Bear Flag Defense BF-10 AR-15 Loader For Californians

    Another company has come up with a solution for AR-15 owners in California, no it’s not move to a free state. Although that would probably be the better option. For those stuck in the Golden State this might be a decent option for you. Bear Flag Defense recently debuted their BF-10 AR-15 loader for CA compliant ARs with a fixed magazine. Instead of having to unpin your AR upper every time you want to reload, you load via the ejection port with the BF-10. Similar in concept to the Mean Arms loader we posted a while back. There’s also the Towle Fixed Mag System which requires you to break open the action but is still a faster process than loading each round individually.

    The Bear Flag Defense BF-10 Loader is pretty darn simple. You fill up the BF-10 Loader with 10 rounds and with the bolt locked back you rock the loader into the ejection port similar to the way you load an AK-47 and then you push the rounds in. Drop the bolt and you’re ready to go. The loader will work with any standard Mil-Spec AR upper, it will be available in Black, OD Green and Flat Dark Earth. It’s currently available for pre-order for $34.99 over at

    Check it out in action below.

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