U.S made Soviet VSS Vintorez suppressed rifle

    The Vintorez is a suppressed rifle currently in use by a number of Russian Special Operations units. It was used extensively in the Chechen conflict, in addition to popping up in Syria as well. It fires a special 9x39mm SP5 cartridge in addition to an armored piercing round. The rifle has eluded importation in the U.S for quite some time and will probably never be imported unless it comes in parts kits from Russia, possibly many years from now, although Molot is currently producing one for the Russian market. It is very similar to the Kalashnikov rifle platform but there are actually few parts that interchange between it. Taking from the AS Val, a suppressed select fire rifle, the Vintorez is a long stroke gas piston operated, select fire rifle with a 6 lug rotating bolt head. Essentially it is designed for accurate suppressed fire within 400 meters.


    However, that hasn’t stopped a designer in Connecticut from attempting to bring the rifle to the U.S market by reverse engineering it. The design is still about a year or so from fruition, currently in the prototype and design stage, but hopefully it comes through. The company is Slagga Manufacturing LLC, and is currently a father and son project. The rifle will be sold as an SBR and a suppressor in one model, and a 16 inch legal barrel with a mock suppressor. Currently there isn’t a supply of 9x39mm ammunition in the United States, but I’m sure it won’t be difficult to produce or reload it from the variety of speciality ammunition sellers out there.

    From the company-

    The VSS project stared about 2 years ago when I stumbled upon it browsing gun forums online. When I first saw it, I figured it was an AK with a suppressor and SVD stock. I did continue looking into as it had a weird unique appeal to me. After further examination I realized how unique it was from other ComBloc rifles. I always liked strange obscure guns, and the VSS was the holy grail of “unicorn guns” to me. I researched for days, contacted the Russian manufacturer, Tula, and came up with the realization that it was impossible to purchase. So not ready to give up I decided I needed to make one.

    While our VSS is not exact 1:1 it operates  and functions nearly identically. To offer modularity, and keep the parts which ware out the quickest non proprietary we made small modifications to the design. The bolt carrier group has been fitted with an AR15 bolt and firing pin. This modification is very minimal as the original bolt is very similar in shape and size. The barrel is a standard .750 AR15 barrel and will be readily changeable. There is also a gas block and tube that leads to the original, making it free floated. All the changes are not visible when the rifle is fully assembled. We are currently prototyping and we will release a press model within a year.

    As for where the project will go afterwards. We are looking at making the AS VAL and the SR3M, both share the VSS receiver and majority of parts. We are also planning on replicating an adjustable stock and rail system that was originally custom made for Russian special forces.

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