News: Heckler & Koch G28 precision rifle called G28 Z. But what is it?

    The G28 precision rifle will be available as the G28 Z. I would think that the “Z” stands for “Zivil”, or civilian.

    But as the G28 is the military version of the civilian semi automatic competition rifle named MR308, I’m a bit confused with the terminology (to say the least). If this is due to too much German beer and too little sleep, or if HK likes to introduce a lot of new models is unknown at this time.

    There are no updates to any of the websites, which is kind of typical to German marketing.

    The ammunition for the G28 Z is also stated as 7.62 mm x 51 NATO, not .308 Winchester as the MR308 which would have been politically correct for the civilian market. (previous TFB article on the subject)

    Perhaps the G28 Z will be the closest thing to a military rifle the German government will allow HK to sell?

    To quote Heckler & Koch in their Military & Law Enforcement catalogue:


    To make things even more confusing, HK showed the G28 E (Export?) with a suppressor in their booth at IWA Germany, which is supposed to be (at least mainly) a civilian exhibition. To my knowledge there was no G28 Z on display.

    Possibly the only difference with the G28 Z is the gas block and regulation. With regards to different materials (steel vs. aluminum etc.) it’s hard to tell.  Or, perhaps the MR308 A3 has been renamed to G28 Z?

    According to the same LEAF catalogue quoted above the G28 E2, G28 E3 PATROL and the G28 E2 – 650 (longer barrel) are available.

    And the civilian “Sport & Security” catalogue has a MR308 A3-28 rifle in .308 Win, and I quote: “G28 DMR Look & Feel. MR308 A3-28 with 16.5“ barrel already available as a finished weapon in the G28 look.

    For the MR308 A3-28 there is also a G28 Retrofitting kit available separately: “The retrofitting kit enables the transformation of a standard MR308 into a G28 DMR.” Note that the G28 E shown below has a different handguard and most likely gas block.

    The G28Z comes with the greenish-brown RAL8000.

    The G28 Z doesn’t come for free, but I guess you didn’t expect that either? The list price says € 4 995, including magazine, flash hider and German VAT. That’s about 5 200 USD.

    For € 10 499 you get a larger package, including magazine, flash hider, telescopic mount, telescopic sight S&B 3-20 x 50, Aimpoint red dot, bipod, vertical foregrip and rail covers. Roughly 11 100 USD.

    Just remember that a quality mount with a S&B 5-20 PMII and an Aimpoint easily can set you back € 4 000 or more, so the full package deal might not be all too bad? Plus you’ll get an HK logotype on your S&B scope, sweet.

    G28 Z Specifications

    Caliber:  7.62 mm x 51 NATO
    Operating principle Gas operated Bolt system Rotating bolt
    Magazine capacity 10 | 20 rounds
    Mode of fire 0-1 (Semi-auto)

    Length min. | max. approx. 965 | 1082 mm
    Width | Height approx. 78 | 340 mm
    Barrel length | Sight radius approx. 421 | 494 mm

    Weapon approx. 5.80 kg (without magazine and telescopic sight)
    Magazine empty approx.  0.15 kg
    Telescopic sight approx. 1.25 kg

    Trigger pull approx. 25 – 32 N
    Muzzle velocity -v0- approx. 780 m/s
    Muzzle energy -E0- approx. 3000 J
    Barrel profile | Twist Groove/land, 4 grooves | 305 mm (12“)


    Close-up of the Schmidt & Bender and Aimpoint.

    To give you an idea of the accuracy to be expected, the accuracy for the G28 is measured to about 1.5 MOA with 10 shots of OTM/HPBT/Sierra Match King at 100 meters.

    Below: The G28Z news brochure.

    Below: From EnforceTac 2017 (Military & Law Enforcement), compared to the G27K A2 13″, HK 417 A2 14.5″ and G28 Patrol 16.5″.

    The G28 Patrol said to being able to operate out to 800 meters.

    Pictures of the G28 E from IWA. Notice the gas block which would be different from the normal G28.

    B&T sound suppressor by the looks of it.

    G28 E with the Schmidt & Bender 3-20×50 PMII and Aimpoint Micro T-1. There’s no clue to as if the G28 Z would come with a different model (the T-1 is rather expensive, and perhaps the not first choice unless you need the night vision settings).

    It would be interesting to know why H&K felt the need to put hats on the Aimpoint? Is it because of all the sunshine in Afghanistan, sorry, southern Bavaria or for any other reasons?

    The HK stand at IWA was very busy and the G28E was very popular. It’s a very heavy rifle in this configuration.

    Detailed photo of the Schmidt & Bender 3 – 20 x 50 PMII.

    I had a long look at the Schmidt & Bender 3 – 20 x 50 PM II in the dedicated S&B stand, and it’s an excellent scope.  S&B offered the possibility to view at more distant targets, unfortunately through a window but still better than looking at the next booth.

    So many color variants on a rifle (and suppressor), is 6 enough or did I forget one? I’m now used to seeing this, but I think there’s room for improvement.

    Eric B

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