Simunitions at Las Vegas Gunfights

Having gone through the Simunitions instructor program, I can attest to the fact that it Is some of the most realistic force on force training available to law enforcement and the military. Although at first glance the program may look like a more realistic version of paintball, the use of converted firearms and following  use of force guidelines make Simunitions a recognized training component of numerous agencies world wide.

For example, whereas in paintball the objective may be to capture a flag by smoking as many competitors as possible, Sims scenarios focus on realistic escalation of force. Bad guy with just his fists? Only proper use of commands and compliance techniques could be required. A deadly weapon shows up and the Simunitions are now in play.

As far as I can tell, Las Vegas Gunfights is one of only a few training centers available to non MIL/LE customers. And while there is a definite entertainment focus to their business, the use of the Simunitions training regimen requires proper instruction and techniques.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to try real force on force training, the next time you are in Las Vegas I suggest you give these guys a call. It’s eye opening to see how you would react to a simulated use of force situation.

Prices start at $169 for pistol-based scenarios.

The Las Vegas Gunfights is the only gun range and entertainment facility of its’ kind. Utilizing Simunition Sport, a non-lethal training ammunition, our guests can enjoy a realistic but very safe gunfight experience using real guns. Engage in force-on-force training, throw a party in our authentic ATF Lounge, or sign up for . From first time shooters to seasoned pros, there is something here for everyone to enjoy!

Unlike typical gun ranges with fixed stalls and paper targets, Las Vegas Gunfights offers guests a safer and infinitely more dynamic shooting experience. Las Vegas Gunfights allows you get geared up with the latest special ops equipment, load up on Simunition, and engage a real life adversary in a realistic gunfight experience. Training is available.

Through an exclusive agreement with Simunition, the Las Vegas Gunfights blends the realistic training capabilities of Simunition with the engaging power of entertainment to create “enter-train-ment” experiences that support responsible firearms training and essential, life-saving tactics.


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  • xebat

    Nice ad TFB… But i’ll allow this one. Simunition is truly the best training system for non-lethal firearms training.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      I promise we don’t run ads… that is until someone offers a certain writer a fat bankroll.

      (Is that how the kids talk these days?)

      • Drew Coleman

        Hey you were supposed to keep that on the down low!

  • James

    Do I need to bring my own shemagh or will the they lend me one?

    • Vhyrus

      They have some for rent, but you have to allah your own ackbar.

      • ItsaTRAP

        Can I Admiral my own Akbar too?

        • Mmmtacos

          You can aloha your own snackbar if you are so inclined.

          • mrpotatocat

            Would this still count as Moloning all the Labe?

  • Ryfyle

    Looks nifty, might check it out. If only more companies were offering comprehensive training to those who desire it. Rifles don’t train their users.

  • Keiichi


  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Do I have to wear that dumb tactical crap?
    I wanna cover myself in mud like Ahnold in “Predator”.

    • Nick

      I’m sure some of its required. (Probably at the least an empty chest protector of some kind) Liability BS in case you get hurt no doubt.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Surely you jest, sir.

        • Dracon1201

          Snowflakes are everywhere

    • The vests are probably optional as it doesn’t look like they even contain soft armor.

      The rest of the safety equipment isn’t. Simunition FX, though not as dangerous as UTM MMRs can still break the skin.

      Also wear a cup.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Only if you get hit.
        Which I certainly will not.
        Ive seen every Van Damme movie multiple times.

        • Russ Kell

          But do you know kung-fu?

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Yeah, hes cool.

      • “Wear a cup” is the most useful piece of advice for Sims.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Also wear a cup.

        THIS. The first two UTM rounds I took were to the groin, one tore into my jeans. Really glad I had a cup.

      • It appears they are used as extra magazine carriers, along with a pistol holster carrier, as well as “extra” upper body protection.

      • billyoblivion

        > Also wear a cup.


        I took a force on force class using airsoft and got hit in the penis. Left a rather painful welt that took a week to go away.

        Jokes about aim small miss small are fine.

  • tiger

    Damn, Las Vegas is fun town. Gunfights, Casinos, porn conventions, the Thunderbirds, nuke tests, now NFL football? I need to spend a week.

    • Just say’n

      You forgot the SHOT show, Front Sight, and Exotics Racing (where you can hot lap a Lamborghini for under $300).

