U.S made Soviet VSS Vintorez suppressed rifle

The Vintorez is a suppressed rifle currently in use by a number of Russian Special Operations units. It was used extensively in the Chechen conflict, in addition to popping up in Syria as well. It fires a special 9x39mm SP5 cartridge in addition to an armored piercing round. The rifle has eluded importation in the U.S for quite some time and will probably never be imported unless it comes in parts kits from Russia, possibly many years from now, although Molot is currently producing one for the Russian market. It is very similar to the Kalashnikov rifle platform but there are actually few parts that interchange between it. Taking from the AS Val, a suppressed select fire rifle, the Vintorez is a long stroke gas piston operated, select fire rifle with a 6 lug rotating bolt head. Essentially it is designed for accurate suppressed fire within 400 meters.


However, that hasn’t stopped a designer in Connecticut from attempting to bring the rifle to the U.S market by reverse engineering it. The design is still about a year or so from fruition, currently in the prototype and design stage, but hopefully it comes through. The company is Slagga Manufacturing LLC, and is currently a father and son project. The rifle will be sold as an SBR and a suppressor in one model, and a 16 inch legal barrel with a mock suppressor. Currently there isn’t a supply of 9x39mm ammunition in the United States, but I’m sure it won’t be difficult to produce or reload it from the variety of speciality ammunition sellers out there.

From the company-

The VSS project stared about 2 years ago when I stumbled upon it browsing gun forums online. When I first saw it, I figured it was an AK with a suppressor and SVD stock. I did continue looking into as it had a weird unique appeal to me. After further examination I realized how unique it was from other ComBloc rifles. I always liked strange obscure guns, and the VSS was the holy grail of “unicorn guns” to me. I researched for days, contacted the Russian manufacturer, Tula, and came up with the realization that it was impossible to purchase. So not ready to give up I decided I needed to make one.

While our VSS is not exact 1:1 it operates  and functions nearly identically. To offer modularity, and keep the parts which ware out the quickest non proprietary we made small modifications to the design. The bolt carrier group has been fitted with an AR15 bolt and firing pin. This modification is very minimal as the original bolt is very similar in shape and size. The barrel is a standard .750 AR15 barrel and will be readily changeable. There is also a gas block and tube that leads to the original, making it free floated. All the changes are not visible when the rifle is fully assembled. We are currently prototyping and we will release a press model within a year.

As for where the project will go afterwards. We are looking at making the AS VAL and the SR3M, both share the VSS receiver and majority of parts. We are also planning on replicating an adjustable stock and rail system that was originally custom made for Russian special forces.

unnamed unnamed-1


Infantry Marine, based in the Midwest. Specifically interested in small arms history, development, and usage within the MENA region and Central Asia. To that end, I run Silah Report, a website dedicated to analyzing small arms history and news out of MENA and Central Asia.

Please feel free to get in touch with me about something I can add to a post, an error I’ve made, or if you just want to talk guns. I can be reached at miles@tfb.tv


  • Porty1119

    Any guesstimates at price? Price is key here; keep it at $2k or less and they may have something, especially if they get Lee or similar to produce dies.

    • Harry’s Holsters

      My guess is it’ll be much more expensive and niche.

      Low volume high margin.

      • Johannes

        I also look at this enterprise and think these guys are in it for the high margin.

        • Harry’s Holsters

          Unless these guys are already hooked up with distributors and have massive marketing budgets I don’t how they could do anything but high margins.

    • PK

      I’m going to be very surprised if they’re able to offer this for less than $2,500 as a bare bones setup, more with a silencer, $100 magazines, and so on. It’s not going to be cheap, there just isn’t demand to set up a large production line and these aren’t AKs aside from looks.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Won’t come to market, so it really doesn’t matter.

      Seriously, this is screaming vaporware.

  • Jack

    I don’t get making it a two stamp gun

    Make it a barrel with integrated suppressor so it is just 1 stamp

    • Harry’s Holsters

      For the people who will buy this I don’t think the $200 will make much of a difference. We are also closer than ever to seeing suppressors removed from the NFA.

      • BearSlayer338

        As much as I would like suppressors to be non NFA items,I’m sure that will not be happening in my lifetime.(I’m 23)
        That is just something I could never see the general public supporting,maybe non NFA sbrs but I really doubt we will ever get there with suppressors.

