Thanks to Uncle Webkins for submitting a pic of his PCC.

Newly stamped, Quarter Circle 10 Large Frame in 45, running hush mode with Silencerco Hybrid.  The first in a photo series entitled “I Sure Miss the eForms… Bastards!”

I like the use of the Glock 21 magazine with KRISS MagEx extension.


  • Joe

    Do any “AR9” Glock magazine builds significantly undercut the price of a Scorpion EVO?
    Every time I price out components I get within $100 of the CZ.
    The only benefit I can see is magazine compatibility with Glock handguns, of which I own 1, a G42.
    It appears I’m not the target market, which is fine, just disappointed about the cost of entry.

    • Big Daddy

      There are many advantages to someone who owns Glocks and AR15s. If you do not well not so much.

    • b0x3r0ck

      Your pretty much right about the only benefit being the mags. The CZ mags compared to Glock are harder to get. Also the price of mag is a factor . You can find Glock mag for $15-25 and CZ mag $20-25. So buying bulk Glock mags end up better.

    • c4v3man

      Getting a decent trigger in an AR platform is a lot easier/cheaper than the Scorpion. That being said, get both… I enjoy my plastic fantastic as much as I can for a stock-less rifle.

      I’m about 2 weeks of forms away from getting my SBR stamp for my scorpion and finally shoot it the way it was intended. Of course, those 2 weeks of stamps (currently approved up to 6/16/16) will probably take another 1+ months to clear since there was a large uptick in forms being submitted before the July 41F rules change. Dang unconstitutional taxes… REPEAL THE NFA. Contact your state representatives to the senate/house.

    • How much do Scorpion magazines cost compared to similar capacity Glock mags? That and the galaxy of aftermarket accessories for anything AR sound like the main determining factors to me, aside from ergonomics and manual of arms crossover.

    • Cymond

      One more average of an AR9 is that I can piece it together a little at a time, instead of struggling to save it all up at once. Also, I can go full custom right from the beginning.

      The downside is that it may or may not be reliable. Anything is fixable, but experimenting until you find the right combo of parts could get expensive.

      • Corwin Bos

        If you go with cheap parts, yes, reliability is the issue. Gun in above photo looks to be done right. The lower, buffer, springs, and bolt are the biggest things you need to have on lockdown when building one of these.

        My AR9 was built on a QC10 Colt lower, CMMG bolt, Wolf springs, KAK buffer. Works like a champ.

        • Wzrd

          My QC10 Glock 9mm uses a YHM 10.5 barrel, NFA BCG, Sprinco Orange spring, & Blitzkrieg hydraulic buffer. Worked beautifully from the start. At the time it was only the 2nd AR type gun I’d built & I was pleasantly surprised bc of what I’d read about AR9s being finicky. & it’s pretty damn accurate. Love it. So I have to concur about using quality parts. (At least I think my parts are quality, some might disagree)

  • Big Daddy

    The SGM mags work fine in mine. I had some hangups with the Kriss mag. I have tried a lot of different ammo of all kinds and it works flawlessly. I also use the KAK 9mm heavy buffer, works better than any other I tried, same for my 9mm version.

    • Russ Kell

      KAK 9mm Heavy buffer in both of my 9mm builds. They both run like tops.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Damn, thats a spicy meatball.

    I needs one in 10mm.

    • Big Daddy

      I’m not sure it will work with true 10mm rounds. So much pressure in the chamber and recoil. It’s a straight blowback system and I think the most it will take is 9mm and 45 ACP. I think people have made a few 40cal but that’s it. I thought about 357 sig, all the same as a 40 cal except the barrel. But QC10 does have a pressure warning on their barrel page for 357 SIG.

      If they made a gas operated 10mm yeah for sure man.

      The bolt would need to be very heavy as well as the buffer. There is no lockup at all. I’m tempted to build an upper to try it. I have the mags already and the lower with a very heavy buffer, just use a QC10 40 cal bolt and a KAW valley barrel. There are no mags more than 15 rounds. I wouldn’t recommend adding a +2/3 because of the spring, you’ll have issues with the bolt moving so fast and the follower not keeping up with it.

      • Dave D

        Made my QC10 in 40 S&W. Haven’t played too much with the buffer weight yet. But it kicks like a mule with “full power” 40. Can’t imagine a true 10mm round going off.

        • Big Daddy

          My 45ACP does a bit. I tried a Lonewolf pistol brake/comp no go, it seemed to have increased recoil and flip. It was better without anything. I tried a KAW valley XL and it works pretty good. But it’s 4.25″ long, it’s just a hollow tube with holes on the face, one for the round and others around it.

          I suggest you try a few different brakes, Even an A2 adjusted offset a bit might help.

          My Glock mag AR15 QC10 9mm has a Lantac which was $145 but it now feels like a .22. Almost Zero recoil even with hot ammo like the Underwood +P+ gold dots.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Thanks, good points all.
        I missed the blowback part.

        If you build it send some pics, dude.

        • Big Daddy

          I never put pix of my guns on the internet. If I had a business yes. But as a civilian nope.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Fair enough.

