POTD: EdGun Leshiy AirRifle

    This is an EdGun Leshiy air rifle. It is super compact folding air rifle. Imminent Threat Solutions just posted a review by guest writer Piotr Ma. Click here to read the review.

    The air rifle has a moderator that muffles the report of the air rifle. It is a monocore design and looks like a suppressor to me. Suppressors for airguns are not regulated like they are for firearms. You can own them and use them to your heart’s content on an air rifle but you cannot put them on a firearm unless you register it with the ATF.

    According to Pitor Ma’s review, the EdGun Leshiy sells for $1300. But has a quick change barrel so it is easy to switch calibers. They have barrels in .177, .22 and .25 caliber.

    The EdGun Leshiy is a single shot air rifle. Folding the stock resets the hammer and allows you to load the chamber with a pellet.

    He appears to get decent groups at 50 yards with this little gun. Check out his review for more info.