5.11 Tactical Teams Up with Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Tactics


    “In the real world… there is no respawn.”

    In the newest Tom Clancy game “Ghost Recon Wildlands Tactics” a new level of realism and authenticity is reached for its gamers. Surprisingly, it is not because the firefights sound more realistic or the guns are more true to their origins. It is because of the clothing.

    Players can outfit characters in their favorite 5.11 gear and apparel including the TacTec Plate Carrier, RUSH backpacks and Apex™ pants. Willem Driessen, 5.11’s Vice President of Global Marketing, expanded on how this union between 5.11 and the Tom Clancy brand came about:

    Military and law enforcement operators are no longer the only users of tactical gear. Millions of people lead a tactical lifestyle on a daily basis, choosing to always be prepared for whatever comes their way. From our rugged backpacks to our performance, purpose-built pants, men and women of all backgrounds use 5.11 apparel and gear.

    In my mind, it is pretty cool to see the household name brand (if your house has guns) 5.11 Tactical finally installed into a video game.

    A 5-Part video series was released to showcase the 5.11 Tactical clothing brand in use. Elite operators demonstrate real world tactics that are integrated into the game while utilizing 5.11 gear. All 5 videos can be seen in sequence by watching this one video below.

    It is very interesting to hear the people behind some of the game-play development. Especially seeing them move, engage, and react to game-play situations while wearing the popular 5.11 Tactical clothing.

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