News: Heckler & Koch G28 precision rifle called G28 Z. But what is it?

The G28 precision rifle will be available as the G28 Z. I would think that the “Z” stands for “Zivil”, or civilian.

But as the G28 is the military version of the civilian semi automatic competition rifle named MR308, I’m a bit confused with the terminology (to say the least). If this is due to too much German beer and too little sleep, or if HK likes to introduce a lot of new models is unknown at this time.

There are no updates to any of the websites, which is kind of typical to German marketing.

The ammunition for the G28 Z is also stated as 7.62 mm x 51 NATO, not .308 Winchester as the MR308 which would have been politically correct for the civilian market. (previous TFB article on the subject)

Perhaps the G28 Z will be the closest thing to a military rifle the German government will allow HK to sell?

To quote Heckler & Koch in their Military & Law Enforcement catalogue:


To make things even more confusing, HK showed the G28 E (Export?) with a suppressor in their booth at IWA Germany, which is supposed to be (at least mainly) a civilian exhibition. To my knowledge there was no G28 Z on display.

Possibly the only difference with the G28 Z is the gas block and regulation. With regards to different materials (steel vs. aluminum etc.) it’s hard to tell.  Or, perhaps the MR308 A3 has been renamed to G28 Z?

According to the same LEAF catalogue quoted above the G28 E2, G28 E3 PATROL and the G28 E2 – 650 (longer barrel) are available.

And the civilian “Sport & Security” catalogue has a MR308 A3-28 rifle in .308 Win, and I quote: “G28 DMR Look & Feel. MR308 A3-28 with 16.5“ barrel already available as a finished weapon in the G28 look.

For the MR308 A3-28 there is also a G28 Retrofitting kit available separately: “The retrofitting kit enables the transformation of a standard MR308 into a G28 DMR.” Note that the G28 E shown below has a different handguard and most likely gas block.

The G28Z comes with the greenish-brown RAL8000.

The G28 Z doesn’t come for free, but I guess you didn’t expect that either? The list price says € 4 995, including magazine, flash hider and German VAT. That’s about 5 200 USD.

For € 10 499 you get a larger package, including magazine, flash hider, telescopic mount, telescopic sight S&B 3-20 x 50, Aimpoint red dot, bipod, vertical foregrip and rail covers. Roughly 11 100 USD.

Just remember that a quality mount with a S&B 5-20 PMII and an Aimpoint easily can set you back € 4 000 or more, so the full package deal might not be all too bad? Plus you’ll get an HK logotype on your S&B scope, sweet.

G28 Z Specifications

Caliber:  7.62 mm x 51 NATO
Operating principle Gas operated Bolt system Rotating bolt
Magazine capacity 10 | 20 rounds
Mode of fire 0-1 (Semi-auto)

Length min. | max. approx. 965 | 1082 mm
Width | Height approx. 78 | 340 mm
Barrel length | Sight radius approx. 421 | 494 mm

Weapon approx. 5.80 kg (without magazine and telescopic sight)
Magazine empty approx.  0.15 kg
Telescopic sight approx. 1.25 kg

Trigger pull approx. 25 – 32 N
Muzzle velocity -v0- approx. 780 m/s
Muzzle energy -E0- approx. 3000 J
Barrel profile | Twist Groove/land, 4 grooves | 305 mm (12“)


Close-up of the Schmidt & Bender and Aimpoint.

To give you an idea of the accuracy to be expected, the accuracy for the G28 is measured to about 1.5 MOA with 10 shots of OTM/HPBT/Sierra Match King at 100 meters.

Below: The G28Z news brochure.

Below: From EnforceTac 2017 (Military & Law Enforcement), compared to the G27K A2 13″, HK 417 A2 14.5″ and G28 Patrol 16.5″.

The G28 Patrol said to being able to operate out to 800 meters.

Pictures of the G28 E from IWA. Notice the gas block which would be different from the normal G28.

B&T sound suppressor by the looks of it.

G28 E with the Schmidt & Bender 3-20×50 PMII and Aimpoint Micro T-1. There’s no clue to as if the G28 Z would come with a different model (the T-1 is rather expensive, and perhaps the not first choice unless you need the night vision settings).

It would be interesting to know why H&K felt the need to put hats on the Aimpoint? Is it because of all the sunshine in Afghanistan, sorry, southern Bavaria or for any other reasons?

The HK stand at IWA was very busy and the G28E was very popular. It’s a very heavy rifle in this configuration.

