Swedish Dynamite blows up a rifle

Swedish Dynamite is a YouTube channel, which had a lot of success lately and spreading.

It’s run by “Dynamite Erik” who apart from running his farm is a professional dynamite expert in the northern part of Sweden.

History tells us that Alfred Bernhard Nobel (1833 – 1896) held no less than 355 different patents, and for some reason dynamite is the most famous one.

Mr. Nobel also owned Bofors, which he turned from being a steel and iron supplier to a very famous manufacturer of cannons and other arms.

Nobel’s name survived in companies like Dynamit Nobel and AkzoNobel, and most people also know what the Nobel Prize is.

In this episode “Dynamite Erik” takes one of his old, non-working, rifles and straps it with detonating cord and dynamite

I can’t identify the rifle, but a .22 LR with a pump.


There it is, strapped with explosives ready to “go”.


Did you know that detonating cord “burns” with 6 500 meters per second? That’s pretty fast.

He’s got a real funny accent (so called Swenglish) and we all love to watch things blow up, don’t we?

“Rifle explosion with Swedish dynamite” – accompanied by some redneck music.


There goes the rifle in a flash and a bang. To my knowledge Dynamite, or “Dynamex”, blows up at 8 300 meters per second. You can see the barrel split in at least two pieces.

Ignition then “bang” – standby for the shock wave. Considering the size, there’s a lot of energy packed into dynamite.

End result, the rifle is beyond repair and I’m pretty sure some parts are never to be found again.


Swedish Dynamite’s Facebook can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/SwedishDynamite
His YouTube Channel can be found: here.
If you like to watch things blow up you’re going to enjoy the channel. Like a portable toilet going up in the air.

Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • Gambler X

    I just got done binge watching the guy with the hydraulic press….back to YouTube….

  • Alex A.
    • gunsandrockets

      Golly, so that’s a ‘Swedish blow job’? Ouch!


  • The Irredeemable Raven

    Barrel and tubular mag…no “splitting”.

  • Any one else getting tired of people on Youtube just trying to one up each other to be the first one to blow up some object no one else has? I guess some one has to encourage lawn mower owners to visit ERs.

  • TheNotoriousIUD


    • A bearded being from beyond ti

      I don’t get it either. What’s the excitement in blowing up a .22 pump-rifle?

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        He should get something more interesting than dynamite to play with.

        Like plastic.

        Or a woman.

        Or a plastic woman.

        • A bearded being from beyond ti

          I don’t think youtube allows that sorta content. You have to go to tumblr for that.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            I never said I wanted to watch.

          • A bearded being from beyond ti

            Deep down you know you do.

        • Phil Hsueh

          Nah, blowing things up is cool, he just needed to find something else to blow up, like an iPhone or an iPad.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Blowing sh-t up is definitely cool.
            I’m glad the terrorist watch list wasn’t around when I was a kid because we used to build bombs like other kids built model airplanes.

          • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

            Empty CO2 cartridges can be used for some creative entertainment.

          • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

            You need to watch Snowden.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Really? I heard it sucks.

          • jcitizen

            I 2nd that notion!

          • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

            Or a government in session somewhere.

          • Old Vet

            Or maybe a blow-up plastic woman??

        • BR549

          Kewl ….. although I think when he asks his girlfriend for a “blow job”, I hope she knows the real thing.

      • Wetcoaster

        Viking funeral for your guns!

  • Jim Jones

    Absolute waste, that “non working” rifle was what looked to be a beautiful example of a Remington 572 Fieldmaster Delux. Probably one f the best quality .22 pump actions ever made. Beautiful guns. If it really was non finctional, which s doubtful, parts are readily available and the guns at easy to repair.

    I bet the antigunners love this video, hell they may have even sponsored it.

    • Jako

      Readily available is relative.

      Swedish gun laws are considerably more restrictive than the US, including a restriction on how many you can own.

      • randomswede

        Four weapons unless you do some “extra gymnastics” and boost it to six.
        There’s more to it, but yea owning a dozen guns “for the hell of it” is out.

        • Jako

          And then there is the increased price of both firearms and ammunition compared to the US. It’s not cheap to be a gun loving Swede.

      • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

        Or blow up?

        • Jako

          I don’t even want to think about the hassle involved with reporting the destruction of a firearm.

    • RA

      I don’t think he meant it to disregard the rifle, but I do agree with you. That was a really nice rifle. Does anyone even make a nice 22 pump these days/

  • English

    The gun grabbers dream.

  • Martin M

    What a waste of everything. Time, money, a rifle. Heck, I’m wasting my time typing this.

    • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

      Time you can NEVER get back.

  • Dougscamo

    Apparently, it was a slow, boring day on the farm. Hell, since they got rid of the Bikini team, it has to be boring.

  • Rev. Thos. Fowler

    I like dynamite..love .22 rifles…but, why blow up one? Why not repair the rifle, and blow up a stump, or move a huge rock? Curious.

  • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

    Now if he were to put a rifle out there with a over charge and set it off to show what happens…I’d be interested. But just blow up a rifle? Seems a bit lame to me.

  • RA

    Great explosion, but I would’ve tried to fix that rifle. Nice looking 22lr pump gun.

  • somebodystolemynamefatboy

    Different dynamites blow at different velocities, examples low velocity “stump powder” for more of a “heaving effect”, high (faster velocity” for shattering rock.

  • Doom

    seeing how it cycled perfectly looks like all it needed was a new firing pin since you could hear the hammer smacking down as well. what a waste of a nice looking rifle. 🙁

  • Cottersay

    Seems like a nice guy, but his bio says that he has a “European view on things”. As an American, I find that that is never a good sign…