New Russian Competition Pistol called PE-10

Russian company “Souz TM” (a.k.a STM Arms) has introduced a new competition pistol called PE-10 (ПЕ-10). It is specially designed for practical shooting competition use – IPSC Standard division (major power factor). The pistol is chambered in .40 S&W with 17 round capacity. It feeds from CZ-75 ТS pistol magazines.

The company is a new one established in 2016. The designer of PE-10 is Yevgeniy Yefimov who is a long time competition shooter. The name PE stands for Yefimov Pistol (Пистолет Ефимова) and 10 is the caliber in millimeters. Not to confuse you, it is not chambered in 10 mm Auto. Just .40 S&W is also a 10mm caliber cartridge. It is also the first Russian pistol in .40 S&W.

In the interview given to a Russian news website Lenta.Ru the designer told, that the gun has a traditional (Browning) mechanism, but it is built much stronger than the competitors. The gun has some small features which make it different. Particularly, he points out that the recoiling barrel stops against the frame at its rearmost position and not on the slide stop/disassembly lever axis.

The gun is a single action only. It has an ambidextrous safety selector, reversible magazine release button and a removable thumb rest. Grips are made of aluminum with what looks to be non-slip tape inserts. The gun also features a flared magazine well and a skeletonized hammer.

Here is a presentation video of the PE-10 pistol.

STM Arms will release the first batch of 50 pistols in June 2017. The price for the pistol is 175,000 rubles which is equal to about $3000. The company officials said that their main goal was to make the highest quality pistol for competition shooters and they understood that it will be expensive. They also plan to make a version chambered in 9x19mm and competition revolvers in future.

Here are some tech specs of the PE-10 pistol:

Caliber – .40S&W (10х21 mm)

Dimensions –  8.8″x5.8″x1.73″ (224х147х44 mm)

Slide thickness – .985″ (25mm)

Weight (without ammunition) – 2 lb 9.3 oz (1170 grams)

Barrel length – 4.94″ (125.5 mm)

Barrel thickness – .610 (15.5 mm)

Number of riflings – 6 (right hand)

Magazine capacity – 17 cartridges

Sight radius – 7.1″ (180.2 mm)

Trigger pull weight  – under 2 lb 3.3 oz (1 kilogram)


Here is also a set of images courtesy of “Владислав ODiLISk” YouTube channel:

…and a video (in Russian) from the same channel showing the disassembly and more shooting footage:

Hrachya H

Being a lifelong firearms enthusiast, Hrachya always enjoys studying design, technology and history of guns and ammunition. His knowledge of Russian allows him to translate and make Russian/Soviet/Combloc small arms related information available for the English speaking audience.
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  • BattleshipGrey

    Any word on how easy it is to own guns in Russia? I’ve heard they’ve been loosening restrictions but not sure how it’s been implemented.

    • Денис Серебряков

      Have your own gun in Russia is prohibited. Only as a state award. People shoot pistols belonging to clubs. But it is allowed to own shotguns and rifles.

      • Anonymoose

        You can get those “traumatic” less-lethal guns though, can’t you?

        • Денис Серебряков

          Yes we can. But why? There is very limited power.

          • Dougscamo

            How about the self-defense laws?

          • Денис Серебряков

            Legislation on self-defense is complex for ordinary people. It can be easily mistaken and be accused.

          • Dougscamo

            Not surprising, however in many of the States here, the same occurs according to the whims of the prosecutor

          • int19h

            It’s not just that. There’s also no SYG, and there’s the notion of “proportionality”, meaning that your use of force has to be proportional to the threat. This allows for a lot of hair splitting in courts.

          • vilas

            not only Russia, but whole “west except USA” ( i mean especially European Union) is totally f** when it comes to self defence and property defence ,
            property defence in most of European countries (no matter EU or not EU) is very very very hard for victim, but very friendly to robber,
            you cannot shot robber like in USA, shooting a person which had no gun in hand which was “just stealing” in most of EU countries can end with life sentence “for murder”
            belive me or not , but many people in central Europe “wish to be born in US” 😉 especially when someone was victim

        • They are sad, fragile, expensive things.

      • Edeco

        Huh, I wonder how Hamster Stefan in the youtube channel Slivki EN got one.

      • Dave

        You might want to check your own laws some time, its entirely legal to own your own pistols, just need to go through the right process.

        • USMC03Vet

          Probably like getting a carry permit in NYC.

        • I’ll clarify: if you’re an athlete, you can legally buy a licensed sporting pistol you legally shoot inside your club and during events – but you CAN’T take it home or carry it. It stays inside the club or is transported with paperwork to the competitions, by the club for you – as regulated sports equipment.

          With the market that small and specialized, even regular Glocks cost upwards of $1000, so this pistol may be a reasonable offer.

  • EdgyTrumpet

    Does anybody have experience with a thumb rest on a pistol? Does it make any difference?

    • It absolutely does, and is one of the reasons I enjoy proper safeties on guns. I really don’t care about the safety itself, but a proper safety wide enough to place your thumb on at the rear helps a great deal because it uses the natural mechanical leverage of your thumb to draw the gun down lower in the hand and establishes a more solid grip.

      The forward thumb rest does something similar, although where having a thumb rest/safety on the rear gives you more mechanical advantage to hold the pistol in close to your hand, the forward gives you a mechanical advantage to mitigate muzzle flip, and it’s quite effective.