Detailed photo of the Schmidt & Bender 3 – 20 x 50 PMII.

I had a long look at the Schmidt & Bender 3 – 20 x 50 PM II in the dedicated S&B stand, and it’s an excellent scope.  S&B offered the possibility to view at more distant targets, unfortunately through a window but still better than looking at the next booth.

So many color variants on a rifle (and suppressor), is 6 enough or did I forget one? I’m now used to seeing this, but I think there’s room for improvement.

Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • Reality

    2008 called and wants its quadrails back. And the too close in mounted bipod is placed utterly STUPID…

    Heavy, long, and in a round with utterly bad aerodynamics, and performance for its weight, capacity and recoil.

  • Scott Wagner

    “To give you an idea of the accuracy to be expected, the accuracy for the
    G28 is measured to about 1.5 MOA with 10 shots of OTM/HPBT/Sierra Match
    King at 100 meters.”

    So HK wants 5-11k (depending on setup) for a rifle that with match ammo can’t pull MOA? I know I’ve accused Knights of being over-blown and over-priced, but I think I’ll stop complaining about that now. HK is the new king of stupid.

    • CommonSense23

      There is a reason KAC is still being purchased by one of the JSOC elements who has access to 417s.

      • LCON

        thought they were getting Mk 20 mod 0

        • CommonSense23

          JSOC smartly didn’t even bother with SCAR program.

        • Rob

          Only the white side Navy did.

      • Uniform223

        M110K1 conversion kits right?

        • CommonSense23

          Yeah. It was amazing. Much preferred over our 20s.

          • Uniform223

            Didn’t understand why regular army didntnjust piggy back off of that. It seemed like a much cheaper, expedient, and all around better idea. F***ed by the big greed weanie again and Good Idea Fairie was about.

    • Rob

      In fairness the reason that that is specified as the accuracy requirement is because that is what the German military specifies as the accuracy requirement. Not HK. Every Mr762 I have seen will exceed that and easily shoot 1 MOA. Furthermore, this is a 10 shot group. While it is nice that many AR10 rifles are sub MOA when you cherry pick 3 shot groups, guarantee you that it would be a different case if everyone started posting pictures of 10 shot groups with military match ammo while throwing their rifles around and doing more than carrying it in a case from your truck bed to the shooting bench. But you know, Hur dur HK, they hate me.

      Furthermore, when you see a price like that listed in Europe it will include a VAT of 20%(European sales tax).

      As for the weight added because of the steel receiver. You got me there. That is inexcusable.

    • Bland Samurai

      I don’t think those bullets have settled down at 100m. A better measure would be 200m or 300m.

    • iksnilol

      Whoah, hold yer horses. It’s a 10 shot group, not a 5 shot one. It can definitely hold MOA with a 5 shot group.

      • CommonSense23

        It can’t hold MOA every timewith a 5 shot group if it can’t hold it with a 10 shot group.

        • iksnilol


          If it can hold 1.5 MOA with 10 shots it should be able to keep 1 moa for a 5 shot group.

          Again, whaaat? Your sentence is a mess.

          • CommonSense23

            Except your implying the gun is more mechanically accurate with the 5 round group than the 10. Which its not. If it can’t hold MOA with a 10 shot groups, you will be able to cherry pick 5 round MOA groups, but there will be non MOA groups.

          • iksnilol

            Dude, 10 shot groups are always more spread than 5 shot groups.

            This is Shooting S### 101.

            So, yeah I’m not implying anything, just telling it directly.

          • CommonSense23

            No they are not. You are suggesting that the first 2 rounds of a 10 round group can’t be the farthest 2 rounds of the group. Shoot enough groups and you will see that your first 2 rounds are the ES of the group.

          • iksnilol

            Most likely the farthest rounds will be the 5 last versus the 5 first, not saying it can’t happen, just not likely. That’s literally the reason why we shoot multiple groups and take the average.

            Also, in your last sentence, are you suggesting we only shoot 2 round groups since those are the ones with the most spread anyway?

            Also, all this is strictly mechanical, so I assume a rest or something would be used to test the gun to discount for human error and only measure mechanical accuracy.

  • DrewN

    7.2 kilos empty? Damn, I’m glad I’m retired.

  • DwnRange


    Weapon approx. 5.80 kg (without magazine and telescopic sight) = 12.8 pounds…….

