Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring

Armaspec SRS-1

There are a variety of alternatives for the standard AR-15 buffer spring. Some of the alternatives include braided springs and non-metal springs. Armaspec offers a product called the Stealth Recoil Spring that replaces both the buffer and spring.

The Stealth Recoil Spring, or SRS-1, is a self-contained unit that is designed to be a simple drop in replacement. The unit has multiple stages (it looks like two in the photo, but could be more internally) to slow the bolt carrier group and reduce felt recoil. In a way, it looks like it operates the way some of the other recoil springs on the market (like the Gen4 Glock pistols) work.

According to the company, the Stealth Recoil Spring has an added benefit of not rubbing the side of the buffer tube (aka receiver extension) when you are shooting the gun. Armaspec advises that this product should be ready to ship in the first quarter of 2017. Currently, the company expect the SRS-1 will carry a suggested retail price of $79. It is not known if there will be different models to replicate different weight buffers or if the assembly can be adjusted in some way.

Armaspec currently makes a variety of other AR parts and accessories including stainless steel replacement parts (buffer retainers, detents) and the Rhino magwell grip. The company also has plans on making an ambidextrous charging handle called the Victory. This charging handle is projected to cost $70, but no shipping date has been offered.

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  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Does anyone make an adjustable buffer?

    • Wolfgar

      JP makes different weight springs for their SCS so fine tuning individual loads is possible..

    • Ambassador Vader

      Slash’s Heavy buffers makes one that has an adjustable configuration to change weights.

  • Steve

    Looks like an impending IP infringement lawsuit waiting to happen, to me.

    • Vitor Roma

      From JP? Maybe, but rods and springs are such basic stuff that it would be lame to patent it.

      • andrey kireev

        I think it’s different enough from JP’s design, since it doesn’t use multiple weights, and this one also has secondary spring and rubberized buffer pad, which are notably absent from JP’s CSS ( I have one)

  • Frank Grimes

    My $5 Colt buffer spring in my Colt rifle works great, no extra $74 worth of snake oil needed.

    • Tom of Toms

      If you haven’t shot an AR with the JP buffer spring that this resembles, you’re missing out. Is it vital, no. Is it an improvement for a “nice” AR15 build, yes.

      • Wolfgar

        It makes the bolt carrier seem like it is riding on ball bearings.

        • Justin Roney

          +1 to both of these comments for the JP SCS. Not only does it eliminate the “sproing” sound, but it also greatly contributes to reliability when shooting subsonics in .300 BLK rifles. I’m very happy with mine.

          • Michael Gallagher

            I agree with the above posts (except Frank Grimes) my .300 BLK sports one and it makes a big difference to me. The suppressed sound is one of the major reasons I built that rifle.

            Some people are stuck in the mud and can’t understand why others want or feel the need for better stuff. Let them live in their own closed world. Glad they’re companies continuing to innovate and provide our sport with better products. This one seems to be a bargain at the price. Can’t wait to try one.


      • Stephen Paraski

        Availble in #10 flavor?

    • andrey kireev

      Yeah, so are Iron sights… yet people use optics these days..

      • Frank Grimes

        Your comment makes zero sense.

        • Ebby123

          Makes perfect sense to those of us without a chip on our shoulder.

          Different people have different preferences and different priorities.. and that’s OK. Really, its ok.

          • Frank Grimes

            Actually it does NOT make sense.

            He said.

            “Yeah, so are Iron sights… yet people use optics these days..”

            That means absolutely nothing. There’s no frame of reference for what he typed and no comment before him in any way leads into the gibberish of…

            “Yeah, so are Iron sights… yet people use optics these days..”

          • Ebby123

            Iron sight work just fine – like you said above. But people still use Optics because the majority of us find the easier to use, and more efficient.

            How old are you exactly?

          • Frank Grimes

            So this hydraulic buffer system is “easier to use”?

            You get confused by a spring?


          • Ebby123

            Don’t change the subject. You accusation was that his statement made no sense. Now we have both agreed that it did make sense – you understood it well enough to try and craft an argument against it.

            Seriously though, how old are you?

          • Frank Grimes

            No, I seriously don’t know what he’s talking about. He posted a bunch of nonsense and gave no context.

            He obviously knows this, which is why he went back under whatever bridge he crawled out from under.

          • Tom of Toms

            Again, I could hear the whoosh from here…

            The JP isn’t hydraulic. You are a dedicated troll though, I’ll give you that.

        • andrey kireev

          I guess there are also people who wont upgrade from bolt action to semi-autos because their guns work just fine as well….

          • Frank Grimes

            Retarded comparison.

    • Steve

      I’ll admit, I did buy a Super 42 spring from Geissele over Black Friday… but despite my curiosity about the JP version of the captured spring, I’ve never been able to spend that kind of money on such a basic part.

      As I mentioned in my other comment, I still have no clue how Armaspec expects to sell this without getting sued by JP… maybe they licensed it?

      • Frank Grimes

        Super 42 is fine as it is a longer lasting and more durable product. Nothing wrong with extending service life and Bill Geissele is a great guy.

      • I wanna try one of the Tubbs flat wire springs!

    • Hoplopfheil

      I once shot with some friends who had two ARs between them.

      First a totally stock rifle. They coached me to listen to the sproing sound when firing.

      Then, the rifle with a fancy new silent recoil spring (some kind of weight made of powdered titanium or whatever fancy Bullshit).

      They told me it had virtually no sproing sound. Which turned out to be wishful thinking. It sounded and felt nearly identical to me.

