Every now and again we get user submitted photos with no information past who the photos are of. This happens to be one of those instances, sadly we have no information as to where the match was held, what is going on with their firearms, or who won.

The photos were submitted by a man called Myles, whom I assume is affiliated with the UK NRA in some capacity. Looking at the firearms in the photos, it appears that the aftermarket in the UK is sparse forcing users to improvise with stuff they found at their local hardware store.

I would love to know what the heck is going on with the handgun below, it is one of the most unconventional,¬†purposeful things I have seen in a while. It appears that the wire “stock” is a stabilizing brace made from a wooden dowel, a screw, and a length of heavy wire. Pretty neat! We have no idea what is going on with that barrel though.

While I know painfully little about the UK NRA, but their website has plenty of information. Click HERE to visit them online. I hope that some of out overseas commenters can shed some light on the photos that were sent to us, I would love to know more about the firearm modifications.

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  • iksnilol

    Is obivous, pistols with less than X length are illegal, so it ends with a buntline barrel and wire coathanger in the back to provide enough length. The “stock” isn’t for stabilization.

    • M.M.D.C.

      The bolt at the end wouldn’t hook under the shooters forearm?

      • iksnilol

        Might, first time I seen one like that tho.

      • Andrew Miller

        Being in the US and I’d rather not risk an arrest, I would guess that bolt is used to hook under the forearm if so desired.

      • Mr Mxyzptlk

        Pistols in the UK either have a counterweight or an arm brace to get the length right. The Buckmarks have a counter weight, but it may be that that guy prefers a brace so has modified the counter weight with this bolt to work as one.

  • Andrew Miller

    Pistols have a required “Over All Length” since the Dunblane “incident”.
    The “rear stabilizer” means they can put less barrel on the other end, but with that much barrel, the “stabilizer” is needed.

    I believe the “minimum” length on a pistol is 22″ overall.

    • Harry’s Holsters

      It’d be cool if they managed to make an AR pistol legal somehow. Not sure if there are caliber restrictions but I can see how an AR pistol might fit in under their rules.

      • Andrew Miller

        It sort of does.
        But self loading centerfire guns are heavily restricted, so it’d be “manual action” or a .22 LR only.

        I recall seeing video of a guy with a short, 9mm AR carbine, that had a mechanism to lock the slide back every shot…and a lever to “release” it inside or next to the trigger guard.

        It was a prototype intended to skirt UK’s very strict laws on “self loading anything” since it wasn’t semi auto, but I’m not sure if he got approval by the “authorities”.

        • Harry’s Holsters

          Gotcha! and since M&P22s are already legal making an AR pistol in 22 doesn’t add much. I guess that explains why I only saw revolvers and the 22s.

          • Andrew Miller

            Revolvers less than that length are only legal in black powder configuration.
            Semi auto anything other than a .22 requires a permit whose process requires powdered unicorn horn to obtain.

            After Dunblane, pistols weren’t “banned”.
            The “permits” required to own them (locked up at the gun range…) didn’t get renewed so a person had to sell them before expiration.


          • Harry’s Holsters

            If you’re required to keep them at a range I don’t know why they wouldn’t let you own whatever you want as long as the range can handle it. Laws get crazy.

          • Adam James Pugh

            You’re not. The majority of firearms in civilian hands in the UK are kept at home.

        • rjackparis

          It was a “unicorn” 9mm ar. I can’t remember if that was the actual name or what. But it was always on question .

          • ThatOneChap

            They were made and approved, but the company that made them has gone out of business due to legal reasons (something about acquiring Section 5 parts for SA80s I heard, but I might be mistaken).

    • gunsandrockets

      Holy crap!

    • Adam James Pugh

      Section 1 firearms (as opposed to Section 2 shotguns, and Section 5 “prohibited”) must have a minimum barrel length of 300mm and an overall length of 600mm. This is commonly interpreted as 12″/24″.

    • Grey Beard

      Never thought I would see the day when a Colt Buntline would be considered concealable in a free country.

      • Frank Grimes

        You still haven’t.

        That country is not free.

    • Mystick

      Then it’s not a “pistol” anymore.

  • Alex Agius

    A sad reminder of where gun control leads if you give an inch

    • Andrew Miller

      Give an inch, and you’ll have to “add” at least a foot.

    • Basque

      UKNRA? jaja what wrifles?two three bolt actions?
      I think its like to say SAABA (Saudi Arabia Alcohol and Bacon Asociation)

      • ThatOneChap

        The UK’s NRA was actually established before the US NRA as a body to promote public ownership of firearms and training in their use, but atrophied away in the post war period to pretty much running Bisley and little else.

  • Bill Jordan

    As others have said. The rod out of the back of the handgun is to maintain the minimum OAL requirements.
    They must have a minimum of a 30cm barrel and be a minumum of 60cm overal.


    • KestrelBike

      Their legislators = f’ing stupid.

      • USMC03Vet

        It is a silly place.

  • Edeco

    Alrighty, where you be getting them barrels at? I’ll usually take all the hose I can get.

    • Graham2

      You should be careful who you say that to! LOL!

  • AndyHasky

    what kind of holster is that for the 22?

    • Bill Jordan

      Its an older version of an IPSC open gun style holster. I want to say Safariland, but might have been Bianchi. Lots of people make them today.

  • .45

    Throw in another now pointless comment about needing to add on a piece to prevent criminals from concealing handguns in their pockets. (The UK apparently doesn’t have hacksaws or anything over there, so sticking a pseudo stock on there works perfectly.)

    • Tom

      Essentially it makes the pistol legally a ‘rifle’ its sort of like how in the US a arm brace is used to make a SBR a pistol.

      Of course if someone where so inclined they could take a saw to the ‘rifle’ but then again they could just take a regular .22 LR rifle and cut the stock and barrel down.

      • .45

        That’s what I was saying, just less elegantly than you.

    • Audie Bakerson
  • Thamuze Ulfrsson

    This is seriously depressing.

  • Audie Bakerson

    Is the UK NRA as treasonous as the US NRA?

    • AHill

      Even more so. I’m told it’s ruled (UKNRA) by fudds who will sell out anybody and anything so long as they “get to show up each year and shoot the imperial”. As far as I can tell that means they can ban anything except manual action British service rifles that are no older than the Lee-Enfield and they will be only too happy to get rid of the “unworthy”.

  • Evan

    And I complain about gun laws in the US…

    • Jacen

      As you should. Just because it’s worse everywhere else, does not mean we can’t end up like that.

  • Kirk Newsted

    And these are the people who held back the Nazis. Where did the Churchhills go?

    • Basque

      “Monarchies,dictatorships and tyrannies dont like armed people.Historically distrustfull of their people.

      But if there is war the government will want to arm and mobilize all the people to give their lives for the Queen and after the war again disarm the people.”

    • billyoblivion



  • Basque

    Monarchies,dictatorships and tyrannies dont like armed people.Historically distrustfull of their people.

    • Basque

      But if there is war the government will want to arm and mobilize all the people to give their lives for the Queen and after the war again disarm the people.

    • ThatOneChap

      Actually the UK was fantastic about gun ownership until the 1960s. Then the Police wanted to ban almost anything after the Death Penalty got abolished and used Hungerford and Dunblane as the excuse. So really up until the 1980s, in many areas it was better than the US (no SBR laws, easier access to suppressors, etc). You could go out and buy machineguns without paperwork until 1920. It’s nothing to do with the Monarchy anymore than the NFA and Brady Bill are anything to do with the Constitution.

  • pun&gun

    Wow. This is genuinely depressing.