    • Tierlieb

      A front thumb rest is one of the best developments of recent times, I think. I even burned one onto my Glock 26L (because you need every improvement you can on a grip that short).

      It requires you to use an extreme grip (the thumb straight towards the target, the other fingers at a 45° angle), though. Some schools will teach that (Kyle Lamb for example), some won’t (Tom Givens comes to mind), so depending how you grew up as a shooter, that might take some re-training.

  • A.WChuck

    Looks like a CZ, smells like a CZ, tastes like a CZ, it must be a … PE-10

    • thedonn007

      At first glance I thought it was a CZ clone.

      • .45

        I was thinking Russian Hi Power, but yeah, CZ makes sense too.

  • Note that it does not have reversed rails like a CZ75. The lower portion of the frame is also removable, like a Sphinx SDP. In one of the videos around the 12:08 mark, you can see a slotted screw head inside the frame that likely plunges vertically into the front of the trigger guard.

  • d_grey

    Smart looking clone.

  • Swarf

    A Deadpool says what?

  • Joe Schmo

    Can America sell all of our .40 S&W ammo to Russia like Hillary and the State Department sold them 20% of our uranium?

    • USMC03Vet

      At first I thought “cheap Russian 40 s&w enroute” but then I realized we still have Bama sanctions in place because F gun owners forever.

  • USMC03Vet

    Still cheaper than Wilson Combat. ?

    • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

      Yea, but…Wilson Combat is Wilson Combat. Which would you rather have? Seriously? BTW…you can get Wilson Combat for less, just watch Armslist and get one from some guy who is strapped for cash. Happens all the time.

    • VieteranGunsmith

      True, but I can get parts for a Wilson Combat gun if I need them. Not so much for this pistol.

  • Benjamin Goldstein

    $3000… Hows about NO ….

  • Leigh Rich

    175,000 rubles too much.

  • SteveK

    As far as looks go, I could do nicely WITHOUT the RED, cheesy looking appointments!

  • wjkuleck

    “…he points out that the recoiling barrel stops against the frame at its rearmost position and not on the slide stop/disassembly lever axis.” Huh? Doesn’t he know that the 1911 barrel lower lugs stop on the Vertical Impact Surface of the frame?

    • That is more of a dig at the CZ75 and its clones. The clones in particular have had a nasty reputation for snapping slide stop pins under heavy use in competition.

      • wjkuleck

        Dan, thanks. I learned something today. I don’t know excrement from shoe polish about classic CZ75 types. I guess I should get one some day.

    • VieteranGunsmith

      He should, that’s where he stole it from. Bot of course, Lt. Chekov would also remind you that, “1911 vas inwented in Rahsha, by Ivan Browningovich,”… So much of this gun depends on designs from Mr. Browning that calling it new is farcical. The 1911, High Power are the obvious sources of much of this pistol’s engineering. About the only pistols this isn’t stolen *er, borrowed* from is the Beretta 92 and Glock.

  • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

    I think I wouldn’t mind having it just to have it. And I’ll have to get one of those dog ear caps with a red star on it. As things are going it will soon be common issue for all US police and military…since the US is slipping or has slipped in communism drastically.

    • Wow!

      At least with communism the state is promoted over the people (if that could really be called a plus). With liberalism, it is just pure insanity not only is the state infringing on the people, but they promote things like terrorism (muslism, SJW, BLM) which destroys the power of the state itself.

  • Nice STOLEN design! I’ll stick with my EAA Witness race guns, thanks.

    • Wow!

      Witness is a super underrated and cheap handgun. I like glocks better due to the lighter weight and modularity, but I have no hesitation in encouraging another to buy a witness.

  • VieteranGunsmith

    This is a well executed frankenpistol. It has elements of all the large bore semiauto designs from the 20th century melded into one homogenized final product, and the innovation in it is only the fact that they conglomerated every single action pistol they could find into one unit. I don’t think this is a great or new idea, in fact this unknown company has no reputation for producing quality or high level accuracy. This is going to be a steep hill for them to climb in a market with saturation to begin with. Unless you come up with something radically different and it outperforms the competition, it is a technical exercise and nothing more.
    I would not expect to see this in US stores any time soon, and at $3,000 a pop, I don’t think sales would be very brisk here, where you have many options that are well known in competition firearms. It is well finished, but how many can they make? So far I remain skeptical that this thing has market viability except for a novelty and maybe use in Hollywood as some mythic assassin’s tool.

  • 날개달자

    I’d like better to go CZ75TS Orange

  • vilas

    i do not know what country you are from – but I am from Poland (one of most disarmed countries in the world, we have one of lowest gun per capita factor in the world) , yes, a lot of countries in world (nvmd “east” or “west”) call themselves “democracy”,
    in fact:
    – almost noone / hardly anyoone (i use such phrase cause English is not my native) accept refferendums,
    – hardly anyone/almost noone has many referendums and vote for “sherif, judge, prosecutor” – such things only in USA, Switzerland,
    rest of world is bigger controll, oligarchy, nepotism – calling itself democratic,
    i lived in communism , i live in “free democratic” state and i see that basic human right such as right to self defence , have gun – is strictly controlled – nvmd if left wing or right wing rules – all of them want citizen to obey and be helpless
    in EU it will be worse and worse and wors (not only gun directive which was voted 14th March 2017)

    in Poland so far we can have private guns, law changed few years ago , but soon EU want to hammer it down, we miss Czech freedom (Czechs have much more gun laws than us)