Armaspec Tactical Combat Button

    Armaspec TCB

    The Tactical Combat Button – or TCB – from Armaspec is a larger magazine release button for your AR-style rifle. How much larger? Precisely 263% larger.

    According to Armaspec, the “TCB is designed to improve the functionality and ergonomics of the factory button.” Essentially, the TCB “enables button engagement” without having to adjust your grip on the gun.

    The company states the TCB is compatible with 5.56 and 7.62 receivers. They are made of 7075 T6 aluminum and come in black, FDE and OD. The MSRP is $30.

    Armaspec magwell

    Armaspec also makes the Rhino R-23 Tactical Magwell Grip and Funnel for the AR-15. According to the company, the “ultra-litght, super strong mil-spec reinforced polymer” parts mount on the magazine well of the gun.

    In addition to enabling “low light/no light magazine changes,” the company states they reduce magazine change times an average of 48%. It is not known if those speed reductions were in combination with the TCB.

    The Rhino-23 Tactical Magwell Grip and Funnel carries a MSRP of $30. It is available in black, FDE and OD.

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