SHHHHH!!!… the Springfield Armory Silent Operator has Arrived

Silent Operator

A gun that was simply given away as a prize throughout the “Duel 3” sweepstakes back in 2015 has finally become available to the public. The Springfield Armory Master Class Silent Operator fills a void in the Springfield 1911 line-up since no stock models have threaded barrels. It also tips the scale on the tacti-cool factor (yup, I said it), and the price tag tips the scale as well.

This is a gun that comes straight from the Springfield Armory Custom Shop at an MSRP of $2,195. I am not saying the gun does not have that kind of value, you can decide for yourself, but few consumers can swallow that price tag.

Springfield Armory Master Class 1911 Silent Operator .45 ACP

  • Custom Fit Slide w/ Front Cocking Serrations to a National Match Frame w Light Rail
  • Master Class Threaded & Extended Barrel; .578-28 T.P.I. w/ Thread Protector
  • Springfield Customâ„¢ Tool Steel components w/ a 4.5 lb. Action Job
  • Springfield Armory 2nd Generation Speed Trigger
  • Master Class Stainless Steel Barrel Bushing
  • Springfield Customâ„¢ New Suppressor Height Night Sights
  • Springfield Armory Extended Thumb Safety
  • Springfield Armory Beavertail Grip Safety
  • Precision 25 L.P.I. Checkering Front Strap & Mainspring Housing
  • Techwell Magwell w/ G-10 Grips
  • Unique Master Class Markings
  • Flat Dark Earth or Black Nitride Finish
  • 2 Magazines (7+1)

Silent OperatorThat is definitely a grocery list of premium features packed into one pistol. For many, the threaded barrel will be one of the best features of this 1911 since its a first for Springfield Armory. Even with atrocious wait times silencers are still very popular and the Hearing Protection Act of 2017 (HPA) could pass very soon.

If this pistol looks like the bee’s knees to you, and you absolutely have to have one, keep in mind it is a Springfield Armory Custom Shop gun. There are some already in circulation on the world wide web, but it is highly unlikely to see one sitting in your neighborhood gun shop.

The outdoors, fitness and anything related to firearms are my passions. I am a S&W Armorer, Glock Armorer, reloader and am coping with an addiction to classic S&W and Colt revolvers (by buying more revolvers). I’ve been a guest writer for Sierra Bullets and love long walks to the gun range.


  • Gary Kirk

    And no ambi safety..

    • USMC03Vet

      Very fake news. Grip safety can be depressed in either hand.

      • Gary Kirk

        Gotcha.. But does the “GRIP ZONE” work for lefties??

        • Sunshine_Shooter

          They make a left-handed grip zone. On the grip it says “ENOZ PIRG”

  • Mud

    Saw one today and it….. has a threaded barrel….

  • gunsandrockets

    Cleary too plain a pistol. Needs decoration to spice it up.

  • Tinkerer

    Can we have one of these without the cheese grater, bob it and grind it and round it for easier carry, put on some self-lubricant finish and low profile sights, and call it…
    The Smooth Operator?

    • noob

      somebody should self-lubricant finish a Tec9 and call it “The Smooth Criminal”

      • DW

        Closest we can get now is to NP3 or gold ceracote a B&T KH9

      • Core

        Or a Hi-Point with a white self-lubricating coating and call it “White Trash..” Too far?

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      Considering that what you described wold have an MSRP north of $2000, why not just get a basic 1911 and send it to get smithed?

  • GD Ajax

    Another week, another overpriced 1911.

  • Justin Roney

    No red dot mounting options for that price? Geez.

  • noob

    With a name like “Silent Operator” it sounds like this pistol has four book deals and a movie adaptation lined up for the moment you retire it to the back of the safe.

    • Larry Vickers will be along to sue you momentarily.

  • EHW2

    Why is it that nearly every 1911 that comes stock with a threaded barrel ALSO comes at a price several 100 dollars greater than a normal 1911?
    Just look up 1911 threaded barrels. It’s ridiculous.

    • Wow!

      One FFL dealer I know has a “match gun” shelf where all he does is change out the sights and thread or replace the barrel and marks it up $600. The funny thing is that people to check it out start talking about how much nicer the trigger and lock up is. Its placebo. Some people just want a really expensive gun.

  • Bigg Bunyon

    Another day; another dollar. And another sweetly named gun designed to be somebody’s substitute for proper companionship. Considering the price of this piece, you’d be better served by buying a Glock and a dog.

  • guest

    Oh gee a “new” 1911. Thank God for that, because there is like a serious lack of 1911s on the market, especially new and innovative ones like this one.

  • A bearded being from beyond ti

    The top comment isn’t somebody going on about the price! What a twist

  • ozzallos .

    R1 Enhanced Threaded for $800 plz.
    Does FDE color really cost that much?

  • AZgunner

    Oh thank god. I’ve been wanting to drop a couple grand on an overpriced 1911, but no one else was making one.

  • FOC Ewe

    So, S/A finally scalped enough off the HS2000 and this is what they come up with? Even Colt played this tune already.

  • Dickie

    For the money id take a hk mk23

  • Seth Hill

    I have to give props to SA for the good looking gun (the FDE pictured), but unless I won a 1/2 billion $ lottery I probably wouldn’t cough up the money.

  • Core

    If it’s a SACS it’s worth the scratch I can guarantee. There is actually a market for this kind of thing. I’m not sure if I would prefer this versus a Pro with high sights and a threaded barrel, but I can say it would cost less for this model with everything needed. I can see the hard use folks that carry 1911’s on duty going after these. It has everything I would like, except I would prefer an aluminum frame. Ultimately I would like one of those steel explosive welded aluminum frames in this format. Drool :P*

  • Jorsh

    I will say, as much as all the “oh look another high dollar 1911” talk abounds, I found one of these at the LGS the other day… and I can say… it was a cut above. The gun was tight… the tolerances in this gun are about as lax as the ones at Westboro Baptist Church. It honestly made a Dan Wesson feel pedestrian, and the TRP next to it feel like a maraca.

    Is it worth the price tag? Who knows… but it is not just a tarted up TRP.