CAA New Micro RONI

CAA brought out 3D printed prototypes of the Micro RONI at last Big 3 East. Just recently, CAA posted up this commercial for their Micro Roni. From the video it looks like it is much easier to install a Glock pistol. Instead of opening an entire side of the Roni, you just lower a trap door and insert the Glock up and into the Micro RONI chassis. The drop leg holster for the Micro Roni is interesting.

MicroRoni holster

Nicholas C

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  • Vitsaus

    Why are these still a thing?

    • Hoplopfheil

      Why were these ever a thing?

      • aka_mythos

        Domestically it’s mostly aimed towards police… But there are some foreign markets in the world with different gun laws… Some countries limit the number of firearms, some don’t have anything like NFA… Thus the utility of turning a handgun into a more stable firing platform affords them a capability they might not otherwise have.

        There is a market for pistol caliber carbines and this allows a non-FFL company to have an offering to that market without being regulated.

      • Cymond

        Because they’re an Israeli company making products for the Israeli market, which just happen to be available in the US as well.

        Israel severely restricts (forbids?) rifles for civilians, and limits them to only 1 registered handgun. That’s why companies like CAA and Mako come up with so many wacky pistol accessories. However, they don’t have anything like our SBR laws, so a stocked handgun is still considered just a handgun.

        • Hoplopfheil

          I think we were mostly being ironic, but thanks for the info. 🙂 It does make sense for Israel. Kinda.

        • Armorer-at-Law

          Correct. In many other countries, rifle (or carbine) vs. pistol is based on caliber, not whether it has a stock. So, “pistol caliber carbines” (that would be considered SBRs here) are less regulated than “rifles” and they can convert their handgun with no legal worries.

          I think it would be nice to have a longer barrel in the carbine configuration, but the conversion would take more time.

    • Anonymoose

      Because 9mm ARs that take Glock mags still suffer from nonfolding stock tubes and weight issues. A lighter and more ergonomic option would be to just get an ENDO stock adapter and a RMR bridge-mount+lighted foregrip on a G17L, but then you’d have to design a holster around those and possibly detach the stock to keep it out of the way when holstered.

      • andrey kireev

        Why not just go with a small Pistol caliber carbine, like CZ EVO or Sig MXP ? Also Mini and Micro UZI have been around for decades !

        • John

          Because these are cheap enough for a security guard on close to minimum wage. And they look just as impressive to potential bad guys and customers alike.

          • andrey kireev

            Then Why not get a mini or micro uzi to start off with ? I really doubt semi-auto ones are all that expensive…. I’d think that Glock + Carbine kit is more expensive than one of those ?

          • Nicholas C

            I will have to try the mini uzi with a stock/brace. But as a pistol they are terrible. Bore axis is in the stratosphere and the trigger is terrible.

          • Doom

            Micro uzi with the folding sto…erm arm brace are 1100 dollars where I have seen them for sale. Then you have funky mags, no customization market, crap trigger and grip safety, etcetc. Id go CZ scorpion before the Uzi. its mags are easy to get, cheaper, more ergonomic, and even after SBR’ing it it will be cheaper and you dont have to worry about the jackboots shooting your dog for shouldering that stoc…arm brace.

            And if you have a lot of money to waste may as well SBR one of those Pakistani made MP5 clones. I think they start at like 1600 dollars though…

        • Anonymoose

          Because mag commonality is even better than caliber commonality? There is the Vector, too, but that’s kind of wasted on anything less than .45 or 10mm.

        • Kivaari

          I had a Mini Uzi, and it is an excellent SMG. It is less than 15 inches long when folded, the stock deploys fast and it is easy to hit with at 100 yards. I’d take it over any of these conversion devices. A good magazine compatible carbine is the Beretta CX4.

    • MikeSmith13807

      Maybe because the ability to more quickly make more accurate hits at farther ranges than you could with just the handgun might actually be desirable to some people who don’t aim for mediocrity?

  • Brian

    Are the big ones called macaroni? ?

    • Dickie

      Damn beat me to

    • Critter

      It comes with a feather for your cap.

    • pithy

      Seriously, that made me laugh out loud!

    • datimes

      If it was combined with rice it would be the San Francisco treat.

    • DW

      wow cheesy

    • guest

      Still way, waaay better than STD rifle/carbine.

    • Thadius814

      You WIN the Internet!!!

  • Joe

    Use the B&T Universal Service Weapon as a template and manufacture a Glock compatible frame with those characteristics, and the Glock SBR carbine will finally have arrived.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Can I ask why the girl needs this contraption to shoot the guy from three feet away?