        • ARCNA442

          I wouldn’t be too sure – several state bans on the possession of silencers or their use in hunting have recently been lifted.

          • BearSlayer338

            That is still very far away from an NFA repeal of them. I even know some pro gun folk that don’t like the idea of suppressors being easier to get. I hope it does happen but I’m not going to buy a suppressor until then because that NFA bs is not a hoop I’m going to jump through, I already find the standard paper work bs for just buying a pistol or rifle.

        • Harry’s Holsters

          Companies have been pushing the public safety aspect of suppressors and considering they are legal in most of Europe. I think you might be surprised. I’m 22 and I think we will see it in our lifetimes.

        • CommonCents

          The right campaign is hearing safe. Ears lives matter! Or do it for the chilllldren!

      • Frank Grimes

        Removing entirely would be awesome.

        I’ll settle for Form 4 and $200 but on an intascheck cash and carry system at this point though.

        • Harry’s Holsters

          Agreed. I’d love to see it gone but a simpler system than what we have now would be better.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    So what caliber are they planning to product this in? Is it going to be the 9×39, 300AAX, 7.62×39, 5.56, or other cartridges. that an AR15 bolt can be modified to fit.

    • Richard

      300 blackout would make the most sense if they suppress it, although I’m not sure what the closest thing that we have to the 9×39 is.

      • guest

        There is little sense in having a suppressed .300, since the latter is a poor copy of the 7,62×39 which was NOT chosen as a dedicated subsonic cartridge, opting for the heavier 9×39. Bullet weight is everything, so one can argue that there are some very heavy .30 bullets available, but then again why re-invent the wheel.

        • Frank Grimes

          Yeah, a 7.62×39 case necked up to take bullets meant for the .35 Whelen would be pretty cool.

        • Elvis

          300 is not a copy of 7.62×39; it doesn’t have a ridiculously tapered case like 7.62×39 (and the retardedly curved magazines that go with it), and unlike 7.62×39 it works subsonic, AND performs better than 7.62×39 at long ranges. Bullet weight is not everything, in subsonic ammo, coefficient of drag AND weight are everything… Waiting to see how many low drag bullets are available in 9.3mm.

      • roguetechie

        350 something gremlin, which is essentially an americanski 9×39 using domestic, common, and readily available projectiles, cases, powder, and primers.

        How close it is, I’m not terribly certain we’ll ever really know.

        • iksnilol

          It’s pretty close IMO if it uses 9.3mm bullets and 7.62×39 cases.

    • Anomanom

      Probably 9×39. The case is just a 7.62×39 with a wider neck. It would be easy enough to make. Or they could team up with one of the smaller specialty ammo manufacturers and have an official ammo supplier.
      I could see the gun picking up buyers in the LE market.

      • Harry’s Holsters

        Maybe a few but with tight LE budget and the aftermarket for ARs they are a hard option to beat.

  • roguetechie

    I’m curious how exactly the VSS is “similar to an Ak” in construction… Considering that it’s pretty much nothing like the AK other than long stroke gas piston.

    • Frank Grimes

      They both belong in the trashcan so I can understand how someone could think they are similar.

      • roguetechie

        Except, of course, that they don’t.

        I own quality AR’s and AK’s and thoroughly enjoy both of them, especially 5.45×39 chambered guns of both types.

        Then again, mine are all built right with quality parts and attention to detail.

        To believe that all of one type or the other belong in the trash is the hallmark of a mentally inflexible and insecure individual, usually with a very unhealthy dose of completely unwarranted egotism.

        • Frank Grimes

          To see an obvious tongue-in-cheek comment and get so bent out of shape that you have to immediately go on a rant about how factually untrue that sarcastic comment is, is the REAL mark of an insecure individual.

          Did the silly comment “trigger” you, cupcake?

          Maybe go check over at Tumbler for a “safe space”.

          • roguetechie

            Or it wasn’t aimed “at you”

            Just generally at the type of people who do believe exactly such things, whether M14, HK, AK, or Kel tec fans….

            None of it makes sense.

            Sorta like trying to use metric sockets on SAE bolts “because everyone knows metric is superior”

          • A bearded being from beyond ti

            Just give it up with this guy, he’s negative deluxe.

