Geissele’s New Super 42 AR-15 Spring and Buffer Now Available

    Earlier this year we posted about Geissele’s new AR-15 buffer spring, well it’s now available for sale. The new Super 42 AR-15 Spring from Geissele Automatics uses three independent strands of wire braided together which Geissele claims makes it much more reliable, durable and quieter than normal AR-15 buffer springs, no more signature AR-15 “twang”.

    According to Geissele their new Super 42 buffer spring design acts like a harmonic damper as well as an energy absorber as it allows the springs to flex separately which helps displace excess energy all of which makes the AR more reliable. Geissele also claims their new Super 42 buffer spring will last longer compared to traditional buffer springs because the Super 42 has a decreased tendency to lose length and force after so many rounds. The Super 42 also has a 15% stronger average return force which should help with stripping rounds out of your magazine when your rifle is dirty or if you’re using budget steel cased plinking ammo.

    This recoil/buffer spring concept isn’t anything new, in fact Geissele got the idea from the German MG42 machine gun recoil spring, which is where I’m guessing Geissele got the Super 42 name from.¬†Geissele’s new Super 42 spring and buffer combo retails for $59 over at

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