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    Mean Arms is the genius behind the clever workaround of fixed magazine for California compliance. In California you have two options to stay legal with your AR-15 and not register. Either have a featureless rifle which maintains the removable magazine but no pistol grip. Or you have a fixed magazine that requires tools to be removed. Well now that the Bullet Button is banned, clever people like Mean Arms have come up with ways to make a fixed mag not be so bad.

    Presenting the MA Loader.


    The Mean Loader is a clever take on a stripper clip that is fed into the ejection port to load a fixed magazine. Mean Arms also has a simple device for helping you affix your magazines. It is the MA Lock. It replaces your magazine release button and spring. The T shaped part below has a shear bolt. So when you tighten it onto the mag catch, it will break off after it is tightened enough.  Thus making the modification semi-permanent. You can always drill it out or use an EZOut tool.


    The beauty of the MA Loader is that it loads the magazine and when you remove the MA Loader, it closes the bolt and loads a round in the chamber.


    Mean Arms makes this Feed Ramp which acts like a flared mag well. It attaches on where a dust cover would normally be on the side of the receiver.

    But if you permanently lock your magazine into the lower receiver how can you reverse the process? There is this tool below. It is used to help prevent the MA Loader follower from releasing any rounds. You can also use it as a slim jim. If you want to remove your 10 rd magazine, you pop off the floor plate and remove the spring and follower. Then pop open the upper receiver. You slip the slim jim in between the magwell and the 10 rd magazine. Doing so will help free the mag from the mag catch and allow you to remove the magazine.


    Mean Arms is working on an AR-10 version. The 5.56 version of the MA Loader works with .300blk

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