Saw this on @TheIGMilitia on Instagram. Some comments say that the person in the brown pants is Miami Dade PD. More importantly is the woman holding the yellow mug. Some think she may be prior Marines due to the folded cuff of the T-shirt. But the bigger question is: why is her holster upside down? I hope the person who photographed this mentioned it to her. At first I thought that maybe she put her belt on upside down? But how do you not notice your holster and gun are upside down? It looks like the belt is looped through the belt loops of the pants so it is not a simple problem of putting on a belt over the pants upside down. If that were the case then the holster would be on her left side. This is a right hand draw holster oriented upside down.ย  It would be a deliberate act to thread the belt through the pants and into the holster. Is there anyone from Miami Dade PD that can shed some light on this mystery? Was there an intervention and someone corrected this woman’s mistake?


  • Juggernaut

    Not surprising.

  • Major Tom

    Maybe she was in a hurry and didn’t realize her belt and holster were the wrong way?

  • Edison Frisbee

    Hey….She is “the only one in this room, that I know of, professional enough to carry this Glock 40.”

    • Ned Weatherby

      Um – isn’t that Glock fo-tay?

      • Dolphy

        Negative. The presenter spoke professionally and with composure.

  • 22winmag

    80% of shots fired by cops miss.

    That figure has to begin somewhere.

  • Edison Frisbee

    If she had tattooed forearms, we’d all be trying to learn her new technique…

    • Just Say’n

      +1 for a blurred-out face

    • supergun

      I would be scared.

  • Mmmtacos

    I don’t… it’s just… there’s… she must– I can’t. I just can’t. Sorry. No. Just no.

    Someone, somewhere thought she was competent enough to carry a firearm. Someone, somewhere, is gravely wrong.

  • Martin Grรธnsdal

    You idiots. You know nothing about real tactical operators.

    This is the open carry setup for doggystyle sex. Her partner can defend her, and support the 2nd amendment during copulation.

    • EdgyTrumpet

      I was thinking more of a wheelbarrow position myself.

      • SomeRandomGuy

        Am I the only one who read that with the Mr. Garrison voice in my head? (and then laughed out loud)

        • Keiichi

          Mmm Kay?

        • steve

          Umm, this was probably caused by too much gluten. Mmkay?

    • neckbone

      Well the guy standing next to her is playing pocket pool it looks like.

      • supergun

        Funny. Amazing what you see in a photo, if you take the time to observe. Looks pretty dangerous there.

    • LGonDISQUS

      Molon those labes 24/7

    • Kekistani

      Tactical fornication 101, right? Could also be for a donkey punch head shot.

      • Just Say’n

        She’s muzzlin’ herself

    • John

      I had a Chihuahua once, not much style but he was smart as a whip and opened his own cans of dog food and could change to the TV channel to the K-9 network.

      He was a terrible shot though.

  • Winston Behle

    Maybe she has a holster with a rotating attachment and it got… rotated?

    • B-Sabre

      A new variation on Spin the Bottle?

      • supergun

        Science 3000 movies?

    • Andrew

      Agree. The rotating part came loose and since the grip is heaviest it caused it to turn upside down. Because females have wider hips they often wear extra attachments so the holster is farther off their waist. She probably realized it within a minute but someone snapped a pic to embarrass her.

      • TVOrZ6dw

        I’m hoping this is the case…

      • Harambe the Wizard

        It’s leather with belt loops. There is no way that’s what happened.

        • Oregon213

          Yep, looks like one of the three-slot pancake holsters.

    • john huscio

      I’ll take “What happens when you choose uncle mikes” for 400 alex…….

      • supergun


    • SecretBearSquirrel

      I thought that at first too, but it looks like a leather holster, and those usually don’t use that sort of attachment point. I think this either has to be a joke, or someone let a desk worker carry for a day.

      • Ken

        I did a little PhotoShop magic to try and narrow it down. The features that are visible comes mighty mighty close to the Desantis Thumb Break Mini Slide. NOT one that would rotate out of position. The mind boggles.

        • Mandalorian _Hippie

          I think anyone who carries a gun professionally has had a time when they left their gun behind. I had a Sergeant that left his in the can, and realized halfway through a traffic stop that his holster was empty. Probably even more common when you’re out of ‘full’ uniform, and not wearing a duty belt.

    • Bierstadt54

      It was a good suggestion, but looking more closely I really doubt it is a rotating holster.

    • DaBird

      So she can twirl it like in the westerns, but keep it holstered. Hmmmm!

  • RogUinta

    Normally she wears her pants on her head.

    • Larry

      would like to see her!

