Anti-terror package to the German Police, with more Haenel CR223 (AR15) and HK SFP9

The Saxony Police in Germany gets an Anit-Terror package from the Minister of Interior.

The package is worth 15 million Euro according to and contains 7 armored Toyota Land Cruiser V8s, ballistic helmets, plate carriers, Haenel CR223 (AR-15) in 5,56 mm and 9 mm Heckler & Koch SFP9s. 

To the best of my knowledge, after detailed checks of these pictures, the rifles are semi-automatic only.

The HK SFP9 was already introduced last year, and the phase-in delivery is expected to finish in 2018.

2017-01-13 00.55.00

Considering the rather strong German automotive market the choice of a Toyota is surprising, but at least they chose to support the local firearms manufacturers. Haenel are located in the neighboring state.

Two of the seven vehicles will serve the Special Operations Command of the Police in Saxony. The remaining five vehicles go to the surrounding Police stations in Sachsen. The cars can be used all over the country in appropriate situations.

 Close-up of the Haenel CR223, note extra magazines, radio and what looks to be a flashlight or a laser.

This version of the Haenel has the EOTech in a rised mount.

The side arms is a HK SFP9. I note that the magazine is loaded, which I would say is not typical for these type of PR pictures.


EOTech sight, with a close-up of the close-up for detail. The rifle seems zeroed for 50 meters.

2017-01-13 01.03.42

There’s also a version with an EOTech 3x magnifier.

Note that this version has the magnifier and the sight sitting directly on the Picatinny.

2017-01-13 00.55.18

The Minister of Interior, Herr Markus Ulbig, seems safe and happy in this position.

2017-01-13 00.56.36

2017-01-13 00.55.28

The choice of color is a bit of a surprise for a Police unit.

2017-01-13 00.55.09

In November 2016 we reported that the Police in Hamburg were getting the Haenel CR223 as well.

Hamburg Police (Germany) issuing HK MP5 and Haenel CR223 (AR15)

Eric B

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  • Big Daddy

    Wow Magpul has really become international. I love their stuff. Not all of it but they seem to come in at good prices with stuff that works.

    • tom

      mags and buis are both ripoffs by haenel/caracal!
      No magpul…

      • Big Daddy

        Really, that’s sad, they put in all the work and money to produce a quality product at a reasonable price and they rip it off. No international patents?

        There are certain countries and companies I do not buy for a few reasons. That would be one of them. Politics is another and I won’t go into that here.

        Russia and most Eastern European nations I have no problem with even over NATO allies.

        • MR.X

          Politic is one reasons, yea, thats why i dont like non american AR15 and other gun copies, many times they dont offer different product, only offer the same product at high price but with non american flag to american hater administrations.Of course there is no problem if the product is Turkey made, or A Saudi……
          Im European and im bored, i like real american AR15s.

        • Lange

          There’s absolutely no reason to have a low tech product shipped across an ocean when you can produce it yourself at the same cost. That goes both ways btw.

          • Big Daddy

            The materials used is what also makes Magpul products great not only the design. I have not handled these other products. The question would be are the materials down the the polymer and metal hardware as good as the Magpul stuff? Maybe better? I don’t know. But please let’s not talk about trade deals and taxing of products.

  • A bearded being from beyond ti

    So is SFP9 the European name for the VP9? Or is it different in some way mechanically from the VP9?

    • Richie

      It is the VP9, they are not allowed to call it that because another company has the trademark

      • A bearded being from beyond ti

        Is that B&T with their modern welrod thing?

        • FarmerB

          I believe so. There was a version of the SFP9 made especially for the police (It has to be certified as a police pistol for the whole country by some office in govt) -called the SFP9-TR. The TR has heavier trigger pull, longer pull and longer reset – required by German law for police pistols. The other “normal” version was called the SFP9-SF for “Special Forces”. The US VP9 is closest to the SFP9-SF specifications.

          • The Forty ‘Twa

            Thought the SF in the SFP9-SF name stood for striker fired. At least that is what H&K list it as on their website.

          • FarmerB

            No, although SFP stands for “Striker Fired Perfection” (according to one of their very early data sheets).

  • chris

    Most police SEK units have switched over from mostly black/blue to the color steingrau olive (literally stone grey olive) wich is a usuall color of with most ar manufacturers in Germany like Lindnerhof, Zentauron or TT. i would guess the guy inj blue is a MEK or BFE officer.

  • forrest1985

    I don’t know much about german policing but why the AR-pattern rifle when the other unit is adopting the G36C?

    • chris

      there is a federal police and 16 different state police forces and stuff like the German Parliament Police and just like in the us they all got their own equipment

      • forrest1985

        Cheers for the reply chris.

  • VanDiemensLand

    Frick I want one of those armoured Landcruisers!

  • some other joe

    RE: armored cars, are BMW and Mercedes still the only manufacturers offering production armored variants of their civilian vehicles? Meaning, OEM suspension designed for the OEM armor package, with the resultant standards of handling and power maintained?
    Or has Toyota joined the OEM armor club? I have aftermarket armored LandCruisers and they…don’t handle all that well.