HERA Arms CQR stock and grip, some 12,000 people on the waiting list

    The visitors of SHOT Show had the possibility to both see and feel the HERA Arms CQR stock and grip in person.

    Stag Arms, RSR Group, JP Enterprises, Phase 5 and Juggernaut Tactical had rifles with the HERA Arms stock mounted.

    7″ HERA Arms. The magazine is HERA’s own and in TFB testing waiting for a review. So far so good, but we need more rounds through it.


    According to LAN World Inc’s information, they have no less than 12,000 people who signed up on the waiting list!

    Even with a high production, those orders (or at least potential orders) is going to take some time to crunch through in 2017.

    For those who already got delivery, feedback seems very positive.

    The good thing is that as this stock is now out, although in low numbers, there’s an increased amount of pictures around.

    Below: JP Enterprises Rifle with the HERA stock and grip. Very nice color. I guess it has a fake suppressor.

    Note the trigger, looks like an Armageddon Gear Revolution Trigger:  http://jprifles.com/

    Some other configurations.

    LAN World Inc. posted this message:

    Great news everyone, we are starting to ship the new CQR Stocks!!…..but….reality is that we have over Twelve Thousand (12,000) people signed up on our waiting list (this is just LAN World’s list). It is going to take some time to get everyone their stocks. If your not getting the email it is because there are a lot of people in line. Please be patient. HERA is shipping to several distributors at the same time so things take time and will start to move quicker and quicker. Thank you for all the support on this super awesome product. If you are going to SHOT show it will be on display at several locations throughout the show. Thank you again!!! hang in there, they are coming.


    Tavor vs. AR15s.

    Here’s a good example how the setup can work, with Atlas Bipod and Accu-Shot Monopod at the back.

    I haven’t tried, but it looks like this setup can work quite well for long range target shooting.

    I guess it’s no coincidence that all pictures I’ve seen are without the California legal blocking plate, it looks much better without it. I look forward to seeing more pictures of the HERA Arms setup.

    I was on the waiting list for the front grip as well. I guess it will take a while to go through the delivery of these grips if the interest is real.


    Eric B

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