Swedish Arctic Rangers fighting from snowmobiles

Winter is coming!

The Mountain Platoon from the Swedish Arctic Rangers shows off by fighting from snowmobiles.

This is a live fire exercise from a moving platform and looks like a lot of fun.

The snowmobiles seem to be BRP Lynx. I think the version is called Lynx 800 Yeti, with some special options like being able to turn all the lights off. Other models include Lynx 6900, Lynx 5900 and Ockelbo 8000.


Below: The Aimpoint CS red dot sight with a 4 MOA red dot reticle was chosen as the standard sight for the AK5C (FN FNC).


The Ak5s are ageing and need replacement, said to be around 2020 but expect delays.There are two gas settings, nr 2 gives more gas for winter conditions. Not sure it helped to be honest.


Going fully automatic with the KSP90, which is the name for the FN Minimi in 5,56 NATO.

The US version is called M249 squad automatic weapon (SAW).


An article from 2011 if you’re interested in snowmobiles:  The Armed Forces’ Snowmobiles.

Note the special option to black out the odometer.

I personally don’t get to ride snowmobiles too often nowadays, but they’re good fun until you get stuck.

Here’s the video clip. “Strid från skoter”, translated as “fighting from a snowmobile”.


A great photographer, Eric Hsueh, posted this related picture and text on his Instagram earlier this year.

“Two wheels, four wheels, no wheels…as long as there is an engine attached.”


Eric B

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  • tony

    Sir, may I see your invitation please?

  • 12judges

    That first photo:
    “…Must resist the urge to do any wicked jumps.” “Too late…”

  • Martin M

    Where’s the ‘splosions? That definitely needs more ‘splosions.

    And a helicopter.

    • Ranger Rick

      Like that Russian Steven Seagal video.

  • The_Champ

    Snowmobiles are pretty common in the Canadian Forces as well.
    The impression I’m always left with after doing winter warfare training is that it’s no wonder that no one wants to try a large scale conflict in Arctic conditions. So much of you time is spent simply surviving, I don’t know when you’d get around to the fighting part.
    Also makes me feel for all the poor bastards who experienced war in harsh winters. Germans and Russians on the east front, Americans in the Battle of the Bulge and Korea. Lots of examples I suppose. As if war isn’t bad enough.

  • Anonymoose

    I like how he has the muzzle of that Minimi right next to his buddy’s ear. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fa2861f75b3a611ae08ccc03d026e409ed2b93d98f8b0409d58d37e7adbd216a.jpg

    • MechanizedSwede

      they use comtacs though 😉

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          No need to say sorry, we´re all having fun

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  • Just say’n

    You didn’t mention the most important feature the snowmobiles come equipped with: The exhaust-mounted soup cooker! http://www.sledtrax.se/articles/1011/members/2011-02-26_15_med/dsc_0199.jpg

    • Blake

      Wait – is that entire metal can really a big soup/beverage warmer? That’s freaking awesome, and super clever.

  • Bill

    Proof of concept from James Bond movies.

  • “Winter is coming”? It’s Sweden, I’m pretty sure Winter came three or four months ago.

  • DIR911911 .

    “Note the special option to black out the odometer” . . . what? where?

  • From what I understand, the Ak5C’s gas port adjustment is no longer usable, as the tab on the gas tube is blocked by the accessory rail.

  • Herr Wolf

    Larry Potash says “Be careful on those things, guys”

  • nick

    the cooker is cool..sure beats out IMP’s cooking on the manifolds in days of yore !