    I like the S&B scope, H&K can keep the rifle as I already own a Les Baer AR10 Ultimate Sniper 308 boat-anchor, but at least it shoots 0.5 MOA when I lug it around…….

    • Concerned Third Party

      .5 MOA in a 10 round group or a 3 round group?

      • DwnRange

        5 shot group is what I normally shoot @ 100-800 yards off the back porch here at the farm.

  • FarmerB

    Hi – I was told that the G28Z will get the side facing adjustable gas block, the G28 flash hider and a steel receiver (it’s almost 1.3Kg heavier than the MR308).

    • Sebastian

      you are right, the gun will have a steel receiver, adjustible gas block and flash hider.

  • GermanSausage

    Problably Z stands for Ziehlfernrohr = scope.
    May be delivered as a package with the Schmidt & Bender scope. idk

  • Friend of Tibet

    “1.5 MOA with 10 shots of OTM/HPBT/Sierra Match King at 100 meters”

    11k rifle for this kind of performance? This is like spending 50k on a buffed up Honda civic

    • valorius

      People do it…

      • Rob

        Lets break this one down.

        As I stated earlier this accuracy requirement is the one specifies by the German Military. Not HK. Furthermore, if people shot their Ar10 rifle with military match ammo in 10 shot groups and actually used their rifles like the military I think many would be surprised the difference in accuracy that they expect shooting 5 shot groups from a rifle that only leaves the range bag while at a shooting bench. The MR762 series from which this gun is derived has a reputation for being very accurate.

        Now let’s break down the price. 11k is not for the rifle. It is for the whole package. Kind of similar to the way you can find KAC rifles with a full deployment kit for 20k. So instead let’s focus on the MSRP of just the rifle.

        So assuming you pay MSRP you can have a your shiny new Hk rifle for 4,995 euros. Given that the price includes a 20% VAT it compares favorably to its piers such as KAC. It is hundreds less than the MSRP of a similar KAC and is very similar to market price for said rifle. Granted I don’t know how the European market is for rifles so prices may be inflated compared to MSRP compared to the US market where few will pay MSRP.

        People will pay it and the rifles will preform despite the feelings of people that shoot deltons and dpms. I am sure that there is someone somewhere that, while insolicited, is trying to tell a guy that is in the market for a Tag Hauer that a G-shock is the same thing just less expensive. It doesn’t make you enlightened. It makes you look silly.

        • 2805662


          • Rob

            Thanks. Unfortunately I can not edit my post. If that is the only error I am batting better than my average.

        • Bierstadt54

          *by the

          I appreciate you going through a price breakdown, though I still feel the HK is overpriced and underwhelming. Perhaps if it was not so heavy or the accuracy was tested as the market is accustomed to and not simply copy and pasted from the military requirement the rifle would seem more appealing. Finally, when I say someone looks silly I take some care with my spelling. No worries though; it was funny.

          • Rob

            Just out of curiosity it’s, what do you feel would be a better choice?

          • Bierstadt54

            Fair enough question. It depends strongly on the application, as we all know. If I wanted an AR10 for precision shooting I would probably go for a JP LRP-07; Larue is also a solid choice. Either would offer better ergonomics, lighter weight, and comparable or better accuracy at a better price. If there is anything HK is offering in this rifle that those other companies don’t I don’t see it. Other than quad rails from 10 years ago, of course. And weight, with an HK logo. I have no problem with top quality gear commanding top dollar, but the G28 does not seem like a cutting edge design. Or even a recent edge one…

          • Rob

            The steel receiver I can not explain. That is where much of the added weight is located on the G28. It seems to be of dubious value as a normal MR762 is already an extremely accurate rifle Variants without this are inline with the two rifles you mentioned in regard to weight. As far as other features, HK does offer a piston which tends to result in an increase in perceived ease of maintenance which can make a difference in evals. It will also give the rifle OTB capability which can be a requirement by those that take their rifles into the surf. This is becoming more a common requirement and the SURG solicitation has this requirement. It is also a large reason the SEALs bought into the SCAR program to a greater extent than the other components of SOCOM.

            I have found the HK to be more accurate than the Larue I owned but I imagine if you averaged the results from ten rifles you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Or if you did it would be enough to sway the decision. I have no experience shooting the JP but the clamped on gas block is a non starter on a combat rifle. However, that could be easily changed.