          • roguetechie

            Oh I know, no one who wasn’t one of those asshats would respond that way…

          • iksnilol

            So many negative waves :/

          • disqus_PDmXLtTxJj

            He should change his name to moriarty for sending out all those negative waves. WOOF WOOF WOOF! Kelly’s Heros is one of the greatest movies of all times.

          • Phil Elliott

            Is that line from ” Moiriarity”?

          • jamezb

            hes in charge of crushing guns for the NYPD… no sporting purpose and all

          • Dave

            Boeing aircraft and all military aircraft are SAE. hmm American cars are SAE. Hmm. American Submarines are SAE. The greatest nation in the world is held together by SAE bolts. Hmm.

          • roguetechie

            American cars are SAE…

            Quick someone tell Ford!
            Because I had a ’95 ford ranger that says different.

            American submarines are SAE… hahaha… No

            You’re kinda blowing your point straight to hell

            What was your point again?

          • mbrd

            yep – ’cause that ford ranger was a mazda… my ’93 chevy s10 had a mix and match of metric/sae.

          • VanDiemensLand

            How is it obviously “tongue-in-cheek”? I have heard those exact same opinions aired multiple times. Maybe be less of a douche, and don’t have a fit because you feel criticized aye cupcake 😉

          • Frank Grimes

            It’s “obviously tongue in cheek” because it’s been an running joke on major firearms forums for years, probably even close to a decade by now.

            You probably don’t get the joke considering you can’t even own guns in your socialist armpit country, so while I disapprove of your ignorance I completely understand it.

          • VanDiemensLand

            Bahaha no need to get all butt-hurt Frank, I hear HRT can help with menopause related mood swings 😉 Unfortunately our firearms laws were introduced by the conservative side of politics here, but I’d love it if we were socialists, gets my crotch all tingly 😀 Make sure you take some deep breaths before your next comment, remember this is the internet, it’s no place take yourself too seriously!

          • Frank Grimes

            Only one taking anything here seriously is you, comrade.

            Getting all torn up because you didn’t recognize a silly meme from internet gun forums.

          • iksnilol

            Ummm… it wasn’t obvious, if it was you’da gotten more upvotes.

      • DW

        Last time I peeked inside the trashcan I found no AK, no VSS, but I found you. I should have closed the lid and locked it for good.

        • Frank Grimes

          What kind of weirdo has a locking trashcan?

          • wetcorps

            Well if I stored an AK and a VSS in my trashcan, It would definitely be a locking one.

          • DW

            Ones dealing with biowaste and other biohazard

          • richard johnson

            One that lives in the country and has to deal with racoons.

      • Martin frank

        Grimey gets no attention in real life so he has to force people to pay attention to him on the internet through his ridiculously negative comments. Classic single white male in his mom’s basement tactic.

        • Frank Grimes

          1. It’s my grandmother’s sister.

          2. It’s the attic.

          Shows how much you know, dimwit.

  • iksnilol


    • PK

      No joke.

    • Paul White


    • Edeco

      Just primacy of the individual, chum.

    • roguetechie

      While I share your ambivalence towards the sons of American pig dogs with no respect for anything sacred, I still kinda want a VSS clone.

      Even if it’s a bastardized Americanized defilement of all things sacred.

    • TJbrena

      Baseball is sacred tovarisch, is beautiful sport, can even be of playing with AK! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ff5390c57336dd2c840c98ea4b3d4438ff4a12e3aa675ed3c6e5e1fd478cd9b7.png

      • iksnilol

        But he’s holdign it wrong, you use the wide end to hit the ball.

        • gunsandrockets

          That’s not cricket!

        • mbrd

          nope, you are supposed to hit the fat part of the ball. doesn’t matter which end of the rifle you use…

      • mbrd

        in russia baseball plays you!

    • Major Tom

      Da tovarisch. Is inferior attempt.

      And probably won’t contain full auto either. Real VSS is fully automatic sniper rifle.

  • PK

    It’s an AR dressed as an AK. Pass.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Looks to me to be an AK with an AR barrel and bolt.

      But doesn’t matter because everytime someone claims to make a VSS (TFB reported on one of these awhile back already) it goes no where. This is go no where. There is more money needed to make the fixed stock and quick release parts than they’d ever make from selling these.

      • roguetechie

        To be fair, it’s not exactly a small task.

