Closer Look At The Magpul X-22 Backpacker | SHOT 2017

Just last week, Magpul announced the X-22 Backpacker. It is a new variant of their X-22 Hunter Takedown stock but it is designed for backpacking out into the woods. Almost like a survival rifle. The handguard has been shortened and the stock has been altered so that you can store the barrel under the stock. The handguard interfaces into the cutaway section of the stock and locks onto a slot just behind the grip.

Magpul posted a video showcasing some of the details.


The cheek rest can lift up like the trunk of a car revealing storage space for three 10-rd rotary magazines. Or a divider can be removed so a standard 50rd box of ammo can be stored along with a spare magazine.

The second divider has been removed. I wonder how much they move when stored? Would they rattle when jostled?


In the video above, the grip has more storage with you pop open the cap at the bottom. From the orange o-ring, it looks like it might be water resistant if not water proof.


The last feature is the optic mount that attaches to the handguard. With the optic mounted on the handguard and barrel, there is less chance of the POI/POA shifts from remounting the barrel multiple times.


The X-22 Backpacker is on Magpul’s website and will retail for $109.95. It will be available This spring.

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  • Drew Coleman

    Is there anywhere you could store a suppressor within the stock?

    • Lew Siffer

      My question exactly. How deep is the space in the grip, will it hold an AAC Element 2? Alternately, what are the dimensions of the space in the stock, if I take out the dividers, will it hold the Element 2??

      • Henrik Bergdahl

        well 3 10round mags will fit so measure those. 🙂

        • noob

          and remember that the divider only frees up two mags worth of space (or a box worth of space).

          if you want the whole stock space opened up you will need to dremel

    • David

      I was thinking this would be an ideal host for an integral barrel…

  • Cayton Jones

    It looks like a tactical solutions SB-X barrel will just fit. If that’s the case, I’m definitely getting one.

    • Mark Lee

      Only one? I think it will make a great gift item so I’m in for a dozen.

  • Keiichi


  • lawbob

    what 10/22 receiver is on that

  • Nimrod

    Take a regular 10/22 take down with plastic stock, cut a notch in the bottom of the stock or drill a hole and insert barrel/ fore arm. Hold in place with zip ties or ‘ranger bands’. There I just saved you $110. If you don’t’ want to get creative the plastic stock on the TD is hollow and the butt plate comes off. Lots of room inside to store survival gear/ammo.

    • Edward Franklin

      There might be a chance people would want a polished and professional takedown stock rather than permanently borking their factory stock and making it a festival of zip ties and Bubba work. Just an idea.

    • noob

      Some customers pay $150 instead of $20 for shoes. Both of them cover your feet, one of them makes you feel better when you look in a mirror.

      • BryanS

        One of them prevents you from all sorts of injuries and issues later on, the other makes you think you saved money somewhere.

    • Y-man

      Zip ties kinda get in the way when you are fumbling in the dark, looking for your knife when the Zombies are shuffling [Or running] towards you!

  • Phil Elliott

    Shades of Kel-Tec! Just like their Su16, folding stock, space for extra mags.

  • robes74

    What is the carbon fiber looking barrel on the top pic?

  • 1911a145acp