    She couldnt do that with the pistol itself?

    • c4v3man

      She probably could… now if the New York bike cop was 3 feet away from a perp, then you’d have a valid use case.

      Speaking of the bike cop, that just looked all kinds of wrong when he unfolded the stock with the “muzzle” facing off to the side of the bike. Granted a pistol wasn’t mounted at the time, so the 4 rules weren’t being violated, but I would hope training would assume the “chassis” is equipped with a firearm at all times and should be handled as such. Especially for ill-trained individuals like your average NYPD cop.

      • Giolli Joker

        Add to this the fact that he has to insert a safety-less Glock inside the chassis in the heat of a situation requiring him to deploy a weapon…

      • kalashnikev

        I’m guessing they don’t officially endorse this product either…

  • Unless you get a barrel extension, I still dont get these kits

  • vwVwwVwv

    first i want to see som torture tests, if the result is positive, the thing looks nice
    and i pay sometimes for the look to. i dont know if you need it,
    for me its a gadget, you can mount on it tactical
    toilet paper and a tooth brush as
    bayonet… its a boys-toy.

  • Rnasser Rnasser

    Why would anyone want one of these things?

    • Nicholas C

      Because they are fun.

    • PK

      Toys for the range, but also many 07/02s seem to enjoy them. They work better than the single-point stocks for select fire.

    • Giolli Joker

      To tell friends they shot a nice group with their pistol…

    • kalashnikev

      More rounds on target faster, tighter groups —> stretch the effective range. Were you really looking for an answer?

  • Redband-D

    a couple of things with this platform. First, by adding a shoulder stock, the shooter should be more accurate. More points of contact=more stable. Second, if at a scene, that ‘could’ turn bad any second, the police may look less ‘gunslinger’ carrying a shoulder mounted weapon (since these are normally always carried in your hand) than walking around with a pistol in their hand ( which is odd if not actively perceiving a threat).

  • noob

    the “stabilizer brace” version of the micro roni doesn’t have the goofy spare mag-holder foregrip.

    I actually kinda like it without the spare mag-holder foregrip. i wonder if they’d let you switch out for the angled foregrip shape, or a 6 o’clock rail?

  • roguetechie

    Personally I think if someone wants a concept like this there’s better concepts out there that could be easily ported over to the firearms world.

    To me this would be way better for actual carry and use.

    • Marvinator

      That’s a thing!

      • roguetechie

        Indeed, it definitely is a thing!

        Speaking realistically it would also possibly be a fairly good match to something like a custom Sig brace style setup.

        Some people might not like it, but as far as giving a short barreled, standard pistol cartridge firing, and holster carried pistol some of the benefits of an actual carbine I find it to be about the closest thing I’ve ever seen.

        Also, call me weird if you want, but I can also pretty easily envision a larger version specifically built to be a two stamp suppressed SBR built around a long slide kit with threaded barrel and extended lower segment with a channel cut out for the suppressor to run through, and interchangeable foregrip / forend modules including a p90 style module.

        Of course if you want to take it that far it’d be just as easy to sell a version that comes with a 16 inch barrel and a fake can that’s really just there to keep your hand from preventing barrel movement during cycling.

        The whole thing could be relatively simple and modular, creating a nice little ecosystem of poor man’s MP7&P90 builds

    • PK

      What is that from, and does the artist or team have more concept art along those lines? I love looking through things like that for inspiration on my builds! It looks like you’re right, that whatever that is could be brought to life fairly easily. Attaching to the rear port behind the magazine and the rail on the front, it could be very solidly mounted as well.

      Also, it reminds me of something along the lines of this…

      • roguetechie

        PK an airsoft company actually makes these, and they’re available for retail sale. For people actually looking to do builds that definitely makes for an advantage.

        For the record though, I’m much the same as you are, I take inspiration from anywhere I can get it for my builds too.

        • PK

          Which airsoft company? I wonder if they’d be open to a partnership on R&D into the real world. Such add-ons don’t require an FFL or any real trouble on importation or local manufacture…

          As far as it being airsoft, I see the gas release button on the mag, now! I should have noticed that. Still good inspiration.

          • roguetechie

            Yeah, last time I looked I couldn’t find any in stock either.

            Like you said there wouldn’t be a lot of import export restrictions to wrangle, and we already know from things like the magnolia glock frame kits and people embedding them into airsoft components that it’s possible.

            We’re essentially on the same wavelength with this.

