IDEX 2017: Caracal License-Producing SIG P320, Distributing Desert Tech Sniper Rifles

The Firearm Blog would like to extend its thanks to reader and contributor Giorgio, who lent his journalistic services to us at this years IDEX conference in Abu Dhabi in February. Thanks, Giorgio!

It appears that Caracal will be expanding its regional product line with two new entries: A license-produced variant of the SIG P320, and a Caracal-badged Desert Tech SRS. TFB has not received much information about the two new additions to the Caracal catalog, but the word seems to be that Caracal is indeed license-producing the P320, and not just distributing it regionally for SIG. The receivers on the P320 – called the C320 by Caracal – were made in Exeter, NH.

The SRS has been rebadged as the Caracal CSRM, but it is unknown whether these guns will be license-produced or just distributed by Caracal in the region. The rear polymer receiver element on the CSRM on display at IDEX were marked with the Caracal name and Caracal’s logo, but the aluminum receiver is still marked “DESERT TECH LLC WEST VALLEY CITY UT.”.

As we get more details on both these new regional offerings, we will be sure to relay them for TFB’s readers. For now, though, this is all we know.

Stay tuned for more coverage of IDEX!

About IDEX: The International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) is the largest defence and firearms exhibition in the Middle East. It has been held bi-annually since 1993, and boasted an attendance over 100,000 in 2017 (for comparison, the 2017 SHOT Show had an attendance of about 65,000). IDEX is a general defense show rather than firearms-specific, but due to its huge size and regional importance it is often the scene for many small arms-related announcements.

Nathaniel F

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  • Anonymoose

    Are they giving up on their own pistols?

  • Spencerhut

    Does Sig have issues selling US made guns in the Arab world? Perhaps they are trying to sell more Sigs through a friendly intermediary? I shot the Caracal at Shot 2017 and it was a decent gun. Nothing spectacular, but decent. Interesting sight option that actually seemed to work for my wife and I.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      It seems like a good score for Caracal. Yes, I would assume SIG immediately gets markets they don’t currently exist in.

      Considering 320 winning XM17 trial, I would assume the gun will be very popular for them.

  • Jeff Wood

    Thats not an SRS, it is quite clearly an HTI, c’mon people, thats embarrasing.