            Similarly, the rails on the HK are easy to change and there are many options on the market including Giessele. If there are rails on the gun it is by the request of the customer. HK was among the first to experiment with negative weight mounting interfaces during the XM8 program and have factory choices that do so already. These solutions are just beginning to become present on military rifles where simplicity is often king. However, M-LOK seems to be poised to become the next standard.

            It seems that the HK CSASS submission addresses many of your concerns other than maybe ergonomics. I must say I am slightly confused because the rifles are all very similar in this regard. The JP does have a side charger if that is your cup of tea and unfortunately with HK you are married to their buttstock due to the much larger diameter receiver extension on the 7.62 framed guns. However I find the HK buttstock to be a good one and if these rifles become more common the aftermarket will catch up.

            HK is also positioned differently than Larue or JP and that is their most important difference. They have a worldwide armorer network and have delivered on contracts to supply entire armies across decades with a reputation for quality. If you had to buy thousands of rifles with support and training and it comes down to Larue, JP and HK. Assuming the rifles all perform similarly at similar price points there really isn’t much discussion to be had.

            This isn’t to take anything away from JP or Larue as I agree that they are fantastic in their own right. For what it is worth I have owned a Larue in the past and have found it to be a great rifle.

          • Concerned Third Party

            The base is for an LRP-07 $3300, throw on a $5000 Schmidt Bender you’re sitting at $8300, and the full $11K package also seems to include a can and a red dot Ergonomics is entire opinion based, lighter weight is there but iirc HK receivers are steel, not aluminum, and no one measures accuracy in 10 round groups, everything advertised here is based on 3 round groups which simply aren’t as precise as a 10 round group due to the simple mathematics behind statistics. It’s a big, heavy, expensive, semi-auto rifle with law enforcement in mind, a la PSG-1 though no gas gun can be as accurate as delayed roller blowback.
            Personally a SCAR17S with a Leupold on top would be my pick, but that is because ARs are droll, especially in 7.62 NATO.

          • CommonSense23

            What standard does the market have for testing precision. The vast majority of people use 3 or 5 round groups which is absolutely horrible for testing.

          • Bierstadt54

            They are not great but they are widespread. More the 5 round groups than the 3. When I read a review I normally see 5 round groups being shot. It is also what I shoot. Answering a question with a question, how do you like to compare 5 shot groups with 10 shot groups when evaluating a rifle from reviews?

          • CommonSense23

            Personally I like to see 25 round groups. I don’t care if you want to break it into 5, 5 round groups. But if you go that way I like to see all 5 groups overlayed and take a ES measurement of all 25 rounds. It’s not even the commercial industry that is the entire problem. Look at the military. You got big army with one standard, and Crane with another on how to measure precision.

        • valorius

          I’m not saying you’re wrong. I’d NEVER pay that much for this rifle. But yet, people do it.
          BTW- Tag Hauer, nice watches. 🙂

  • Ross Aguirre

    My understanding is that the G28 barrels are press fit and pinned into the upper so they do not require a barrel nut. The only reason the G28 has a barrel nut is for the rail system to attach.

  • valorius

    Aesthetically, that rifle is a bit busy for my taste.

  • HKmaster

    Watch them not sell it stateside :/

  • GearHead

    For that many dollarydoos they couldn’t colour match the T1? hmmmmmm

  • Anonymoose

    If the “650” stands for millimeters of barrel length that would be over 25″…that’s quite a long dongle…

  • Uniform223
  • Rob

    I don’t think you understand the difference between SOCOM and JSOC. CommonSense23 is correct in his assertion.

  • David G

    “News: Heckler & Koch G28 precision rifle called G28 Z. But what is it?”


  • CommonSense23

    JSOC is part of Socom. They smartly didn’t invest into the SCAR program. So white Side of Socom Seals. Guys at teams 1,2,3,4,5,7,8, and 10. Are stuck using the SCARs. Guys at Devgru/6 who are part of JSOC get HKs.

  • Wow!

    Or you can get an LR308 at a cheaper price and same or better performance and better logistics with part compatibility. H&K is really milking the brand the past decade.

  • Porscheproletos

    Z stands for Zombies. Its the survival package for the zombie apocalypse. I thought it is obviously. O_o

  • Richard Lutz

    Might be interested if they produced an SBR variant that weighed the same as an M4 Carbine.

  • Steve_7

    “The ammunition for the G28 Z is also stated as 7.62 mm x 51 NATO, not
    .308 Winchester as the MR308 which would have been politically correct
    for the civilian market.”

    More to do with various import and export laws.