  • George Smythson

    This has all the makings of a good blond joke, except for the being a brunette part… An April fool’s joke gone awry?

    • Nathan Alred

      Artificial intelligence?

  • Al Wise

    Einstein Bagel does not have any locations in Florida.

    • Not Retarded Like That Guy

      They have at least 25 in Miami-Dade.

      • Ken

        Yep, and a bunch in central FL. There’s even one here in TLH.

  • Michael Acuna

    When I see stuff like this I just remember my Sargent and all the running I would have to do if this was me lol

    • BillC

      Do laps. Learn to spell.

  • USMC03Vet

    Say something and now you have a meeting with HR.

    • uncle fester

      And the unemployment line.

  • Topo Solitario

    I’ve got a good theory… She is wearing a clock on the right hand… which means she is left handed, but she was issued a right handed holster and attachments. So maybe it is better for her to draw like that using her left hand instead of abruptly twisting the left hand to draw… it could be the case that reduced mobility force her to draw with the right hand and move the gun to the left hand (that is a hard guess). But the leftie theroy seems plausible to me.

    • The Dude (Noveske Fan)

      I can’t even to that.

    • Keiichi

      It would make perfect sense if her left arm were twice as long as normal and her wrist and hand bent the other way… maybe…

  • Scott Tuttle

    its actually a cell phone carrier disguised as a pistol

  • john huscio

    She’s aiming for that cushy desk job.

  • Trey

    As for the “Marine” comment, I think that is a stretch. Better observation would be that the department just buys regular dept. logo t-shirts and not female specific ones. So females have to deal with shirts that are not cut for them. Lets don’t drag the USMC into this.

    • KestrelBike

      that cuff looks too shallow, anyways.

    • Rap Scallion


    • Yea, if anything the LAST thing most Marines would want to do after they get out is anything related to uniform regulation within the Fleet. Except for the lifers. They just go all out.

      • Phil Hsueh

        There’s that and the fact that Marines don’t roll the sleeves of their t-shirts.

        • SPQR9

          At least not without a pack of cigarettes.

      • DaBird

        I’m not sure about that. After 30 years or so I decided that a “rifle range” haircut would be cool. The only downside was there wasn’t enough hair let to get one, but I would have gotten one if I still had hair.

    • supergun

      Excellent comment. No way a Marine.

      • DaBird

        Quick, someone call her a BAM and we can tell by her reaction. If she is in fact a Marine, I hope and pray that I survive. WM’s can be scary.

        • supergun


          • Secundius

            It’s an “Derogatory” acronymistic term for a “Female Marine”…

          • supergun

            Kinda like WAC which means Women Army Corp? Anyone who serves in the Service, I consider a Patriot.

          • Secundius

            Agreed! I served in the Early ’70’s, and Women were abound doing Thankless Jobs in he Army at the time. But I never went out of my way to Demean Them in anyway. In a lot of way’s I was actually Grateful to them, because it took an Extra Burden off my Back…

          • supergun

            UROK. Anyone who serves is beyond your average American. It take a special Female or Male to serve in the Armed Forces. I have total respect for them. Been there and done that.

          • Secundius

            When you think about it, they were the “Unsong Hero’s” of the Military. They kept the “War Machine” called “Intriplicate” moving smoothly…

          • supergun

            Many Americans have died defending this Country and other Counties, too never come back to their LOVE ONES.

          • Secundius

            True Enough!/? But consider ALL the Wac’s, Wav’s and Wam’s that Flew the Fighters, Bombers and Transports that were needed to the War Front and NEVER came back to Fly another “Thankless Mission”…

          • supergun

            They were included in my comment.

          • Secundius

            Ohhh?/! Must have slipped through my fingers then…

          • supergun


          • Secundius

            You’re Comment before your Last Comment sounded like you were going on the Offensive or you were Offended by my Comment about Women that Serve and that Many Men gave Up their Lives in defense of our Country. And I just responded that Many Thankless Service Women DIED Flying factory fresh aircraft’s to the War Front. If that was an Error on my part, I Apologize…

          • supergun

            No offense. Any American, any gender, any color, any ethic background that serves our Nation is a HERO. Nice chatting with you.

          • DaBird

            Broad Assed Marine

          • supergun

            LOL. That is disrespectful.

          • DaBird

            And best never uttered within earshot of even the tiniest WM. Unless you are the kind of Marine who likes to tell his mother about the time a girl whipped his ass.

