This is an EdGun Leshiy air rifle. It is super compact folding air rifle. Imminent Threat Solutions just posted a review by guest writer Piotr Ma. Click here to read the review.

The air rifle has a moderator that muffles the report of the air rifle. It is a monocore design and looks like a suppressor to me. Suppressors for airguns are not regulated like they are for firearms. You can own them and use them to your heart’s content on an air rifle but you cannot put them on a firearm unless you register it with the ATF.

According to Pitor Ma’s review, the EdGun Leshiy sells for $1300. But has a quick change barrel so it is easy to switch calibers. They have barrels in .177, .22 and .25 caliber.

The EdGun Leshiy is a single shot air rifle. Folding the stock resets the hammer and allows you to load the chamber with a pellet.

He appears to get decent groups at 50 yards with this little gun. Check out his review for more info.


  • iksnilol

    Not quite true, in the US it’s counted as an NFA item if it can be fitted to a gun and used to diminish the report of it (even if for one shot only).

    So I’d be careful.

    • Jeff Smith

      ^This. I’m pretty sure that the ATF rule is “if it can be used as an NFA device, it must be registered as an NFA device,” even if it is intended for an airgun. If you could simply take it off and put it on a firearm, it would already be considered a suppressor.

    • Kelly Jackson

      The ATF started allowing these on air and paintball guns a while
      back as long as they were permanently fixed to the gun.

    • H Panni

      PCP air rifle moderators can be attached to firearms but they cannot withstand the pressures. The retailers and manufacturers do not export them however to be on the safe side.

      • iksnilol

        They cannot withstand the pressures, but the blockage that is the suppressor would still remove at least one decibel for that one shot before it is sent flying.

        • Bradley

          Tons of air rifles sold here have them. Even ones from major name brands.

  • Flyingchipmunk

    Link to Pitor Ma’s review? Couldn’t find it with a quick google search.

  • Herp

    Click WHERE to read the review?

  • Nicholas C

    Weird guys, for some reason it did not embed the link. I fixed it. So here it is.

    • PersonCommenting

      No velocity info. What gives?

  • Raptor Fred

    What kind of velocity do these guns produce?

    • PersonCommenting

      For whatever reason that info isnt on any site I searched on. At least it isnt listed in a clear way but I am not seeing it….

      • Raptor Fred

        LOL right!! Here’s a $1000 pellet gun with no data.

        • PersonCommenting

          Yeah wasnt on their sight or the website that reviewed it that Nicholas posted below. Weird. At least that I could see.

    • Evo Shift

      Around 1,000fps in .25 caliber with around 42 ft/lbs of muzzle energy

  • Giolli Joker

    Quite odd operation, very weird configuration, it’s hard to tell where the barrel is from the side view. Looks like a chassis with no barrel installed yet.
    Kinda cool, though.

  • PersonCommenting

    Kind of cool but loading is such a pain on this thing. Should have figured out a better way. Sighting in will be a nightmare. At least for me. if its going to be single shot have an easy way to load it.

  • Goody

    Only accurate rifles are interesting.

  • AD

    Interesting. I find it strange that they would choose to offset the suppressor upwards like that. The only thing I can think of is that is might have been necessary to allow the stock to fold flat (as the bulk of the suppressor might otherwise have interfered)?


    If you wanted to turn a Chiappa Rhino into a hunting system, or so it looks.

  • adverse4

    Just what I have always never wanted.

    • Evo Shift

      Says a guy who is clueless about PCP airguns and never fired on before. They are the perfect solution for removing unwanted pests from your property, and shooting inside during the winter. Not to mention, my .25 caliber easily dispatches raccoons and could hunt larger.