Bear Flag Defense BF-10 AR-15 Loader For Californians

Another company has come up with a solution for AR-15 owners in California, no it’s not move to a free state. Although that would probably be the better option. For those stuck in the Golden State this might be a decent option for you. Bear Flag Defense recently debuted their BF-10 AR-15 loader for CA compliant ARs with a fixed magazine. Instead of having to unpin your AR upper every time you want to reload, you load via the ejection port with the BF-10. Similar in concept to the Mean Arms loader we posted a while back. There’s also the Towle Fixed Mag System which requires you to break open the action but is still a faster process than loading each round individually.

The Bear Flag Defense BF-10 Loader is pretty darn simple. You fill up the BF-10 Loader with 10 rounds and with the bolt locked back you rock the loader into the ejection port similar to the way you load an AK-47 and then you push the rounds in. Drop the bolt and you’re ready to go. The loader will work with any standard Mil-Spec AR upper, it will be available in Black, OD Green and Flat Dark Earth. It’s currently available for pre-order for $34.99 over at

Check it out in action below.

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  • QuadGMoto

    This looks pretty slick. But too expensive to buy a bunch for a lot of reloads. They should probably update it to support stripper clips.

  • MrFN
  • Major Tom

    The answer is ALWAYS move to a free state! But leave that California baggage behind when you leave. The last thing any other place needs is a California refugee trying to turn their little corner of the world into California.

    • LGonDISQUS

      Since my state became constitutional carry, I have been donating 75% of gun gun advocacy funds each year to California groups, since they clearly need more advocacy than my state.

    • Yeah. Keep fleeing and yielding territory to aggressors against your rights!


      That’s a winning long term strategy.

  • PK

    I’m glad so many companies are still working on selling good gear legal under CA law. There are millions of gun owners there, it’s a gigantic market with poor legal restrictions to live under.

    Personally, I prefer not to live there, but for those who do live there, it’s understandable why products such as these are desirable. The market is too large to ignore, the demand is there, it’s a good match for a wisely run business.

  • iksnilol

    They should make an M1 upper for the AR using en bloc clips.

    • Major Tom

      Ya know a modernized and revived Garand might actually have potential in the hunting, “ranch rifle”, and California law industries. Modernized for new lighter weight furniture, alternate calibers, optics and more.

      And no I don’t mean Ruger’s Mini-14. This would still retain en bloc clip loading.

      • noob

        just don’t make the enbloc clips be $40 each because they are made from a special space aged glass filled polymer.

        • Major Tom

          They’ll cost 40 bucks because of the price of ammo. Ten rounds of .223 for an en-bloc clip made of cheap steel. :p

  • Green Hell

    Guys, maybe it’s because i ‘m a foreigner, but i just can’t understand why you have to embarass yourself with all this nonsence just to be able to use AR-15 in a ban state. Is it some kind of “yes, i can” political statement? Why not just buy a gun with a classic stock like Mini 14 or SKS and enjoy your rifle without feeling like cripple with all those bizzare bullet/dissasemble buttons, mag loaders and wierd grips? Also, California alone (not to mention othet ban states) has the same population as Canada, why noone other than Ares and Russian IzhMech tried to make AR’s and AK’s with classic “shotgun” stocks for this market? Seems much better solution to me.

    • Phil Hsueh

      They do make ARs & AKs that are so-called featureless with either a modified pistol grip or no grip at all. But not everybody likes featureless rifles and not to mention that there a lot of people here who already own ARs and don’t want to convert them to a featureless style so these types of products allow us to own our ARs in relatively unmodified form. It’s also a way to say to these stupid politicians that regardless what stupid laws they come up to try to deprive us of our 2nd Amendment rights somebody will come up with a way to get around them.

    • Cymond

      Phil is right, but I would add the appeal of a modular rifle with easy caliber & barrel changes.

  • uncle bobedy

    Eventually, the gun laws in California will only allow you to have an AR that is a muzzle loader, and when that is outlawed you can only legally THROW your AR at bad guys, use it like a club, or feed it to them piece by piece. The most effective way I see to combat these increasingly worse gun laws is to do a reverse Bloomberg and have literal tons of cash from outside of the state brought in. Ahhh what the heck, just move.

    • Anonymoose

      Build walls around Cali, NYC, DC, and Chicago. Problem solved.

      • uncle bobedy

        Go ahead and build it, but rifle slung on my back and knife in my teeth I will scale that wall to get out, and nothing will stand in my way, guaranteed.

        • Anonymoose

          I thought you’d be taller.

          • uncle bobedy

            I’m just a little guy after all hehe, if need be I’ll have my papers at the ready so that I can verify my proper political standing to hop the wall to freedom. I’ll leave the family members that are Hilly Berny crats, and just take the ammo and guns with me.

          • Anonymoose

            That’s supposed to be an Escape from LA joke…

          • uncle bobedy

            Sorry, I’m usually up on my references, long day hehe

          • Brett

            I thought he was dead?

        • Flounder

          You sound like you are willing to work hard. We will take you. Give you a cold drink and a high five when you get to the top.

  • Sledgecrowbar

    I get that these two companies want to sell you ten of each of their $40 or $35 loaders, but someone hopefully comes out with a version that you can just jam a stripper clip into a la StripLula so you only need one of the things. That would be worth a premium since the stripper clip doesn’t count as an ammunition feeding device but makes reloading as fast as it can possibly get with a fixed magazine.