          • supergun


    • r h

      i was thinking this, since when did a rolled cuff mean prior USMC service?
      also, if we run with that for a moment. i’m VERY sure, as in PERSONALLY sure the USMC would have explained what way the holster goes for a handgun. the only reason this would be intentional is if she is her departments designated ninja and spends her stake outs hanging upside down from trees..

  • Look at how low beneath the attachment point that holster is; seems kinda obvious to me it’s a rotating adjustable mount and the adjuster popped loose. Wish we knew what model that was so we know to avoid it.

    Also seems high likely that the photographer was a douche who just wanted to make a GURRRL look bad on the internet, but then again, there’s a certain federal agency that ends in “E” which isn’t exactly beloved among gun owners, so…

    • EdgyTrumpet


      • That’s basically a perfect Username/Post Combo– nice work.

    • Justin Roney

      Why does it have to be sexist? If I saw a guy with a holster like this, I’d sure as hell take a picture and post it on the interwebs just as fast. If you take on the responsibility to carry a weapon, you better do it right, or be prepared to be a training example of what NOT to do.

      Now, if the holster broke, the photographer should have made it into a meme for the rest of us.

    • Ken

      My guess: that E is on the end of POLICE.

      • Tom Currie

        Especially since the federal agency TUA was thinking of usually can’t remember the acronym for their whole name and settles for just the middle three letters front and back.

        • Mandalorian _Hippie

          It’s simpler that way.

    • The Dude (Noveske Fan)

      No, it’s a leather holster with wings, she did this to herself without mechanical failure.

    • r h

      its not a “rotater” look at its closely, or with better eyes its a pancake slide holster..

      • Secundius

        You’re Right!/? At first I thought she was wearing a “Blackawk”, but after Manipulating the Screen of my Laptop to get a Better Contrast to the Image. I came to the Same Conclusion…

  • Kimberwarrior45

    Anybody notice the yellow box says “EINSTEIN”?

    • Andrew

      Einstein Bagels is a chain that sells bagels and sandwiches.

      • Kimberwarrior45

        It is very hard to have satire come through on a computer. I should have continued about this being an Einstein move or added “BRILLIANT” but that would have required a reference to a good English brew

      • DaBird

        So that proves they are real LEO’s.

  • bobby_b

    Keeps the bullets from falling out of the barrel.

  • Fruitbat44

    I think the ideas of getting dressed in a hurry, retaining screw popping out or photo shopping for luls, all have their merits. But, is it possible this is some new carry technique? I mean it would certainly cut down the risk of a gun being snatched.

    • The Dude (Noveske Fan)


  • Zach

    My theory: she rotated the holster purposely while she was at the event in order to keep it the gun from riding in an uncomfortable manner. It appears to be a high ride style of holster, and the gun appears to be locked in with a zip tie or similar.

    • Tom Currie

      The “deliberately” part certainly makes more sense than any of the ridiculous nonsense about a this being one of the cheap rotating holsters that somehow came loose.

      Zoom in on the photo and you can definitely see that the gun is tied into the holster with something like the like a small bungie cord or zip tie. The only reason to do that would be if she knew the holster was upside-down (God only knows why anyone would want their holster upside-down, but it is clear that the gun is tied into position in the holster).

  • John


    If people want to carry a gun, they need to learn to carry a gun.

  • Justin Roney
    • milesfortis


  • Gun Fu Guru

    I think that this is a paddle holster and the nut came loose.
    It is the only logical explanation.

    • Tom Currie

      There’s definitely a loose nut involved — but I’m not so sure it’s part of the holster.

  • RicoSuave

    She must be related to that DEA agent who shot himself in the foot when he was teaching a class on safe firearm use.

  • Capn Jack

    Still trying to figure this one out, but when that pistol hits the floor, somrone

    is going to get hurt.

    • Joe

      No, Glocks have multiple safeties to prevdnt that, unfortunately Glock issued Handguns do not include users brains in the box next to the spare magazines.

    • Tom Currie

      No danger of the gun falling out — take a closer look — the gun is TIED into the holster!

  • B. Young

    That NY swat member with his scope on backwards may be related

  • nonobaddog

    That is just her back up. Her duty weapon is on the other side, since she is left handed as evidenced by her watch on her right wrist.

    (Of course – her duty weapon is upside down too.)

    • DrewN

      Maybe, but I’m a lefty and wear a watch on my left wrist. I think alot of folks just randomly choose whatever wrist bugs them less.

      • nonobaddog

        No. You’re just weird. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Dougscamo

    She wanted to avoid the dreaded “Glock leg”….

  • John

    Actually, we are looking at the negative of the photograph, if it was switched 180 degrees, the gun would be sitting normally.

