BREAKING: FFL’s Being Scammed with Fake H&K Recall Notices

Somebody has been sending letters to FFLs in the United States alleging to be from Heckler & Koch  Germany. The letter claims that H&K is recalling all firearms from the United States because they don’t like President Trump and they think there are too many gun-related deaths in the country. The letter is clearly a fake. H&K are aware of the letter and will be issuing a statement shortly.

Below is a scan of the letter. We added the red text overlay to ensure if the image is shared on social media, nobody will be mislead.

The text of the letter:

NATION WIDE RECALL NOTICE: Heckler & Koch firearms

Heckler & Koch GmbH Germany is voluntarily recalling all firearms from the sporting and commercial markets in the USA.

To whom it may concern,

As part of our company’s new responsibility policy we hereby inform you that Heckler & Koch, as of May 1st 2017, has ceased the supply of firearms to the domestic market in the United States of America. Bound by the commitment to promote the protection of peace and human rights worldover, as is enshrined in the German Constitution, Heckler & Koch’s export policy has come under ethical review.

Owing to the rise of firearm-related deaths in your country in conjunction with the threat of ongoing civil unrest and a highly volatile foreign policy under the administration of President Donald Trump, the German headquarters no longer deem the USA a safe destination country for weapons exports.

This recall is being carried out to the wholesale and retail level. Your assistance is appreciated and necessary to help our company maintain its reputation on the global market and uphold the German law.

Please fill out the enclosed response form and send it back to Heckler & Koch GmbH,  Heckler & Koch Str. 1, 78727 Oberndorf a.N. in Germany by May 12th 2017.

For more information visit ————–

The letter is addressed from “Heckler & Koch Germany”. No such entity exists. The correct company name is Heckler & Koch GmbH (which is used at the bottom of the letter). Heckler & Koch GmbH and Heckler & Koch USA are two separate companies. Heckler & Koch USA sells to US gun dealers and law enforcement, NOT Heckler & Koch GmbH. The reasons given for the recall are laughably fake.




Steve Johnson

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  • Get over it fanbois

    Seems like somebody is butthurt over H&Ks recent wins here and abroad.

    • Independent George

      Or maybe somebody was trying to get a few free HK’s shipped to them.

    • FOC Ewe

      Hello Kitty hasn’t been doing so well apart from a few bones from us and France.

      • Mike

        Equipping an army the size of France’s with new rifles is not “A few bones”. It more than makes up for any perceived lackluster civilian sales.
        In fact most companies prefer jobs like that over civilian sales. It’s job security for a decade.
        Now how are all those small AR-15 manufacturers doing right now? Civilian sales sure are amazing at the moment…

        • FOC Ewe

          You may not have been around for the last few REAL contracts they either lost or got passed over on: OICW, XM8, HK416, L-129A1…. Not to mention getting snubbed by LWRC in their own back yard…

          The M27, G28 and French sales won’t come close to compensating for the loss of marketshare. They’re super quick to poop out a polymer AR-180 based replacement after for thr G-36 that no one will buy as well.

          Google, and about 25 years of paying attention to the industry are your friend 😉

          • Mike

            What about the HK416? That’s basically the rifle they sold to the Norwegians, the French, the Marine Corps, and SOCOM.
            The G28? Sold to the German Army, and as the 417, won the US army’s CSASS competition.
            What LRWC does in business internationally is peanuts compared to the volumes HK moves, while the German .gov basically hates anything to do with firearms sales.
            And of course you’re putting them down for putting out a new product… Smooth man, I bet you don’t like it either that they’re starting up a US factory.
            Why don’t you put away that hateboner?

          • FOC Ewe

            Ever wonder why the MK18 was developed and adopted over a 10.3″ 416 variant? Weren’t piston guns they way forward?

            The C-SASS win is a joke since it passed our trial but failed the British trial for the same role. I have no problem telling Greed Knight to suck-it BTY. German “Trials” produced the G-36…

            The M-27 makes as much sense as the AUG LMG. It was a bone thrown at Hello Kitty because above all else, the Corps wants Corps specific kit. It fills a roll but it isn’t an LMG/SAW.

            Take a look at the number of rifles and delivery time for just how “significant” arming the Norwegians and French Army’s is. Don’t forget both countries were occupied by a previous incarnation of Fascist Germany.

