POTD: Deliberate Or Honest Mistake?

    Saw this on @TheIGMilitia on Instagram. Some comments say that the person in the brown pants is Miami Dade PD. More importantly is the woman holding the yellow mug. Some think she may be prior Marines due to the folded cuff of the T-shirt. But the bigger question is: why is her holster upside down? I hope the person who photographed this mentioned it to her. At first I thought that maybe she put her belt on upside down? But how do you not notice your holster and gun are upside down? It looks like the belt is looped through the belt loops of the pants so it is not a simple problem of putting on a belt over the pants upside down. If that were the case then the holster would be on her left side. This is a right hand draw holster oriented upside down.  It would be a deliberate act to thread the belt through the pants and into the holster. Is there anyone from Miami Dade PD that can shed some light on this mystery? Was there an intervention and someone corrected this woman’s mistake?