The New TBRCi Glock Micro Comp

Whenever someone asks what budget priced sports car they should buy car guys usually say, “buy a Miata.” In the gun world whenever someone ask a similar question but about what handgun to buy it’s, “buy a Glock.” Both a Miata and Glock have been around for almost the same time, both are cheap and reliable and easy to use and maintain (and to some they’re both girly). The best part is they also both have a huge availability of aftermarket parts and accessories. Everything from aftermarket triggers to full custom jobs are are available for the Glock.

The folks over at Texas Black Rifle Company just released another aftermarket part for the Glock, their new Glock Micro Comp. It’s threaded to work with the 9mm Glock 1/2×28 thread pitch, it also works with most 40SW to 9mm conversion barrels as well. The TBRCi Glock Micro Comp adds just .45″ to the end of your barrel, if you install it on your Glock 19 it will then fit on all Glock 34 or 35 holsters. However it does work with any 9mm Glock and should work with most open ended holsters on the market. Texas Black Rifle Company claims their new comp helps reduce recoil and keeps your Glock flat and ready for quicker follow up shots.

They retail for $89 over at Do comps really work for a pistol in 9mm? I’m not sure, but they sure look cool, and that’s what usually matters with aftermarket mods right?



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  • I’m not sure it’s really all that necessary to mount a special device to tame the rampaging recoil of 9×19, but I bet these things would sell like hotcakes for the .45 and 10mm Glocks. Something like this has real potential for a bear-botherer 10mm hot load.

    • b0x3r0ck

      At least it can work as a good looking thread protector

      • I’d rather have an A2 flash hider– which also has the benefit of being very nearly free– but this comp does indeed look pretty neat; heck, if it were slab-sided and Tenifer-coated, it would look like an official Glock™ product.

    • DaveP.

      It’d also work great for the .40 and .357 Glock subcompacts, AKA “Muzzle flip as a way of life”.

    • Harry’s Holsters

      This might work for the guy trying to shave .05 seconds off a followup shot.

    • iksnilol

      Wouldn’t work well on a .45. Low pressure.

  • Giolli Joker

    There’s a huge difference between the features of a Mazda MX-5 and the ones of a Glock.
    It can be summarized in one word: beauty.

    • Christopher Wallace

      lol thats debatable as they are both fugly, and I like glocks. That said, the latest miata looks the best of the lot

    • Edeco

      Yep, Miatas are horrible; saccharine, over-wrought, sentimental, toothless. Whereas Glocks are raw, honest, savage. It’s like comparing a boston terrier to a jungle cat.

      • gunsandrockets

        • Edeco

          If the Corvette had been any slower they would have had squirrels munching on the wires.

          Kidding. Nifty, I mean, credit where due they’re reasonably light, stiff RWD’s, which is good.

      • Giolli Joker

        I see Glocks more as Corollas/Camrys…

  • Giolli Joker

    Neither the article nor the website of the manufacturer tell us the material of the comp.
    Durability would vary a lot between Al alloy and steel…

  • Mr. C

    Well, if it fits 9×25 Dillon, it may be useful yet…..

  • Nick

    I don’t much care for it’s method of indexing. I’d imagine that hex set screw could really mess up your threads.

    Also, you’d afterwards need tools to remove the barrel for during cleaning.

    • Some Guy

      Yeah unless your barrel threads really lack a shoulder a crush washer would do the job for cheaper and without potential damage

      • DaveP.

        While I mostly agree, there’s only so many ways they can have the brake stay on during firing and still be easily removed so the barrel can be pulled out of the slide for cleaning.

    • Matt X Hollinger

      It indexes on the shoulder not the threads and you are easily able to do a full cleaning without removing the comp.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    I really need to pick a comp up to try it out. I recently shot a ported SW shield and it wasn’t pleasant to shoot. I hope the comp isn’t that way.

  • blackhand

    Compensators like this one (fewer ports) do work on 9mm pistols. I have a competition Glock that uses a similar comp paired with a lighter recoil spring. Even with factory and light target loads, the gun shoots flatter than stock. With a slide-mounted red dot, the dot stays within the window under recoil. Without the comp, the dot definitely bounces around more.

  • Gary Kirk

    Does it double as a bottle opener??

  • Harambe

    I guess you would want to keep the barrel in the slide while cleaning, else risk gumming up your barrel threads every time you take the pistol apart.

  • Andrew

    Might try this on my sub 2000

  • Sasquatch

    If its threaded why is it deemed a glock brake?

  • ILicence

    How is this news? Hasn’t anyone heard of KKM comps or the Roland Special?

    • Matt X Hollinger

      The KKM is twice as long and designed for competition and major loads. This comp was designed for carry and to work better with standard factory loads.

      • ILicence

        Thanks for the clarification. At a glance it looked to be the same length as the KKM with a different port design, but I guess looks can be deceiving.
        I’ve also heard that a KKM brake on a G19 is the same length as a G34; earlier in the post I believe someone noted that this was the same length, thus my assumption.
        Also, I saw your post noting that it can be cleaned without removing the brake. That is AWESOME!

  • RUKdnMe

    Bye Bye Zoom Zoom….LOL