POTD: Battlecomped Glock

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

Alan Normandy, of Battlecomp, posted this Glock on Facebook. If you look closely, the slide has the Battlecomp logo engraved into it as well as forward slide serrations. The slide was milled for a RMR and suppressor sights were installed. The most interesting item is the repurposing of a Battlecomp muzzle brake to fit onto the threaded Glock barrel. I am curious to find out if this would actually help with muzzle climb or if it is just for looks.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Giolli Joker Giolli Joker on Jul 08, 2015

    Well, considering how poorly that muzzle device performed when independently tested on its intended platform, maybe this re-purposing makes sense...

  • Spencerhut Spencerhut on Jul 09, 2015

    You can clearly see where they bored out the end for 9mm. Perhaps it wasn't loud enough for him?

    • Spencerhut Spencerhut on Jul 09, 2015

      @Ethan Well duh. I meant the reason he went through the trouble to install the thing on a Glock was it wasn't loud enough. Battlecoms are LOUD!