            No hate boner here, I actually like a few Hello Kitty products. How the contracts played out over the last 25 years makes the T-44 Vs T-48 competition look unbiased. The Long Game is what irritates me since I was once a young fool who had to hump a musket and later a Pig long before I was blessed with an M4A1 as my issue rifle.

            Their US factory is kinda part of securing a GOV contract 😉

          • valorius

            Hate on.

      • Independent George

        For a second, I thought you were talking about this.

    • Nope. A “protest” by a group of German left-wing pacifists. This is what you find if you visit the URL printed on the letter:

  • Dan

    Now if the letter had contained:

    P.S. You suck and we hate you

    I might have thought it was authentic.

    • USMC03Vet

      Signed, Ze Russians.

      • supergun

        Moon beam brown and his friend gov. cousmo.

  • Get Gudder
  • Keiichi


  • datimes

    Oh pshaw! I just sent back my 2 full auto MP5’s. 🙁

  • 8166PC1

    lol like any weapons manufacturer would be that ethical.

    • Wow!

      Uh, what?

  • alex archuleta

    They forgot to add in the letter to send all HK’s to my address here in New Mexico!
    HK owners, please send any MP5’s along with a letter saying you give me permission to have it…so I can send them away to Germany…yeah…
    And also I know a Nigerian prince who has a lot of money!

  • gunsandrockets

    “The reasons given for the recall are laughably fake.”

    Well, considering the true nature of German politics I’d say the reasons given are all too plausible.

    • John L.

      My thought as well. In fact, if they had limited it to the distributor level, and gotten a few other details correct (such as GmbH as the article pointed out), it might have flown a while longer before crashing and burning.

    • supergun

      H&Ks will be made in Columbus GA soon.


    OK so at least three things are apparent 1) They dont like HK. 2) They dont like Trump. 3) They likely targeted FFL’s who advertise that they sell HK.
    I wonder if there is any coincidence of HK announcing a factory here recently? Also if it were purely anti gun it is a very inefficient target in HK. They clearly were trying to stir up fake news with this.

  • ReadyOrNot

    Liberal scare tactics or a bad scam? Hmm

    • john huscio

      Liberals aren’t generally knowledgeable enough to pull this off. Probably one of ours having a laugh at our expense…….or possibly a competitor up to some mischief……

      • WANDERLUST srt

        The other thing is if it really were the left wing the attack would be far more broad in scope. One manufacturer with a very small number of us sales makes little sense. If it were a competitor they would relize that this would not be effective. I think its a low level worker for a competitor or just a person disgruntled at hk or as you say a silly hoax, although april 1st is long past.

        • It is the left-wing. More specifically, a GERMAN left-wing pacifist group, hence why they targeted H&K, which is Germany’s main gunmaker. If you visit the URL printed on the letter, you even find their statement:

          • WANDERLUST srt

            This is actually great news. Since they go out of there way to ID themselves there can be legal reputations by HK since the letters were in the USA. Now I dont know if they actually will but they could here.

          • I have my doubts. The perps are based in Germany, so there could be a conflict of jurisdictions, and even should they ever face an American court, this disclaimer could probably be enough to prove that theirs was not a fraud but rather the exercise of a protest protected by the First Amendment.

  • Blackhawk

    It’s interesting that if you remove /recall from the listed website it directs you to the German version of the H&K website.

  • Thomas Bennett

    Got a (probably fake) name on the registrar of the site

  • This is patently ridiculous– everyone knows the only people Heckler und Koch truly hate are their customers.

    • Realist

      H&K…the “Soup Nazi” of the Firearms industry.

      • supergun

        Very nice guns. Well made.

  • Idrathergofishing
  • Spike

    Anyone dumb enough to fall for this really shouldn’t be left alone with a firearm in the first place!

  • If you visit the URL on the letter, you’ll find out it’s not a scam – rather a protest from a pacifist anti-gun collective.