      • AndyHasky

        Were the guns suppressed? I think it’s be hard to hear the noise otherwise.

        • Hoplopfheil

          Nope. I think you can definitely “feel” the sproing noise, even if you can’t hear it over the gunshot and your earpro.

    • roguetechie

      I’m experimenting with my own diy version of the SCS, but for a very specific reason involving halving the buffer tube length.

      Sort of along the lines of building a closed bolt semiautomatic M231 with a normal twist rate, sights, and etc.

      In the specific use case I’m looking at it actually does make sense.

      • Frank Grimes

        And I’m sure you could find some bizarre unrealistic scenario where it is beneficial to do a handstand and urinate in your own mouth, but that doesn’t mean it’s useful for the other 99.99% of uses.

        • roguetechie

          TBH do I need the stuff I’m working on? No
          But there’s this thing called capitalism. And we do live in a country built on garage innovators.

          • Frank Grimes

            Garage innovators that blatantly rip-off some other company’s just-as-stupid idea.

            Seems legit.

          • roguetechie

            I actually make it a point to at least do initial proof of concept and early design stage stuff in a way where I can buy existing parts from production guns and accessories as they are or in modified form.

            1. It makes the initial build and successive iterations faster because I can just order parts online.

            2. It takes out several potential generators of inconsistency or outright failure because I didn’t have the knowledge, experience, time, and or proper equipment to manufacture sub components to exact spec etc.

            It’s no different than ordering electronics components from digikey etc when designing a product in that realm.

            If everyone had to start out naked trying to make palm frond loin cloths, fire, and mine/refine your way to a modern wafer fab just to make your own spin on the iPod…

            Not much would get done

          • Frank Grimes

            Seems like a lot of work to blatantly rip off an already stupid and pointless product.

          • roguetechie

            Ah yeah, not doing what they’re doing.

            My thing I’m working on is inspired by their stuff, some other people’s stuff, and some other stuff…

            There’s not really much that truly breaks new ground in firearms design these days… Inevitably at the very least you’re always standing on the shoulders of giants…

            But, that hardly means that there still isn’t plenty of stuff worth doing, or that wasn’t really ready for prime time the last time someone did it.

          • Cynic

            The stupid product being the m231 ordered for the us army in that case?

            There are elements of that design that would be really nice to see realised and used as part of a closed bolt build. The shortened buffer system being one of them.

          • Frank Grimes

            If you read this discussion and somehow got out of it that I had any opinion on some odd one-off M16 variant and that my comments were directed at that, you are beyond help.

    • Ebby123

      Then don’t buy it. It wasn’t developed for people like you.

      • Frank Grimes

        I’m sorry cupcake, I get it, your shoulder hurts from the massive collarbone shattering recoil of the 5.56mm round. Totally understandable.

        I’m so happy you’re safe now and very proud of you for being so tough and fighting through it.

        • Ebby123

          Yup… you’re actually that guy. Wow.

          • Frank Grimes

            Rather be me than some Pajama Boy who gets a sore shoulder and a hurt tummy from the recoil of a .223 Remington.

          • Ebby123

            Lol. The degree to which you have no idea what you are talking about it entertaining. You are actually arguing with your own Straw Man.

            You say things (that no one else is saying), and then argue against those things that you (an no one else) said.

            Please keep going, I’m getting some popcorn.

          • Frank Grimes

            sry man u r rght i jus shot 1 round of 556 an now my rght sholdr is shattred an most of my rght arm fell off i sholda had hydralic buffer n 10 port comp cuz so big recoil frm 556 am prolly go to hosptl now

  • MrBrassporkchop

    I got one. Shot at it with a 22 for half an hour and threw it into the camp fire for the night. The next morning I put it into my AR and surprise surprise, would not cycle. All sorts of failures.

    It’s junk of you ask me. Anyone trusting their life to this product is a damn fool.

    • alex waits

      you forgot to fry it in fireclean, that’s your problem.

    • Ebby123

      But did you operate operationally while you did it?

  • Pod

    The “spring” sound doesn’t bother me, but I did swap out the factory spring in my most-used AR (Colt LE6920) for a Sprinco spring. Mainly for reliability reasons. Sprinco says their springs last forever as compared to the stock ones, which supposedly are only good for 5000 actuations.

  • lolwat

    @Frank Grimes – These products (or specifically the JP version) shine on suppressed weapons where the cheese grater sound of a standard buffer/spring account for a lot of the dB noise.

    • Frank Grimes

      Buy a better rifle.

      Never heard a scrape or “spronge” on any of my rifles.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    Would this help quiet the mechanics of a 300AAC suppressed AR running subs?

    • Ebby123

      That’d be neat. Currently I pack the recoil system with grease, which works OK, but it attracts dirt like a mother.

  • Marcus D.

    Where’s the action video? It would be interesting to see one of these in operation.

  • Kurt Ingalls

    ROFLMAO!!!!!! Your right Frank Grimes… into confetti??!!…..perhaps!!!! 🙂

  • Tom of Toms


    It ain’t about recoil, pal.

    I cheek stocks pretty hard, ARs included. When shooting with over-the-ear hearing protection, the earpro contacts the stock, therefore the buffer tube, and the whole thing reverberates noticeably. A JP spring set up eliminates this.

    Like I said before, you condescending, this-is-whats-wrong-with-the-world, self-idolizing troll, it ain’t about recoil. Its about making a nice rifle, mo’ nicer.

    • Frank Grimes

      Buy a better rifle.