  • jng1226

    Ok, having never used Simunitions, honest question: What advantage is this over gas- or electric-powered airsoft guns that have the same manual-of-arms and handling of their centerfire counterparts? Is it the pain and/or hit-marking factor?

    If you’re practicing tactics, it seems that you could re-do scenarios faster and far less costly with high-quality airsoft. Supposedly the airsoft marking pellets don’t work to well, but apart from registering hits on an opponent’s anatomy, what is the real downside?

    • CommonSense23

      It’s main advantage is uniformity with issued weapon with already established written guidelines for the US military, and most police forces. And the marking material is easily noticed. Either drop in barrel for your service pistol or a swap of the upper. Which are clearly visible with blue barrels for the RSO. The pain factor is incredibly overrated. Especially once you put on any layers.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Marking is big. There’s no denying a big pink splatter on a helmet. Pain is secondary, unless some instructor decides to freeze the ammo.

    • Bill

      Having used both, Sims is FAR more reliable than airsoft. And the whack is a lot more “influential” than airsoft.

      I took one hit to an arm, covered by a BDU sleeve, that resembled a cigarette burn for a month. Nothing serious, but s lot more noticeable during high level exercises than airsoft.

    • Having used both systems extensively, Simunitions is better for several reasons.

      1. Sim guns have the weight of their real counterparts, where every Airsoft guns are much more lightweight.
      2. Simunitions are similar to real ammunition, providing realistic loading and failure to fire drills. Airsoft rarely allows realistic failure to fire drills. Though a bad jam on Simunition requires extensive cleaning!
      3. Simunition recoil is better than Airsoft.
      4. Simunition magazines have realistic load capacities, where Airsoft are often much more (our Sim pistols = 15 rounds, Airsoft = nearly 25).
      5. Sim guns fit holsters like the real thing, where Airsoft guns are usually loose.
      6. Sim rounds are more accurate. I’ve watched Airsoft go astray in flight.
      7. Marking – its important to keep people honest.

      • Rick Grimes

        When I first heard about Simunition, I did some research and determined that the ballistics were inferior to airsoft (due to the hop-up system in airsoft guns). Can you confirm?

        • Airsoft can shoot straight, but sometimes it does not. The hop-up effect works right IF the small plastic ball has no abnormalities. A metal BB does much better, because its metal. The plastic Airsoft rounds can be more easily malformed – even by the magazine.

          And then there is the inconsistency in gas pressure. I’ve topped off magazines with gas, only to start experiencing accuracy, feeding, and recoil problems have way into a magazine. Once the pressure is reduced enough, the very lightweight Airsoft round is drastically impacted by air resistance and gravity. That’s when you really start seeing the pellet and its diversion in flight.

          With Simunition rounds, each round has its own pressure charge from the cartridge itself (why they’re were about $1 a piece – coming down though). The problem with Simuntions is they too can get damaged on the marking tip – dropping, when loading, feeing problems, etc. When that happens expect a jam or clogged barrel. The only fix – break it down and thoroughly clean. An Airsoft pistol might be able to be back in the fight with just a magazine change, and a jam in the barrel is extremely rare.

          So … in “realistic” training, Simunitions is more like the real thing. However, in a pinch (or budget crunch), Airsoft is better than nothing – and definitely better than paintballs – too much cheating and they hurt really bad.

    • Wow!

      Most departments use airsoft and not simmunition or equivalent. Airsoft was designed for force on force essentially and does the job very well. Much higher quality mfg has been put in the guns which is a major improvement over just a decade. Most do not actually like marking because it necessitates cleaning after every scenario, and frankly marksmanship or weapon manipulation realism is NOT what force on force is trying to teach, but rather how you read other people, and react to situations like your placement and how you approach a potential threat. If you want to learn how to shoot, that is what the live fire range is for. Airsoft allows you to wear much less protective equipment as well as use more places for training, even the site you are training for itself!

      The biggest complaint about airsoft is the accuracy which rapidly drops off after 25 yards. Again, force on force is not designed to teach you marksmanship and realistically, that is more than adequate considering that most drills are set up for realistic situations which are generally much closer ranged (and frankly for law enforcement, if you shoot at any further range, you got to have a pretty good excuse why you did). If longer range simulation is needed, MILES used by the military is about the best you can get.

  • USMC03Vet

    Nothing says realism like tact vests and neck/face wraps like you’re going on the hadj.

  • aevangel1

    Overpriced paintball….