    Let’s be honest, we are talking Miami here, we should be happy it’s not an AK47 strapped to her leg.

    • Phillip Cooper

      That’s not how negatives work. Also, “Digital photography”

      • Swarf

        Congratulations, you have gotten a joke the least.

        • Phillip Cooper

          Keep trying. One day you’ll make a good one. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • John

        Sure it is, a “negative” is the “opposite” of a “positive”, “therefore” when you look at a “negative” photograph, it does not look how you want it to, “however” if you look at a “positive” photograph it is always the “opposite” of a “negative”.

        “Got” it?

        Sarcasm mode *off*

        Truth mode *on*…It was a joke.

  • JD

    She probably also holds it in the backwards position when she’s engaged with the criminal element.

  • Rap Scallion

    Has anyone involved with this story EVER carried as a LEO??? I would think that she carries like that, because she is driving a lot and she can get the weapon out and into play while behind the wheel……just MHO!

    • The Dude (Noveske Fan)

      No again.

    • Ken

      Carried in and out of uniform for 32 years. No. I say again. No. Try it. You’ll see.

    • Alex

      Think about the mechanics of drawing from that holster while seated…. think about it, very slowly, think about it….

    • Tom Currie

      Huh? WTF?? How do you think she would be able to draw the gun while seated in a car with the butt of the gun firmly wedged against the seat and the only direction to draw it being to somehow shove it farther into the seat?

      Take a close look at the picture… How do you think she would draw the gun AT ALL in any position when it is clearly tied into the holster with some sort of string, bungie, or zip tie?

  • Leonardo Padrino

    The color of the uniform fits the bill. I’m a miami native and I just hope she doesn’t show up if I call.

  • Will

    Considering the problems females have with trying to draw from a waist mounted holster with their short waist to shoulder measurement, she might be able to use it more easily with this upside down orientation. As short as she obviously is, this may be what is going on.

    I doubt she shoots/draws left-handed, as her arms are unlikely to be long enough to reach it from the rear, which would be the only draw for a lefty that might work one-handed.

    • The Dude (Noveske Fan)

      Just no.

  • snmp

    May be cross body (left) “mount” holster (in car)

  • Justin Roney

    Wait, I’ve finally got it! She took Opposite Day too far!

  • Edeco

    That’s the inverse cavalry position. You can tell because the butt is forward.

    • Nathan Alred

      Is that similar to the upside down cowgirl position?

      • Edeco

        No, I think one needs a conveniently sized piece of furniture for that

  • Dougscamo

    Okay, I know this discussion has been going on for a day, BUT, looking at the line of her belt there is a blur (on my screen at least) in the line of her belt immediately in front of the holster, directly under her elbow….photo-shopped?
    The belt line is clearly defined until you reach the blur and then it disappears….of course I could have a crappy display….. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Tom Currie

      You have a crappy display.

      But I’d bet that even on your crappy display, you can see that the gun is TIED into the holster with some sort of string, bungie cord, or zip tie.

      I can’t begin to guess why she is wearing the gun that way, but on close examination it seems obvious that it is deliberate.

      • Dougscamo

        Hey….cut me some slack….it’s been a long day…..
        But now that you mention it….I SEE something across the grip that would support your theory….and the pistol… that makes more sense than anyone doing this by accident….

      • Tahoe

        Now it all makes sense! I think this is an Israeli carry technique. There’s a bungie holding it in the holster; you pull down on the grip and let go, the bungie pops it up in the air and you grab it mid-air and start firing. Much faster than a conventional draw.

  • Some Rabbit

    Probably one of them ‘roto’ holsters and the screw came loose allowing it to pinwheel. Or maybe it’s one of them goofy bra holsters that came with an optional belt loop.

  • SDague

    Can you violate gun safety rules while holstered? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Phil Hsueh

    Funny, the address in the box says it’s in Orange, CA but the map show Florida. Nice!

    • B-Sabre

      Google maps is trying to give you the address for the one closest to you. When I open it from the link, it points to one in Florence, AL.

  • Swarf

    “Now do that desk pop!”

  • jimmy craked corn

    Polish target shooter? Just a Polish target pistol disguised as a modern polymer hand gun?

  • ironked

    The OWB version of Steve McQueen’s upside down Bullitt holster.

  • Mandalorian _Hippie

    Thinking this is someone that got dressed in a hurry in the dark…for whatever reason…

  • scaatylobo

    It is too hard for me to allow that NO ONE SAW THAT ??.
    And she works with total retards that don’t look at any and ALL guns in their presence ?.
    AND —- how the hell did she get that holster in that position in the first place.
    Annoying,sad,sick,dumb,idiotic,dangerous,= and SO many more words to explain & describe this.

