POTD: The UK’s NRA In The Wild

    Every now and again we get user submitted photos with no information past who the photos are of. This happens to be one of those instances, sadly we have no information as to where the match was held, what is going on with their firearms, or who won.

    The photos were submitted by a man called Myles, whom I assume is affiliated with the UK NRA in some capacity. Looking at the firearms in the photos, it appears that the aftermarket in the UK is sparse forcing users to improvise with stuff they found at their local hardware store.

    I would love to know what the heck is going on with the handgun below, it is one of the most unconventional,¬†purposeful things I have seen in a while. It appears that the wire “stock” is a stabilizing brace made from a wooden dowel, a screw, and a length of heavy wire. Pretty neat! We have no idea what is going on with that barrel though.

    While I know painfully little about the UK NRA, but their website has plenty of information. Click HERE to visit them online. I hope that some of out overseas commenters can shed some light on the photos that were sent to us, I would love to know more about the firearm modifications.

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