5.11 Tactical Teams Up with Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Tactics


“In the real world… there is no respawn.”

In the newest Tom Clancy game “Ghost Recon Wildlands Tactics” a new level of realism and authenticity is reached for its gamers. Surprisingly, it is not because the firefights sound more realistic or the guns are more true to their origins. It is because of the clothing.

Players can outfit characters in their favorite 5.11 gear and apparel including the TacTec Plate Carrier, RUSH backpacks and Apex™ pants. Willem Driessen, 5.11’s Vice President of Global Marketing, expanded on how this union between 5.11 and the Tom Clancy brand came about:

Military and law enforcement operators are no longer the only users of tactical gear. Millions of people lead a tactical lifestyle on a daily basis, choosing to always be prepared for whatever comes their way. From our rugged backpacks to our performance, purpose-built pants, men and women of all backgrounds use 5.11 apparel and gear.

In my mind, it is pretty cool to see the household name brand (if your house has guns) 5.11 Tactical finally installed into a video game.

A 5-Part video series was released to showcase the 5.11 Tactical clothing brand in use. Elite operators demonstrate real world tactics that are integrated into the game while utilizing 5.11 gear. All 5 videos can be seen in sequence by watching this one video below.

It is very interesting to hear the people behind some of the game-play development. Especially seeing them move, engage, and react to game-play situations while wearing the popular 5.11 Tactical clothing.

The outdoors, fitness and anything related to firearms are my passions. I am a S&W Armorer, Glock Armorer, reloader and am coping with an addiction to classic S&W and Colt revolvers (by buying more revolvers). I’ve been a guest writer for Sierra Bullets and love long walks to the gun range.


  • G B

    “Millions of people lead a tactical lifestyle on a daily basis”. I’m still laughing.

    And “realism and authenticity” aren’t the first things that come to mind when I think of Wildlands. It is clearly apparent to anyone who has seen the game played for longer than 4 seconds that it is not very realistic.

    It was a cool marketing article though, I did not know that 5.11 had anything to do with video games. Maybe I’ve been too busy leading my tactical lifestyle.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      I was seriously considering getting this game soon.

      So you dont like it?

      • TJbrena

        Playing Wildlands is pretty much all I’ve been doing since it came out. I’m having a blast.

        • TheNotoriousIUD

          Cool, ive been doing the same with Battlefield One.

        • I’m enjoying it, too. Lots of gun porn, and it feels like you have a lot of strategic options for any particular situation: sniping, assault, armored vehicles, airborne attack, artillery, wait for night, etc.

      • ProLiberty82

        Get it if you got friends who will play it with you, if not, wait for a sale. The fun factor comes from co-op and pulling off those perfect “Tears of the Sun” moments.

        If you want realism out of this game look elsewhere, they have messed up just about everything in this game and it will make no sense for gun guys like us here on TFB. Bullet speed and drop is way off to the point where a bad guy casually side steps a 5.56 at 20 yards and gun stats make no sense, a M4 is twice as “powerful” as a 418 etc.

      • Friend of Tibet

        Nothing is more fun than you and your friend all dressed up in tactical gear (We do that in real life too) and do a breach in the game.

        C4 the door open, flash bang in, then we rushed in with MP7 in FDE color with suppresor on. Man that feels goooood.

        But if you don;t have friend with tactical mindset, well, the game suddenly become pretty GTA….

      • G B

        If realism is what you’re looking for then I would suggest Arma 3 or waiting for Escape From Tarkov. Both are about as realistic as it gets in the world of video games.

      • Brett

        The game is sweet! Open world, 4 player co-op, and so many guns.

    • UWOTM8

      This game is GTA V with a tacticool twist.

      • ProLiberty82

        More like an open world Gears of War with a “tacticool” skin.

        • SP mclaughlin

          Nah it doesn’t have a cover system like Gears.

    • Nicks87

      What are you talking about? I’m living a tactical lifestyle right now!

  • DFB

    “Millions of people lead a tactical lifestyle on a daily basis”.
    Its true, but i preffer ARMA2/ARMA3

    • Friend of Tibet

      I am Arma 3 player as well, but trust me Ghost Recon is much more fun than Arma 3 when it comes to dynamic scenarios and situation improvisation.

      • G

        An extrem low quality game where when getting shot 40 times nothing happens? not interested.

        • Friend of Tibet

          I don’t know what game you talking about but in Ghost recon wildland you died quick within 2 or 3 shots on regular difficulty. Enemy died within 2 shots and 1 shot kill on non-Armour enemy. I think you are referring to RPG game like the division.

      • armaskunkau

        If you have Arma3 get the Dynamic Recon missions from the Steam Workshop. They cover about a dozen maps, SP or MP and each mission is random. The ones on Tanoa are especially excellent.

    • n0truscotsman

      ARMA is popular among many guys I knew on active duty. Since Im not a gamer, it took me a hella long time to master the key layout.

      Between the skin customization and ‘zeus mode’ (i think thats what its called), it definitely is very useful as a training tool. There is no limit to the scenarios/battle drills you can cook up.

  • Jared Vynn

    I lost all interest in 5.11 when I found out lots of their stuff is made in China. For the prices they charge it should be American made.

    • Friend of Tibet

      If the whole world have mindset like this the US’s economy will be in big trouble.

      You just can not ask a company to do MADE IN USA then ask them to have a low price (511 is very cheap compare to Crye Percision).

      • Jared Vynn

        That’s not what I was saying. They are at made in USA prices, but they are made in China. I’m not asking for low prices and made in USA, but that for the prices they charge they should be US made.

        • Friend of Tibet

          Fair point, but overall 511 is still cheaper than most exclusive Made in US brand.

