HERA Arms CQR stock and grip, some 12,000 people on the waiting list

The visitors of SHOT Show had the possibility to both see and feel the HERA Arms CQR stock and grip in person.

Stag Arms, RSR Group, JP Enterprises, Phase 5 and Juggernaut Tactical had rifles with the HERA Arms stock mounted.

7″ HERA Arms. The magazine is HERA’s own and in TFB testing waiting for a review. So far so good, but we need more rounds through it.


According to LAN World Inc’s information, they have no less than 12,000 people who signed up on the waiting list!

Even with a high production, those orders (or at least potential orders) is going to take some time to crunch through in 2017.

For those who already got delivery, feedback seems very positive.

The good thing is that as this stock is now out, although in low numbers, there’s an increased amount of pictures around.

Below: JP Enterprises Rifle with the HERA stock and grip. Very nice color. I guess it has a fake suppressor.

Note the trigger, looks like an Armageddon Gear Revolution Trigger:  http://jprifles.com/

Some other configurations.

LAN World Inc. posted this message:

Great news everyone, we are starting to ship the new CQR Stocks!!…..but….reality is that we have over Twelve Thousand (12,000) people signed up on our waiting list (this is just LAN World’s list). It is going to take some time to get everyone their stocks. If your not getting the email it is because there are a lot of people in line. Please be patient. HERA is shipping to several distributors at the same time so things take time and will start to move quicker and quicker. Thank you for all the support on this super awesome product. If you are going to SHOT show it will be on display at several locations throughout the show. Thank you again!!! hang in there, they are coming.


Tavor vs. AR15s.

Here’s a good example how the setup can work, with Atlas Bipod and Accu-Shot Monopod at the back.

I haven’t tried, but it looks like this setup can work quite well for long range target shooting.

I guess it’s no coincidence that all pictures I’ve seen are without the California legal blocking plate, it looks much better without it. I look forward to seeing more pictures of the HERA Arms setup.

I was on the waiting list for the front grip as well. I guess it will take a while to go through the delivery of these grips if the interest is real.


Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • therealgreenplease

    Anyone else think the fore grip would look good on the Tavor?

    • William Elliott

      Darnit, I wanted to SEE it on an X95

      • Mike Harper

        Up here in Canadaland, I have both the X95 and the Hera arms grip on preorder. It’s now a waiting game to see what comes first.

  • AK™

    12.000 people? Thats a whole lot of people 😉

    • b0x3r0ck

      I’m not sure if that is 12,000 people or 12 people on this waiting list. But TBH both wouldn’t surprise me.

      • Daniel W

        This is what happens when you deal with American ingenuity. Good luck HERA a

    • Hinermad

      In Europe it’s not uncommon for them to use a period where Americans would use a comma to separate digits in large numbers. So 12.000 in Europe would mean the same thing as 12,000 here.

      • That drives the engineer in me up the wall.

        • Hinermad

          Eh, I deal with European national standards often enough I’m used to it now. The more modern standards have gone to using spaces between groups of 3 digits instead of periods. They stil use commas for decimal points though.

          I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Standards are great – everybody should have one!”

          • And people wonder why we crash probes into planets.

            “I meant twelve thousands meters, not precisely 12 meters!” ?

          • LOOOOOCKHEEEEED!!!

        • Wingbert

          Right??? When I see that I think 12.000 +/- .005 unless otherwise specified

  • I really wish they’d ship them already.

    • jamesone

      They have. I received mine on Wednesday. I like it better so far than the magpul furniture I had on it prior. Only thing that might make it better for my hands is a short throw safety.


      • Still haven’t gotten a notice for being able to order one, sadly.

        • jamesone

          I was lucky… managed to jump on the list within the first 20 for black

          • *shakes tiny fist*

          • jamesone

            Finally took it out to the range. I am impressed. Draws well into the shoulders pocket and the front grip helps a lot with follow up shots. It’s worth the wait from my perspective. Also doesn’t weiagh anymore than the old furniture I had on the rifle.

  • Martin Grønsdal
    • Martin Dumbsdal

      What a stupid suggestion. How do you suggest to get your fingers around the front of the magazine to remove or insert it?

      • EdgyTrumpet

        I believe he was being sarcastic and that was exactly his point about the foregrip.

        • Martin Grønsdal

          well, if you look at the way he insults my name in his comment, I guess it is not worth replying, is it? I doubt this persons last name is “Dumbsdal”.