      • Josh

        Well kriss finally made the vector in 10 mm so maybe there is still hope for this.

  • valorius

    Suppressed applications are the only things that .45 acp makes any sense for IMO. That caliber is an obsolete dinosaur.

    • mcjagermech

      based on….?

      • valorius

        Based on it’s obsolete and that’s why the US is pretty much the only country on earth that still uses .45 caliber weapons.

        • mcjagermech

          Who cares what other countries do. How is it obsolete?

          • valorius

            Anyone with any sense at all will take notice of what every other single nation on earth uses- which is 9mm.

            .45 is obsolete because it limits capacity, has far less tactical barrier penetration than 9mm and is useless vs even obsolete level IIA body armor. It also recoils more than 9mm.

          • koolhed

            Don’t tell me… you’ve got an FN 5.7 tattooed on yer hind end, right?

          • valorius

            No, but that’s not a bad idea.

            I think the 5.7mm round is just a little too long for practical use in a hand gun for people with smallish hands. It fits my hands pretty well though, so lucky me.

            In any case, A 5.7mm caliber handgun with properly designed ammunition (think M855A1 in 5.7mm) would be a fantastic service/duty weapon.

          • mcjagermech

            there are plenty of high capacity firearms in .45
            9mm isn’t a great barrier penetrator either unless we’re talking about drywall. and all body armor made stops 9mm too. as for recoil that is more of an opinion than anything

          • valorius

            High capacity .45’s have a larger grip circumference and still hold significantly less ammunition than a comparably sized 9mm.

            9mm ball and even JHP absolutely penetrates barriers better than .45 ball or JHP.

            .45 ball won’t even penetrate .5″ polycarbonate windows (sub IIA ballistic protection). I have tested civvie legal .380 rounds that will penentrate that, and 9mm+P JHP blows right through it.

          • mcjagermech

            yes but you can get high capacity in .45 14 rounds is a lot of ammo. 18 rounds in 9mm is only 4 more and 9mm double stacks aren’t thin either. and do you have any proof of that? what bullet weights did you test? was it normal pressure ammo or plus P?

          • valorius

            I’ve tested all kinds of common loads in .380, 9mm, .40, 10mm and .45acp vs level IIA, II, and IIIA fiberglass plate armor, polycarbonate bullet proof glass and various brands of soft body armor. Call it a hobby. If you have questions on a specific load, just ask and i’ll tell you if i tested it.

            My S&W 3rd gen 9mm holds 18+1. That’s approx 25% more ammo than a high cap .45, which is like holding a 2×4 for hands of my size.

            There’s a reason every military on earth uses 9mm and not .45.

          • mcjagermech

            4 more rounds isn’t a big deal to me. for them to matter I’d have to be in a serious trouble and I’d probably need a rifle. I like 9mm just fine mind you but it doesn’t make .45 obsolete. As for militaries using it, it has more to do with logistics than anything else.

          • valorius

            I just watched a shootout on you tube last night where both cops in a shootout emptied their 15rd pistols and had to reload under fire when a dude with an AR15 opened fire on them. I’d prefer to skip the “reload under fire” portion of that sequence, thanks.

            When every single country in the world uses one caliber, it’s more than just logistics.

          • mcjagermech

            no, it’s mostly logistics when it comes to the military and governments. an excellent example of this is the M4 tank of WW2.
            and that’s great, but if you’re fighting a guy with an AR-15 with your pistol you’re already in trouble no matter what the caliber of pistol you have or how many rounds you have. of course the shoot out you watched is one shoot out and is more of an anecdote than anything else. if wanted to look it up, i’m sure i can find footage of a police shootout ending with an exchange of a handful of rounds. also, wouldn’t it be prudent to change magazines when you’re in cover anyways? even if you magazine holds 8 or 30 rounds that seems like a no-brainer

          • valorius

            You’re in a lot more trouble if your gun is empty, right?

            The video in question was just put up by Active Self Protection, he has a you tube channel and posts new self defense and shoot out videos almost daily. I highly recommend it if you’re into that sort of thing.

          • mcjagermech

            Yeah, your point really isn’t much of a point though.

          • valorius

            It isn’t? Guns that hold more bullets need to be reloaded less often. Not only is it a point, it’s an irrefutable point.

          • mcjagermech

            The point you are trying to make would make sense, if we were talking about a two shot derinnger vs a modern service pistol.You’re trying to argue that 4 more bullets are a massive difference.

          • valorius

            4 more bullets is approx. 25% more ammo. Also an irrefutable fact.

          • mcjagermech

            This is just like arguing about how much better a 20 inch barrel vs a 16 inch barrel is on an AR-15. There’s a difference but it’s negligible.

          • valorius

            Ok bud, i suppose you support 10 rd mag limits too?

          • mcjagermech

            No? Who said anything about magazine bans or limits?

          • valorius

            you’re saying extra rounds are not useful, aren’t you?

          • mcjagermech

            no…. i’m saying that when comparing .45 and 9mm double stacks 4 rounds isn’t that big of a deal to me.

          • valorius

            4 rds is the difference between a free state double stack .45 and a restricted state .45.