        Just the stock quick release mechanism alone is a pretty intricate setup.

        Producing the laminate stocks would be challenging also.

        Personally though I’d much rather see a non nfa American dragunov MA replication. Mostly because it plays much more to the strengths of American gun manufacturing companies.

      • Anonymoose

        Several groups from /k/ have been trying to make VSSes for years now, all because they saw it in STALKER. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/662899d47a045d72c05929e9942b75595663ec232b75d53c80865da56f757c17.jpg

        • Amplified Heat

          How’s that going, lol?

          • Cynic

            Slowly as their working from poorly available sources on actually using the full system not just a pretty cover

      • DW

        Even if they do succeed making a repro, once MOLOT’s VSS comes to the US it’s game over for them.

        • Cynic

          Not really as producing the can abroad for import isn’t really doable nor is importing it in a way where it will come to the usa looking like the vss without extensive refitting much like saigas needing conversion work in the usa to be right

      • Amplified Heat

        Totally a VZ58 trigger/striker, though

      • Probably because the original was a highly specialized, initially small batch (almost handmade) rifle / cartridge combo that filled a completely new niche with its hosts of new problems, developed by a huge design bureau with entire factories at their disposal, and field tested for several decades =)

  • Jay

    This guys are worse than the chinese.
    bunch of rip-off artists.

  • Dracon1201

    I’m very interested. While I’m holding out on Molot, this may work well as a “product improved” rifle. The AR bolts and barrels lock up tighter here. Between that and the freefloated gas block this may be more accurate while allowing for commonly used parts. Just a thought. I’ll be watching this closely.

  • Evan Ferguson

    Or, you could build a 300blk rifle for much cheaper, with better ammo availability and choices.

    • Richard

      While that is a better solution, some people have been drooling to get ahold of one since they first saw pictures of them and are willing to pay the yet to be discovered price for it.

  • roguetechie

    As much as I’m skeptical of this, I’d absolutely love an SR3 Vikhr.

    Probably slightly less than I want an Americanized SR2 Veresk, but only with a cartridge equivalent to the Russian 9×21 cartridge in all it’s Roided up glory!

    • That would be either .356 TSW or 9x23mm Winchester depending upon the overall length requirements.

      • roguetechie

        .356 tsw, wasn’t that the round the S&W factory team shot back in the day for high power matches of some sort?

        • Yes, it was developed to make Major Power Factor in IPSC/USPSA matches. If I remember correctly, the floor for Major PF would have been 175 back then. The original factory load launched a 147 gr projectile at 1,220 fps from a 5 inch barrel, achieving a power factor of just over 179.

          By all rights, the .356 TSW should have killed the .357 SIG in
          childbirth. Since it could use legacy 9x19mm magazines, the .356 TSW would have offered a much higher ammunition capacity in many models over the fatter .357 SIG, which required .40 S&W type magazines.



          • roguetechie

            Yeah, I’ve got to admit that I’m a fan of the Russian super 9’s. Whether it’s the beyond +p+ x19 or the x21 versions, them and their SJ-ESC bullets fascinate me.

            The SR-2 with it’s Uzi meets AK vibes and gas operated locked breech action is just such an appropriate object of list.

  • Mazryonh

    Even if the original manufacturer of the VSS Vintorez, TsNIITochMash, lets Slagga Manufacturing do this, I don’t see how this platform and its ammunition is going to compete with existing AR-15-type rifles chambered in .300 Blackout.

    Existing AR-15 rifles can be converted from 5.56x45mm to .300 BLK with just a barrel change. To use this “American Vintorez” you’d need to buy a new rifle, and the American-made 9x39mm ammunition to go with it. .300 BLK is also available in a supersonic format, and I haven’t heard of a supersonic version of the 9x39mm caliber unless this company wants to try making one. It would still be interesting to see just how Slagga’s version of 9x39mm cartridges actually perform though.

    • iksnilol

      If you want to go between sub and supersonic you just use 7.62×39.

    • ArjunaKunti

      I think it is a good idea to make this American made VSS in .300 BLK!

      • Mazryonh

        If you bought an American-made VSS in .300 BLK, then you’d be paying a lot more than you would if you decided to convert any old AR-15 to .300 BLK to get very similar capabilities.

        But what do I know? Lots of firearms enthusiasts often don’t buy guns with practicality in mind.

