The Spectre M4 SMG is an Italian made gun. It was developed by a company called SITES in the 1980s. It has a quad stack magazine of 9mm with 30 or 50 round capacity depending on the magazine. It has a over folder stock that looks similar to the underfolder on a Sterling MK4.



This gun may look familiar to some of you. The B&T KH9 is based on this design. It is almost a straight up copy.



The B&T KH9 even has the same DA/SA decocking mechanism like the Spectre M4. Sadly they opted for the straight 30rd or 50rd magazines rather than copy the quad stack magazine design of the Spectre M4.


  • PK

    The KH9 can be set up with a different magwell that takes the M31/M44 style magazines, including the 50rd quad-stack “coffin” magazine. Get that option and those mags, and you have the Spectre once again.

    • Gus Butts

      That’s very cool.

  • FWIW: The 50rd magazines for the B&T KH9 are the quad-stack “casket magazines” from the Suomi KP31 SMG. Only the 30rd magazines are double-stack, but those are compatible with all of B&T’s other SMG models.

    • HH

      “Coffin mags” . That’s what they are usually called.
      But Casket will do just as well I reckon.

      • HH

        and they are a beotch to load! I hate them as my mac 11/9 w Lage upper takes suomi coffin mags as well as the more preferred 72 rnd drums

        • mazkact

          Well then Magula needs to make a super wide Uplula, problem solved .

      • Twilight sparkle

        I’ve seen casket magazine more often

        • Edeco


          Are you all talking about sarcophagus clips?

          • Tassiebush

            I always thought it was urn chargers

  • USMC03Vet

    This was my fav gun in the original Black Ops game.

    • IshTheBuddha

      If I remember correctly, it was also in Goldeneye for N64. (although it was likely called some other name.)

      • Andrew Miller

        It was in Goldeneye.
        It also was only available in one level, the fight on the boat.

        • El Extraño

          But it was the best. I loved using that in multi-player

          • Major Tom

            RCP-90 or go home!

          • El Extraño

            I was Spectre all the way! Unless I got the Golden Gun. And when I did a quick check to make sure which gun the RCP-90 was, I discovered that there was also a gold PPK. Only took me 19 years to find that out.

          • VanDiemensLand

            You obviously never used the cheats 😉 RCP-90 would spit f@#$ing fire!!!

          • Major Tom

            And it was available in several (later) levels. One of which was hidden in a crate on the Train (first car!) on any mode other than 007 difficulty.

            I believe it was available on one or more multiplayer maps too but it was one of the rarer weapons UNLESS you edited a custom game to have them.

      • Major Tom

        It was called the Phantom in that game and it was like the second best SMG out there behind the RCP90 (P90 in reality).

        Too bad you could only get it in one level (Frigate) outside multiplayer.

    • VanDiemensLand

      AMEN!! best hip-fire by far, especially with extended mags!

  • Gus Butts

    The SITES Spectre M4 is awesome but B&T has been KILLING IT as of late, oh my.

    • namane

      They should change their name, B&T is not only not memorable, it sounds bad. Like T&A. Their website address is even worse.
      How about BruTho (sounds like brute in spanish, which is a term of endearment women call men) or BruggerThomet, which actually sounds swiss.
      Don’t worry about brand recognition you haven’t got any as yet.

      • Maximilian Johannes Benning

        i don’t think they are very focused on the US civillian market

      • DIR911911 .

        t&a sounds bad??? to who? it’ll get me up and out the door

    • iksnilol

      Yeah, but no quad stack mags make me sad.

  • Aono

    My friend has two. If anyone has a line on where to pick up the original folding stock for these, we sure would appreciate it.

    Some clown on gunbroker sells a “manual” for the Spectre with the clickbait words “folding stock” in the title so that an unsuspecting buyer will pounce. Shame. Shame!

  • Martin M

    I’d love to have one of these. This is what you need to have instead of those silly overshoes you slip a Glock into.

  • micmac80

    B&T is a company of copycats ,they only build stuff that was already built before and discontinued.

    • andrey kireev

      That’s firearms industry in general… Please tell me how many companies make AR15s, 1911’s or AKs out there … and for that matter polymer framed semi-auto handguns based on browning action

      • BryanS

        People complain about that, and then dont trust a new design…

        But our market with its over regulation does not favor brave tries.

  • Hellbilly

    The semi-auto pistol version of the Spectre has always been on my bucket list. I haven’t seen one in person for at least 15 years.

  • Well darn. Here I thought I was gonna make it all day without a gunboner.

  • Hoplopfheil

    Goldeneye! Too bad it wasn’t in multiplayer.

  • BaldEagle

    On the civilian market, they used to sell a long “carbine” version (the Ranger) and a short, stockless one (the Falcon), both semiauto only of course. I sold several of them in the 90s (i’m an Italian retailer). Back then it was an advanced design: totally ambidextrous, SA/DA, decocker, quad-stack magazine. It surely would have deserved a better fortune.

  • Actionable Mango

    The trigger on the Sites Spectre is one of the worst I’ve ever felt on any gun from any era. On the other hand, I loved the quad stack mags and how compact they were for how high the capacity was. I don’t understand why this isn’t more common.