    • Greg Robertson

      Looks unnecessarily heavy. Very “modern” looking, but not very practical. If you want a bullpup, buy one that can accomodate a 16-18″ barrel and look SBR’ish and space-agish at the same time.

  • Sid Collins

    I am definitely waiting on the foregrip.

  • HenryV

    Yes please.

  • John Bear Ross

    Does the foregrip qualify as an angled fore grip, or vertical fore grip?
    This .300 BLK pistol owner is curious.

    • William Elliott

      probably not, but I would like an official comment on that myself

    • Big Daddy

      I was wondering the same thing. i wrote the company a long time ago. No response, we’ll find out eventually.

    • Evil_Bonsai

      If you can put your thumb around it, probably counts as ‘vertical’.

    • Random Disable Person

      I would say yes probably…
      If you look at the front part of the forward grip, coming right off the rail, it has a distinct vertical section. Which would give the BATFE the ability to not look even more contradictory about how their statements and rulings constantly adding up. Looks barely 2 inches if that, but give a regulator a thousandth of inch and they well regulate several miles. Look at what they did with a 14 inch shoestring…..If I got it right shotguns are 18 inches, but rifles are 16 inches and yet shoestrings are 14 ?

      If that forward hand protector was curved fully, that might give some wiggly room for an argument based on by the BATFE’s own rulings. Which would add more examples to the hopefully sooner than later court case that takes down the stupidity. When Suppressors go to constitutional legal status, angle grips will be low hanging add on fruit for the ruling.

      Seriously non gun folks cry about gun shot noises , people shooting want to protect their hearing…. Government solution? Draconian regulations and taxed heavily(prohibitively by design) for the devices. Maybe we can press OSHA to require all firearm carrying/using professionals to have to use hearing protection devices. Since they can’t wear in or on ear pro, that leaves barrel attachments. Regulations about reducing sound decibel levels by reasonable means becomes hard pressed when you start really pricing out costs verses hearing lost.

  • Kyle

    Why would you think it’s a fake suppressor? Looks to me like an AMTAC

  • Capybara

    I refer to this stock as “The Tacticool 2×4”, it looks weird and dumb to me.

  • StCo

    Looks nice until you place a mag in it.

  • d

    I don’t get it. Other than the CA version, what is the attraction to this?

    • Rule Of Cool.

    • jamesone

      It is deceptively comfortable and handles well.

  • Lou

    The stock looks good and I am not opposed to thumbhole stocks like I was in 1990 when that was one way around George Bush the 1st’s import “assault weapons” ban (which is still in effect by the way) until a few years later when they nixed that for the most part (except for single stack mag semi-auto guns and a few exceptions like the Cx4 which feeds from a double stack mag).

    My question is: since states like CA, MA, And NY have also banned thumbhole stocks as a way around their own “assault weapons” bans, what states are left that would make this an alternative? I know that Hera makes a plate that stops the user from placing their hand through the thumbhole but what areas would allow a regular thumbhole stock as an alternative to the traditional MSR? I also understand that if you have an imported AK with a thumbhole that this type of stock (if they made one for an AK) is a legal alternative (and more ergonomic than the wooden AK thumbhole stock) so that you don’t have to watch the 922r parts count but It’s hard to believe there are that many people who are voluntarily putting thumbhole stocks on AR-15s when they don’t have to.

  • User

    WEIGHT…? i bet it adds a lot unnecessary weight…

    • Kyle

      The stock is right about 1 pound without the buffer tube.

      • User

        Dang thats heavy.

        • Kyle

          Not particularly. Only a few ounces more than an MOE stock from Magpul. You also have to remember that the stock includes the grip with accounts for 3-4 ounces.

          This stock would actually be around the same weight as an MOE stock and grip setup.

        • Major Tom

          Ooh poor baby, can’t handle a couple of ounces. Hit the gym.

          • User

            Wtfh you retar** , adding weight without gaining anything is utterly stupid. Light/medium weight Rifle = more rounds to carry, and even if not in combat, why add weight when it does literally NOTHING.

          • Kyle

            You’re not adding any weight though, that has been established.

    • jamesone

      It’s actually lighter than the 1 lb by a bit. Have to also note that it’s both the grip and stock in one unit. It’s quite close to what a magpul acs-l and a miad grip would weaigh

  • Malthrak

    LANworld got some in stock yesterday, ordered mine and they shipped about 30 mins ago, SBR build here we come.