  • Konstantin Konev

    VSS “Vintorez” – is a silenced sniper rifle.
    AS “Val” – silenced assault rifle. In russian”автомат / avtomat”.
    Absolutely different from AK. All parts, even pistol grip – unique.
    The first years the marking was made in Latin letters (not Cyrillic).
    That if the enemy could capture it – would be impossible to identify this gun with Soviet Union.

    • Amplified Heat

      It’s knock off of the VZ58, if anything, is my understanding (but more of a hybrid of AK gas system, AR bolt, VZ striker group, and SVD receiver layout)

      • roguetechie

        I wouldn’t call it a knockoff of anything really. While it most definitely uses design elements from this and that the end state product was a pretty unique and new “thing”.

        The thing about engineering is that when I want to make a door or an automatic rifle, I don’t set apart redeveloping the hinges to be completely unique and different if there’s already a hinge design out of the other eleventh seventy two hinge designs already in existence that works for my project!

        I just take the hinge design that fits my items needs and won’t get me sued and move on.

        Very rarely in a high tech society is something COMPLETELY NEW going to show up, because in almost every case our new stuff is really more of a new and unique combination of parts and concepts from existing stuff.

      • DW

        It did take a few cues from VZ58, but features rotating bolt instead of tilting one, doesn’t lock open, and doesn’t have good ergo for some strange reason.

    • snmp

      SR-3 Vikhr => VSS Vintorez => AS Val (with side Folding stock) => SR-3M Vikhr (with side Folding stock, folding forgripe & quick-mounted silencer).

      It’s may be more simple for make gimmick of the SR-3M Vikhr, if you to take Romania Darko with an custom hanguard, Polymer Competition Magwelland (saiga 12) & Long silencer, folding stock (Saiga 12) …

  • .45

    Just the ticket for trips deep into the Zone. Howdy ho Stalker!

  • wetcorps

    I can smell the vaporware from here.

  • Nick

    What good is this thing anyway beyond a fancy paperweight? I’ve never seen 9×39 ammo in the US? Would it be a handload only deal? And if so, you’d probably have to have the dies custom made.

    I think I’ll pass.

    • DIR911911 .

      you have no choice but to pass , no one is offering it to you.

  • inchang

    I’m sure we wouldn’t mind if it was in a different caliber other than 9×39

  • AD

    I really like this rifle, would love to own one (or a reasonable facsimile of one). Unfortunately wouldn’t be legal where I live. Oh well.

  • snmp

    Reverse engineering or Patend andTrademark infringements ?

  • DIR911911 .

    why are you showing computer images of the gun with no trigger and all that gloss when there are plenty of good pictures of it on google. 

  • Elvis

    This is being made by an Irish guy named Vape O’Ware.

  • DW

    You are in that trachcan tho, ain’t my fault for not wanting to check that.

  • POsP-Eye

    Out of all the psychic father/son gunsmiths listening to my internal and/or mumbled rants to laptops and books over the past 10 or 15 years, I wasn’t expecting Connecticut. Huh. Whatever, man. Being my top, A1, super-duper, wish-upon-a-star, unobtainium firearm, I’m definitely intrigued to say the least. However this is FAR from rhe first time I’ve seen this same project start. (With many of the same – & understandable – changes/compromises made between them.) I’ve yet to ever see one come to completion, or even give a follow-up for that matter. While I’ll encourage and wave my cheerleader pom-poms for these guys, I’ll also keep my expectations low until I see some accuracy & sound tests on a legit finished product.
    And while I originally was put off by the idea when some other forgotten guy from some other forgotten attempt suggested this, after several years of thinking about it, I’ve completely changed my mind – and I would encourage these guys in some off chance they see this: Yes, definitely make them in 9×39, but also make a variant, or if possible a change-over kit to 300Blackout, Whisper, or some other domestic caliber that can serve the same role while being actually readily available. Especially if you could sell a 2-caliber package with quick change parts, this thing might actually sell. (It should be easy unless you really get away from the original design.)
    I’m wishing this father & son the best of luck!
    And now that I know you can read my thoughts / wishes, please don’t blame me for all the freaky kinks. It’s just how I am, man. 8^D