    • Don

      How do you figure it’s not a scam? When was the last time you looked up the definition of “scam”? According to Merriam-Webster it is defined as “a FRAUDULENT or DECEPTIVE act or operation”. The last time I checked, trying to pass oneself off as another is fraud. And according to Merriam-Webster, fraud is defined as “intentional perversion of truth in order to induce another to part with something of value or to surrender a legal right”. And obviously they are trying to deceive you since they are trying to pass the letter off as being authentic…

  • Peter

    Blind fake call by German antigun activists


    Berlin based artists unleash an army of Unicorns in a parody strike against the global weapon industry. The unicorns disguised themselves as blood money makers Heckler & Koch, Germany’s largest exporter of hand guns to America. Pirating 300 letters addressed to Gun shops that sell H&K guns PENG Collective stirred up some serious confusion as they decided to speak on behalf of H&K calling for An Immediate Nationwide Recall of All Its Products after a sudden realization that their business was in fact highly unethical.

    Oh, Heckler & Koch, if only you would wake up, if only you would stop promoting your selves as being in the business of peace building. We don’t see any olive branches nor conflict resolution in your press releases? What we see is a death machine that is contributing to the problem not the solution. We think H&K are actually in violation of the German Constitution, Article 26, which states that Germany having learned its lesson a little while back commits itself never to disturb world peace ever again. Not only are H&K in violation of this emblematic law but they are building their first death factory on US Soil in the good old state of Georgia for more and more guns?!? Hell NO!!

    The pirated letter was our weapon of hope! This little ditty reached 300 gun retailers in the north east, spread tactical confusion in alt-right gun forums, and even made it on the evening news.

    So, H&K finally called us but they thought they were speaking to an angry gun shop owner from Pennsylvania named Grant Kingsley. Mr. Steve Galloway, the director of communications at Heckler & Koch told “Grant” that the letter was not real and in fact H&K had been the victims of a vicious cyber-attack. Victims?? How can you even utter that word? Do you kiss your mother or your children with that filthy mouth? You should be ashamed for even uttering the word victim. Let’s be clear, you are not the victim, you are the perpetrators. According to the in 2016, there were 15,052 gun related deaths in America what percentage of those deaths were implemented by the guns that your company manufactures?

    We of Peng are called to take action against this powerful beast! Peng are a group of activists who cooperate with the YesMen and other social/political groups from around the world. Earlier this week, they subverted the Associated Press with a hoax that made it to Fox News, the New York Times and Radio Vatican.

    More about the art-activists: Peng

    Wikipedia: Peng Collective

    About their subversion of AP: Article at Deutsche Welle

    About their last campaign liberating secret services: Article at Washington Post

    For press inquiries write to

  • Clarence Bodiker

    Find these people and prosecute them. Break all their stuff.

  • Some Rabbit

    May as well have signed it “Mr. Hitler and Koch brothers.” These Leftists are just too clever.

  • Cymond

    Ok, it’s a fake, that’s clear.
    What isn’t clear is their objective. What the heck was the end game here?

  • valorius


  • B-Sabre

    So what did the enclosed form say? That’s probably the heart of the planned scam.

  • Rogertc1

    With all the intelligence ability of both Germany and USA I am sure they can find the source if they wanted to.

  • mazkact

    Sie saugen und wir hassen Sie

  • Chas

    Bloomberg will go to any length…

  • TheCajunRaven

    Another misfire by the SJW snowflakes.

  • chuckles

    H&K just sold another 10% more than usual with this letter. Please no more threats to pull ammo. It took over 2 years to get any .22’s in Walmart. I made beucoup dollars on my AK-47’s and Mac-90’s back in the day. Someone probably had a few crates of H&K’s to dispose of at a higher price, so they floated a couple of letters.

  • American Patriot

    Any FFL that actually believed this letter should probably send their guns back because then they would be too Stupid to have guns. Please follow up with me for an address to send those guns back to. Thank you for your support….

  • SheriffJon

    Gee…. I wonder where they got the list of FFLs they sent this crap out to. Wouldn’t be surprised if Bloomberg and associates was behind it.

    • AlDeLarge

      Gun Broker, Cheaper Than Dirt, Buds Gun Shop, FFL Registry, and many more have online searchable lists of FFLs.

  • EarlJr

    I wonder if anyone has considered forwarding these letters to the USPS Office of Inspector General? Seems like the sort of thing they would be interested in.

  • The Brigadier

    I hope that HK sues that anti-gun group that created this fraudulent letter for everything their members own and then they should all be put in jail for criminal intent to hurt the company’s sales. German laws are different from ours, but they have laws against fraud and fraudulent restraint of trade.