  • Ark

    To be real, though, there’s not a whole lot of reason to get one if you don’t live in California/New York/etc.

    Also, can anyone tell me what that handguard is in the Tavor/AR picture? The AR on the bottom.

    • Lou

      Thumbhole stocks were banned in NY and CA as well. See my post below.

      • Ark

        Hence the blocked version, which I’m guessing will outsell the regular thumbhole version in the long run. It’s a gimmick for people in most states, but in a few states, it’s one of a very short list of “compliant” options.

        • jamesone

          I like it. Fixed stocks work better for some.

  • Joshua Knott

    Sorry, but does someone want to logically explain the inherited benefits of this stock? I mean other than California law bypassing.

    • jamesone

      I like fixed stocks. Shoot better off them. The thumb hole aspect of it allegedly to reduce snagging on whatever. Stock does point well. Partly for looks partly for the hope of being ergonomic was why I picked it up and for me didn’t disappoint. Dont miss my adjustable wiggly stock yet.

    • thedonn007

      I don’t think it actually bypasses CA laws, the tumbhole portion of the stock would need to be filled in.

      • jamesone

        That’s why they have the plate version

      • Greg Robertson

        oh, those infringing laws.

    • BaconLovingInfidel


  • Sianmink

    I don’t like thumbhole stocks, but I actually like how that looks.

  • thedonn007

    What is the point of a SBR with that long stock?

    • They want something with the aesthetics and overall length of a bullpup, but with a 7″ barrel and tax stamp.

      • Greg Robertson

        Exactly, there is no real bullpup comparison…period. It may slightly look the part but that’s where the comparo ends.

    • jamesone

      It really isn’t that long. Pictures are deceptive. With the small spacer it comes with the stock is about as long as a magpul ACS(L) stock on setting 2-3 of 6.

  • Jose

    Now this, I dig it. With 12,000+ people wanting to buy this tactical kit, success will be secured. I wonder: will accept non metal rails, like moe handguards from Magpul and Alien Armor’s extended rail? Just asking.

  • L. Roger Rich

    Looks like it was made for states like NY and CA where AR 15s are ban.

  • rambo jones

    that is kind of cool looking.

  • 22winmag

    Looks good for home defense and modern day Alamo scenarios.

  • jamesone

    Finally shot my rifle with the furniture on… it handles very nicely. If you can get your hands on one to give it a feel I suggest doing so. Can say I am happy dumping an adjustable stock

  • Martingard

    Probably all of them sold in Callyforny. NOT!

  • .45

    Came here expecting oodles of “Coming soon to a Call of Dooty near you” and “…in the next Call of Duty.” Am very disappointed in y’all, just saying…

  • KN1719

    Held this at SHOT, It was actually really uncomfortable, especially the thumbhole stock. As far as useful ergonomics for the P90 foregrip, it felt decent when gripping it the right way. However, if attaching any form or a light, etc. it quickly became apparent it would be less than ideal trying to activate one with this foregrip attached. Definitely looks neat, and the construction seemed well made, but just a no go after actually handling one.

  • valorius

    I’m not on the waiting list, but i want one of these too.

  • valorius

    I like that Hera magazine.

  • blobface

    By “waiting list” do they mean email subscription? I mean, that’s just a button click, rarely translates to actual sales without pre-order deposit.

  • El Mac

    Fortunately, in this country we have freedom. One of those is freedom not to buy ugly weird looking crap.

    • BraveNewWhirled

      It’s very space-agey. Makes me wanna hop in my Warthog and find some Covenant.

      • El Mac

        Space-agey…great. Hollyweird will love it. But it makes me want to puke.

  • bmstylee

    One ugly looking piece of kit. This might give Hi Point a run for worst on show.

  • Asgard928

    No price in article? Everyone always wants to know price!

  • Looks Hollywood stupid…..

  • gregge

    Looks good, but the gold one looks like it should have a NERF logo on it.

  • Ubama’sTrueLegacy

    they have no FEWER than 12,000 people…


    Any word on the weight of the stock? Initially it was listed at 2lbs, but now I’m seeing some places list it at 1lb.

    I did not stop by the booth while at SHOT.

    • Simon R.

      Held one this weekend. Did not feel 2lbs. They are really narrow too. I liked it, very comfortable.