  • Kelly Harbeson

    I believe the 9×39 round would send the .300BO into the trash bin of history

  • rocky-NYC

    I hope that in my lifetime I have the opportunity to fire this weapon along with others that the Spetsnaz use. A few words to those that make fun of the Russian Spetsnaz, Special Services and the AK. I hope you never have to face them. I also hope you never have to face a Cossack/Kazak that knows how to use their Shashka. The AK is an incredible piece of engineering that is reliable and sturdy. It has very good battlefield accuracy. In the well trained hands it is very deadly.
    The 7.62 x 39 is often referred to as a 308 short and has the approximate ballistics of the 30-30 round. Never underestimate your opponent or the weapons they use. If you feel the AK is a piece of garbage, try talking to some Veterans that were on the receiving end of the firearm. It also has it’s own very distinct report and cadence (rpm).
    Excellent article Miles. Do more.

  • Mario Alejandro Ayerdis

    Have it take IMI Galil magazines and chamber it in .300 Blackout. Simple.


    BE A мужчина and chamber it in 9x39mm, or even .358 ARK/.358 Gremlin or whatever they call that round. Make everyone fireform and handload everything!

    I am really eager to see how this comes about. The mechanism itself is actually not all that complex. I did a lot of research a while back into the AS-VAL, VSS Vintorez, and Vikrs rifles and subguns and found that they are quite simple in nature. I mean, the bolt carrier doesn’t even ride in guide rails; it’s just held into the gun via the striker and piston. I think it might behoove the American designers to veer away from the original design, however, and make the baffling permanently affixed to the barrel, bringing it out to 16″. Two stamp gun = Another AAC honey badger = vanishing into obscurity…

  • tenmillimeter

    Seems like a novel wrapper for another AR-15. Maybe chambered in 9mm, and coming in at $700 plus stamp cost this would be compelling…

    And best mm for a few dollars more?

  • Tritro29

    It is “impossible to purchase?”. It was actually very easy to purchase before the sanctions. The rifle has been sampled by the Turkish Gendarmerie and the Serbians. At least one batch had been exchanged with the Austrians in 2012. I’m pretty sure had the any US Law enforcement agency inquired for it, the gun would have been imported. Officially.

    Now that the ban is in place, one has only have to wait for Molot to do its thing.


    AK versus AR…M14 versus the BAR and British Bren gun….45 ACP versus 9mm….striker fired versus hammer fired…double action only versus double / single action versus striker fired…carbine size versus long rifle….steel versus aluminum …..1911 versus every other pistol….revolvers versus semiautomatic pistols….shotguns versus every other closer than 100 yards range weapon….the newer carbines which utilize a short stroke gas operated operational system have my vote…availability, reliability, affordability, repair / replacement parts….caliber / gauge becomes a lower priority….a .22 Long Rifle which with repair parts and much ammunition is preferred above a .404 Jefferies…or a .338 Lapua magnum…what use is a non functioning firearm….or a firearm weapon without ammunition…decide for yourself which you can afford OVER AN EXTENDED TIME FRAME…WHERE TO OBTAIN PARTS…are you capable of replacing worn /broken parts ? can you afford backup weapons of the same design ? how much weight can you carry and move quietly / quickly while carrying ? where will you be when SHTF ? what have you planned for SHTF ? what time duration do you use as NEED TO PLAN TO SURVIVE ? WHAT GOVERNMENT OPPOSITION / CONFISCATION / BANNING PLANS HAD YOU MADE ?…IN THE 1950’S ONE MAN’S ANSWER WAS : SINGLE SHOT .22 LONG RIFLE CHAMBERED RIFLE AND A BRICK OF CARTRIDGES ( 500 ) FOR ONE YEAR …HE FACED A POSSIBLE PROBLEM FOR HIS TIME, DECIDED, PLANNED AND EQUIPPED AS HE THOUGHT FIT INTO HIS SITUATION…ELABORATION IS COMPLICATION…COMPLICATION LEADS TO ERRORS AND FALSE ASSUMPTIONS…MAKE SOME EFFORT TOWARD YOUR POSSIBLE ” SHTF ” AND DO SOMETHING POSITIVE…ARGUMENTS CONSULTING TALKING PLANNING SEEKING BETTER THAN NOW STUFF…I WILL GET / DO LATER WILL FIND YOU NAKED IN WINTER, HOMELESS,COLD AND HUNGRY WITHOUT PREPARATION…