            My current project along this line is trying to figure out if evike AUG replacement stocks and etc can be adapted to build some sort of poor man’s AUG to hold me over until I can buy another actual AUG.

          • PK

            I’ve pre-ordered an example directly from the company. We’ll see how long THAT takes…

            It does really sound like we’re on the same page! For your AUG project, well, there’s one way to find out… The hard part will be the bullpup configuration and combining that with 5.56x45mm and a tight budget. The cheap option as far as bolt go is, of course, the AR system. Do you have the ability to machine a new carrier, or perhaps adapt a piston driven AR setup? The trigger linkage can be tricky but is certainly doable on a budget.

            My main project for airsoft to function is currently waiting on yet another stamp to come back, but that Magnolia Glock frame sounds interesting. I’m not finding much on Google, do you have contact information or a website you could pass along? I’m always looking for rail sections and locking sections to adapt commonly available, inexpensive parts to my crazy builds.

          • roguetechie

            What really kinda fascinates me about this particular form factor is that it could serve as a really good base for a modern replication of the Robinson model 11/16 machine pistol.

            When Russ Robinson stopped development before he could complete upgraded versions that would greatly reduce recoil and muzzle flip etc even in single shot mode there were indications that he had a fix for the semiautomatic fire issues with the early guns.

            If someone took his work and this chassis as a starting point I genuinely believe that you could come away with an extremely controllable semi and full auto machine pistol in 9×19 +p+ energy levels or more.

            This would open up Virgin ground in the pdw and machine pistol world that could prove very fruitful.

          • PK

            Agreed, especially if a counter-recoil system along the lines of the Brno 7.5 FK is worked into the mix…

            Speaking of Robinson’s designs, have you seen the full articles on his work? I’ve got everything I could find on his rifles and systems overall, 16 pages of two articles. Aside from the article here about the 11, it’s all I could find over the years.

            E-mail me at p.t.kovacs81 (at) gmail (dot) com if you’d like a copy.

          • roguetechie

            I will be doing that for sure since I’d like to see if you have a better PDF of the two fighting firearms article than me.

            My information on the model 11 comes entirely from the small arms review article and the patent.

            Additionally small arms review has another article where someone at Springfield during the M73 fiasco is interviewed and confirms Robinson’s version of events.

          • PK

            I have the two FF articles, I made them into a PDF a while ago and passed that out everywhere. I still have the raw images, as well, if that would help?

            I’ve seen the one model 11 SAR article, but not the M73 interview. Is that on their website as well?

            The article here about the 11 is mostly from the SAR article, but it does also lead to information about the QX-04 which is a fascinating pistol as well.

          • roguetechie

            Yes the raw images would help IMMENSELY… I’ll shoot you an email with my disqus name and Robinson in the subject line.

            The qx-04 is definitely very interesting.

            Yes the other interview is on the SAR website, I’ll dig it up tonight.

  • Arie Heath

    I’d take a look at it if I could get my hands on a select fire glock.

  • Cory C

    I don’t care what anyone says, I love these things.

  • Marvinator
  • iksnilol

    Hope they make a holster stock… so that I can keep a Glock in my Glock.

  • derfelcadarn

    If you are going to carry a pistol,carry a pistol,if you are going to carry a rifle,carry a real rifle. If you cannot deliver effective fire with a pistol in any of the scenarios shown you have no reason being anywhere near firearms.

  • Bill

    So now I have to add in another training schema, to what end?
    Patrol Rifle
    Impact munitions Shotgun
    Stocked Pistol Not a Rifle Rifle Thing.

    And that thigh rig looks like the worst of all possible bad things. I’d love to see an actual pilot try to actually squeeze that into an actual cockpit.

    I suppose, because the MP5K PDW isn’t available, that this could be a poor substitute.

    • kalashnikev

      K-guns are readily available from MKE, HK, and (with a standard rear) POF.

  • Sulaco5

    SBR? Tax stamps? Paper work for the Feds? Naw no thanks.

  • Lew Siffer

    Thank you, now it makes sense; and I imagine the rest of the world must scratch their heads about our “SIG brace” type products.

  • Mike Crews

    Ive redesigned it its a donut and you can put the gun through the hole and if you are good enough you can eat it while you shoot !

  • NormB

    Better get those plans out on the internet before ATF, DHS, INTERPOL and other alphabet agencies criminalize the knowledge (yes, it’s happened already with a similar 3-D printed “Ghost Gun”).

  • HAHA73

    Oooh I love macaroni

  • Tin

    Put a brace on it.

  • vwVwwVwv

    belgian plice seems to use such conversion-kits.