        • Joe Snyder

          Your remark about “made in USA prices” is valid if you’re talking about cheap low-quality crap. 5.11 gets the same sorts of profit margin as 99% of manufacturers, however they actually build quality into their products which results in more expensive gear. If they wanted to get near the same quality from a US factory (very difficult with what we have), it would be astronomically more expensive, and a lower quality product. Do some research before complaining about what your dollars get you.

          • Jared Vynn

            I have done my research, my truspec belt is of a higher quality than the 5.11 offering while bring cheaper and not made in China.

            My Propper trousers are also of similar quality but at a lower cost than the 5.11 offering.

            I could go on, but I have physically handled 5.11 products and their competitors offerings and can’t justify the price of 5.11 as the quality isn’t noticably higher.

            Not sure why you are responding to a month old comment though, but if you insist please don’t attack the person and do your own research first.

      • some other joe

        Comparing 5.11 to Crye is a Men’s Warehouse to Saville Row comparison. They’re not in the same league.

  • CMonster 556

    Gee I don’t know how I ever managed before I started living this tactical lifestyle.

  • ozzallos .

    So 5.11 grand theft auto.

    But no. Any dev that wants to charge full price for a game and bend their player base over at the micro transaction counter needs to fail.

    • TJbrena

      Devs don’t make that decision, greedy publishers do.

  • Threethreeight

    Delet this.

  • G

    Stupid Engine, stupid damage model, UTTERLY stupid KI, stupid weapon sounds.

  • A.WChuck

    Tactical Lifestyle and Shoot-Me-First clothing. No.

  • DwnRange

    ???? What about us Metal Gear Solid fans……….

    • GD Ajax

      Metal Gear and other Konami franchises are dead. A crappy game for
      casual nubs who can’t play via stealth doesn’t count. Konami deserves to
      go under and should sell them off to Sony or Sega

      • Jared Vynn

        Sell them to Bethesda/Zenimax, buy stock in popcorn.

        • GD Ajax

          Only if they keep the Fallout dev team away from them.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Millions of people lead a tactical lifestyle on a daily basis…

    And these people are embarrassing.

  • Moonman45

    im still waiting for COD pack-a-punch themed hydrographics.

  • TJbrena

    There was a gigantic ad on the back of 5.11’s booth at SHOT. It was next to FN’s booth, so it was hard to miss.

    Fittingly enough considering their neighbor, the guy the mannequin is dressed up as mains a SCAR Heavy in the game. He doesn’t have a hat though.

    • roguetechie

      I was almost thinking the beltfed strapped to the side of his pack was super cool… Then I zoomed in.

      Keymod… Yuck

  • Friend of Tibet

    At 00:20 guy is shouldering the AR15 pistol with Sig brace, is that Ok?

  • guest

    “Millions of people lead a tactical lifestyle on a daily basis, choosing to always be prepared for whatever comes their way.”

    Lord have mercy… operators… operators everywhere!
    Insert the “Hello? OPERATOR?” pic here

  • valorius

    Oh lord…

  • Green Hell

    The game surely has some impressive character and weapon dress-up customisation with lots of actual licensed gear and camo patterns (not only 5.11, but also Crye, Kryptek, A-Tacs, Oakley, ESS and Camelbak), also entertaining enough co-operative gameplay, but some things are atrotiously bad, like the vehicle physics, couldn’t they just copy the physics engine from Far Cry 4? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a3ed57bdcc299413c9e12d9f33041b2fbaa8bea8487e3e97ad7672591cafcfe5.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c603da535ec4d309b4ffe63b2e2d3a362c158e085ee8f7b18c0d770997298c9e.jpg

  • Don Ward

    Today in my tactical operator lifestyle, I tactically awoke because the wife told me the kid needed changing and it was my turn. With tactical precision, I navigated a hazardous operational landscape, demounting the baby’s tactical diapers, while I expertly used tactical baby wipes to neutralize hazardous waste from the drop zone. Taking the compromised diaper, I quickly broke from cover to dispose of it. And then with tactical skill, I applied Triple Paste and a new diaper in under 15 seconds, before depositing the baby into her tactical rocking swing and getting a cup of coffee which was ready to brew in the French press.

    Tactical operators operate in all environments.

    • Mazryonh

      Because real operators leave behind no trace, not even used diapers.

      A baby might well compromise a mission’s sound control parameters though.

  • Cal S.

    Time stamp 0:20, somebody call the ATF! We’ve got a shouldered Sig Brace!!!11!!1

  • Gambler X

    Ubisoft so the game is probably broken like WatchDogs, The Division, ect, ect…

    • MeaCulpa

      Or: Ubisoft so the game probably seems great, Will probably sell a brunch of Coppies at launch and nobody Will be playing it in a month.

      • Gambler X

        Ive been to two Best Buys and neither has it so you are probably on to something.

        • MeaCulpa

          I think I am, the division sold out everywhere and set sales records but due to the EXTREMELY repetitive nature of the game with a lot of grinding everybody stopped playing (and the bugs, my lord the bugs) after a month.

  • Rick Grimes

    Gonna go against the grain a bit…

    I love “tactical” gear and clothing. I have a 5.11 bag and a pair of khaki tac-lite pants that I use for regular wear. “Tactical” gear to me means hard-wear and well thought out. I’m not planning on any combat, but I will take durability, flexibility, water resistant, stain resistant, etc.

    I had no idea of the 5.11 relationship, but I played the beta for the game and was pleasantly suprised to see actual gear I own. I wasn’t overly impressed with the gameplay. I found objectives to be unclear, and the overall flow was poor. Mechanics were good and enjoyable. Character customization was the best part.
    I hope we see more real gear in video games…it’s a win-win for developers and gear manufacturers I think.

  • Madcap_Magician

    Grand Theft Auto: Las Vegas (SHOT Show Special Edition).