Desert Tactical Arms Stealth Recon Scout

    At SHOT Desert Tactical Arms announced their Stealth Recon Scout (DT SRS) sniper weapon system. It is a bolt action bullpup rifle.

    It features

    * 1/2 MOA accuracy is standard
    * 11 inches shorter than conventional rifles
    * Quick Caliber conversion between 243 win, 308 win, 300 win, and 338 LM
    * Rugged, it was designed and built to be as tough as any other system out there.
    * Adjustable trigger 1-5 lbs and you can also enable or disable the second stage on the trigger, as well you can reduce your trigger pull length to whatever you want.

    The 338LM pictured below (with bipod, scope mount, sling, and S&B 5-25x) is 15.75 lbs and has an overall length of 37.5″. The 308 WIN (22″ fluted barrel) is approx 3 lbs lighter with an overall length of 31.5″, making it the shortest sniper rifle in the world to my knowledge, yet you can still mount the bipod the same distance forward on the rifle that you can on a standard McMillan stock.

    We actually beefed up the barrel and bolt camming area up by 39% over the original DSR-1. Every operational sniper that has handled the rifles have said they are the most comfortable rifles they have ever handled.

    The trigger is excellent, I can assure everyone of that and those going to the shot show will get to try it.

    Postal, your hilarious, no black eyes with this gun. The bolt has a 60 degree lift and six lugs. The bolt manipulation is about 2-3 inches rearward of a normal bolt gun, It feels very natural and you don’t loose your cheek weld during operation. Your technique changes slightly but it is very accommodating. If you shoot the SRS left handed then you have to roll your head over slightly to manipulate the bolt.

    We won’t be making a lefty, at least not for a while, sorry.

    .338 LM with 26″ barrel+muzzlebrake next to an M4


    Some more photos (rifle chambered in .338 LM)



    Shot Show Prices will be (Tentative):
    SRS 338LM $3585 (26″ fluted barrel includes DTA muzzlebrake)
    SRS 300WIN $3450 (26″ fluted barrel no brake)
    SRS 243WIN $3275 (24″ fluted barrel)
    SRS 308WIN $3275 (22″ fluted barrel)

    Conversion kits (includes bolt, barrel, barrel ext, and magazine)
    338LM $1480 (includes DTA Muzzlebrake)
    300WIN $1265
    243WIN $1205 (if you already have a 308win bolt you can deduct $300)
    308WIN $1155

    Some more photos



    Desert Tactical Arms have not website, this information was gathered from googleing (this thread and this thread).

    Hopefully an official website will be put online. If you are from Desert Tactical Arms, please email me with your website address.

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