[Big 3 East] CAA Roni and Micro Roni

    Israeli accessory company, CAA came to the Big 3 East for the first time and they did not disappoint. They brought out their newest versions of the Roni carbine stock.

    One of the biggest detractions from getting a Roni Carbine stock is needing the SBR your pistol. Well CAA scratched their head for a while, since SBR classification is a uniquely American concept, and finally built a braced model of the Roni.



    Mikey, CEO of CAA and Hartman, showing the braced Roni.


    Along with braced pistol Ronis, CAA is making a longer version called the Civilian Roni. It will be available starting in April or May. Right now they only have it for the Glock 17. The Civilian Roni will cost $499 and comes with a 16″ Glock 17 barrel. It will convert your Glock 17 into a rifle. I am particularly interested in this for USPSA’s new Pistol Caliber Carbine division. I inquired if the Civilian Roni will work with a Glock 34. They have not tested it yet with the Glock 34. One of the CAA engineers said that developing a 16″ Glock barrel was a lot more difficult than they had anticipated. Hopefully the 16″ barrel will work for the Glock 34. There are a lot of Glock 34 pistols in USPSA and I often see more shooters with Glock 34s than Glock 17s. The Civilian Roni could be a cost effective way to compete in a different division for people with Glock pistols. The 16″ barrel will be threaded and they are looking to make the Civilian Roni compatible with suppressors.


    Civilian Roni has a long fore end.


    Mikey also brought out the new Micro Roni. It is a simplified version of the Roni. I actually like the aesthetics of the MIcro Roni and it has less bulk. They are targeting for a MSRP of only $225 for the MIcro Roni, that is 50% of a standard Roni. They will have the option of an integrated flashlight and will have a folding stock. Something the Roni does not have. They will of course be making a folding braced version as well.


    Mikey showing the prototype Micro Ronis.


    The prototype stocked Micro Roni has a angled grip simlar to a KRISS Vector. There are talks of getting ATF approval to allow for a spare magazine to be held inside. ATF may not approve the angled grip for their pistol braced variant. If that is the case then they will remove the angled grip and add a bottom picatinny rail.


    The Micro Roni will come with these picatinny mounted thumb rests for your support hand. I told CAA they should make these available separately for people to use on other guns and not just the MIcro Roni.


    With the stock folded the MIcro Roni is a very small set up.


    Phil Note:

    During the Big 3 East this past week it was announced that CAA and Hartman won the Writers Choice Award. Hartman Ltd. for the MH-1 sight and CAA for the Roni and Micro Roni.

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