by the definition of a Semi.

    I am guessing that there is one small step between the return to battery and firing again.

    Like the Safety flips on after each shot or something.

    • gunsandrockets

      Yep. That’s the only way it could possibly be Commiefornia legal.

      • supergun

        I would hold on to those mags as well, until the President has been in office one full term.

    • gunsandrockets

      What about a true DAO trigger? Technically the rifle then would not be a true semi-automatic firearm.

      Of course what really matters is how the relevant Commiefornia law defines semi-automatic in the AW ban, and the regulations the Commiefornia DOJ uses to enforce the AW ban.

      • Evan TV

        DAO woudn’t work because you just pull the trigger again and it goes “bang”. that is a Semi.

        If the safety lever is activated after each shot or requires you to hold it down, then it would probably fall into “lever action” category.

    • PK

      Or it locks open every round, UK style. A “semi” which needs to close the bolt after each shot can still be lightning fast.

      • Joe

        Compared to other existing options I think this is a great solution.

  • Get over it Fanbois

    Even cali-legal. It’s still a POS. Just give up and turn off the life support. The MCX and other 7.62×39 knocks should have drowned this dead horse in the bathtub and buried it.

  • Raptor Fred

    California Neutered Weasel – in 300BLK

  • Major Tom

    Honey badger needs to go back to
    not giving a sh*t about California.

    • Kurt Akemann

      Unlikely, because there are people in California who want product and Honey Badger does give a %#&^ about $$$$$.

  • TDog

    It’s probably akin to a bolt-action: one shot and you have to manually work the action.

  • Ken

    Maybe the bolt stays open until you release the trigger?

    • Joe

      If that function would satisfy the letter of the law it’s the best solution I’ve heard of yet.

      • Ken

        I hope so. A binary trigger is fine federally since it’s still one shot per “action” of the trigger. Hopefully they apply the same reasoning to such a gun if it exists. Pulling the trigger would fire a shot but not reload the gun. You must then manually reload it by releasing the trigger before you could fire again.

    • Phillip Shen

      Open bolt semi-autos after 1982 are a no-go according to the ATF (too easy to convert to machine guns). Unless you mean it locks the bolt open and has to be closed by the bolt release (such as the suggestions above)

      • Ken

        Not open bolt, but the bolt locks back on every shot and it closes when you release the trigger. You still have to pull the trigger to fire it, and it fires from a closed bolt.

    • noob

      huh. that would actually be a useful feature on a standard rapid fire semi auto weapon in a non ban state. Hold the trigger down to allow open-bolt style cooling.

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    It must not be semi-auto. If it was, the detachable magazine, collapsing stock and pistol grip AND 29″ OAL would all make it fall into the legal definition of assault weapon.

    If it was semi-auto and had a fixed magazine, the 29″ OAL would still make it an assault weapon.

    So what’s the point of the adjustable gas block?

    • Flounder

      Did you forget that small part about CA having their own SBR laws? A rifle must be over 30″ in it’s shortest configuration in order to not be a CA SBR.
      edit: shortest fireable condition possible.

      They don’t seem to understand what is required to be legal. So they are just hyping something.

      • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

        Huh? That’s completely incorrect.

        Rifles only have to be 26″ in OAL (with stocks fully folded/collapsed) to not be a CA-SBR.

        The 30″ restriction is ONLY applied to semi-automatic centerfire rifles, and it makes them assault weapons, not SBR’s. (Though, legally there’s not much difference).

        You can lawfully have a 26″ bolt-action centerfire rifle in CA. Even one that takes detachable magazines. Or a short 26″ lever-action rifle.

        You’re the one that doesn’t understand what is required to be legal.

      • gunsandrockets


        Less than 30 inches over all length is one of the qualifying “features” which defines a Commiefornia illegal “assault weapon”.

  • Alex Agius

    Either manual or interrupted semi auto (like the MARS and lever release rifles), though it is possible that they could do it like the binary triggers with the release closing the bolt.

  • Some Rabbit

    Lemme guess, the ‘adjustable’ gas block is permanently adjusted to ‘blocked’ so you have to yank the charging handle for each shot. Hey, I said it was just a guess.

  • Phillip Shen

    Guys, it’s probably a .22LR rifle. That’s how to go with the current configuration and still be CA compliant. Great, now I have a glorified 10/22. (So yeah, I’m questioning if they’re really doing it 5.56 or 300BLK)

    • mazkact

      Maybe they are bringing back 44 Henry.

    • jakes astur

      I think adjustable gas block makes no sense with 22 LR

  • SP mclaughlin

    Who is “Q”?
    I though AAC made this.

    • iksnilol

      Same comp, new name.

    • mazkact

      See here SP mclaughlin “Q” may sound like an odd name for a firearms company but 007,Moneypenny and M think it is quite clever.

      • SP mclaughlin

        Their website is absolutely cringe-worthy.

    • Cymond

      Cerebus/Freedom Group bought AAC and fired Kevin. He probably had a non-compete agreement, so he had to wait a few years before opening a new suppressor company.

  • Herp

    Someone really needs to make a cali gun from the ground up. Would en block clips open up semi auto potential? A deep box mag and tall clip might be okay. Maybe make it have two triggers, one to fire and one to release the bolt. I don’t know. I wish they had something.

    • EC

      You could just get like a Mini-14 or SU-16 or something… those are perfectly legal to own simply because they lack rear pistol grips.

    • Marcus D.

      AS long as the mag is 10 rounds or less, this works since the mag is fixed. There is a device seen here that locks into the ejection port and shoves ten new rounds into the fixed mag. Neat idea.

    • Full Name

      Have always thought Ruger should develop a version of the Mini14 that has a fixed mag and stripper clip guides.

  • mazkact

    Unpossible ?

    • Matt Taylor


  • TexTopCat

    Not sure that it is a good thing that companies build CA guns. Maybe the best solution would be for NO GUN company to sell any guns to CA either civilians or police/government. Then in the not too near future they would have to admit violation of 2A and change their laws.

    • Dee Winters

      That’s what they want. Continuing to work around the red tape makes them pull their hair out.

      • TopCat_Texas

        Yes, but they want to only remove guns from “the little” people and do that in small enough increments to not get slapped down by DOJ/SCOTUS. I wan them to get so radical that even the “dems” want it stopped.

        • Dee Winters

          Well we’re definitely getting there, especially with the gun control buffet they laid out last year. People are fed up. AW regs got denied and standard capacity magazine ban got an injunction.

    • Wow!

      That sounds like a great way to give the gun grabbers exactly what they want on a silver plate. People forget that not supporting those behind the iron curtains only furthers the gun control agenda.

      If you think you can put a dent in the Gov’s logistics, you got another thing coming. What the gov wants, the gov will get regardless if you cater to them or not.

  • jakes astur

    Why is the “chamber zone” so large????? May be the answer is there.

  • scaatylobo

    Will it pass NYS ‘safe act’ crap too ??.

    • Wow!


  • HM

    Or maybe you could just buy an actual hunting rifle and stop playing with this mall ninja garbage.