  • Allan Quartzine

    there is no doubt that she is MDPD this is not the first incident involving such a problem at another coffee shop a gang unit officer was seen with no magazine in his duty weapon a Glock 19 …

  • Archie Montgomery

    One is forever plagued with a desire to hear the rest of the story. And never will.

    That does look odd. But looks are often deceiving and this photo is only a few seconds in a shift.

  • J S

    Barney Fife has a sister????

  • Curtis_15

    You guys have missed this completely. Since she doesn’t actually ever expect to have to draw her weapon, and she’s required to have one on body. She’s thinking comfort more than anything else. Having a little muffin top on the waste makes this the only comfortable way to holster her weapon.
    That or her plan is to be a blocking guard and her partner will can crouch behind her and draw her firearm while the bad guy is distracted.

  • Sheepdogand M109Shooter

    another retied Army ranger , female

  • Sheepdogand M109Shooter

    Actually they are in the International space station no gravity standing up side down..

  • Sheepdogand M109Shooter

    Fox news identified her as the new TSA director

  • Sheepdogand M109Shooter

    All I can say in Lord help us.

  • Norm Glitz

    Here’s a different idea. With a wristwatch on her right wrist, she’s likely a lefty. Her real duty weapon is on her left side in a normal holster/position. For some unknown reason, she had to retain possession of that tied-in-a-holster Glock through the coffee break and she just hooked it somewhere it wouldn’t get lost. I looks to be a high-ride paddle holster and she just stuck the paddle UP under her belt rather than the usual down. That way it wouldn’t be jabbing her in the armpit.

    Ever the optimist.

  • Edward W Harold

    The gun is too big for her or the holster is designed to ride too high. Measure the length of the gun then the space from where the top of the gun to her underarm. There is no easy or fast way for her to draw. She would have to raise her elbow then removed the gun with her left hand. You guys aren’t much on detail are you?

  • Bloody Bucket

    We don’t need guns, Law officers like this will protect us! Just sad.

  • DaveGinOly

    I thought it was a leather holster too, but I took the photo into Photoshop and manipulated it a bit (it’s a very low-resolution image and has had the heck compressed out of it, so it’s very poor quality). The belt attachment seems to be a platform, not loops integral with the holster proper. My vote is for a rotating mechanism that failed, allowing the gun to rotate heavy end down.

  • Drive with pride.

    It is a swivel lock holster so when sitting the butt of the weapon doesn’t hit your side. And makes it easy to put on your seat belt in your cruizer. After exit or need of the unit it swings in the upright position. It’s also a better position if writing up reports at a puter. Works well in the bathroom the same way to pull back up. Try one you’ll like it, heeeeeee.

  • YouBeenTricked

    Have any of you considered that this photo was deliberately staged and then “leaked”, for the specific purpose of trolling gun enthusiasts on the Internet?

    I have it on good word that’s EXACTLY what’s going on here. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • The Dude (Noveske Fan)


  • Guest

    My first thought is the normal position would be annoying for her with the butt end digging into her arm and/or scraping it. With ergonomic rules and lawsuits and such I imagine they asked her just as my company asks me; what in your job is not ergonomic? She would say this frikkin thing. Rather than risk a lawsuit they may have told her to carry it like that. There are all kinds of normal things I can’t do at work thanks to this. Basically anyone gets so much as the slightest discomfort doing something, that something is banned. It’s so bad that we now hire outside contractors to do simple tasks because we cannot per company rules. Last week there was a box weighing more than 50lbs that needed to get up a flight of stars, it still hasn’t happened because they can’t figure out a way to do it without breaking a rule. Someone misstepped going down stairs and said it was because they were distracted talking to a coworker. Now, for safety, you cannot speak while using the stairs. No lie. So this gun thing seems obvious to me.

  • DChrls

    What, none of y’all have ever seen a reverse cross draw holster before?

  • JJ

    Ok, no one mentioned the box of donut alternatives? Who’s sitting down behind her? Didn’t they notice anything? Whatever is going on, it was done on purpose. It’s through the slots for sure.

  • Secundius

    I have a Holster that also Shift Position every time I move. But what surprise me the most is that fact that she’s wearing one in an Office Setting and not have her service gun in a Gun Box…

  • Tp

    well it would be allot faster drawing her weapon, quick sweep down instead of having to move arm back, lift out gun. As long as she has on her Kelar bra she should be fine.

  • sako204

    It doesn’t matter. Bagels are here.

  • Howard Fortyfive

    You guys are all reading to much into this.