Swedish Dynamite blows up a rifle

    Swedish Dynamite is a YouTube channel, which had a lot of success lately and spreading.

    It’s run by “Dynamite Erik” who apart from running his farm is a professional dynamite expert in the northern part of Sweden.

    History tells us that Alfred Bernhard Nobel (1833 – 1896) held no less than 355 different patents, and for some reason dynamite is the most famous one.

    Mr. Nobel also owned Bofors, which he turned from being a steel and iron supplier to a very famous manufacturer of cannons and other arms.

    Nobel’s name survived in companies like Dynamit Nobel and AkzoNobel, and most people also know what the Nobel Prize is.

    In this episode “Dynamite Erik” takes one of his old, non-working, rifles and straps it with detonating cord and dynamite

    I can’t identify the rifle, but a .22 LR with a pump.


    There it is, strapped with explosives ready to “go”.


    Did you know that detonating cord “burns” with 6 500 meters per second? That’s pretty fast.

    He’s got a real funny accent (so called Swenglish) and we all love to watch things blow up, don’t we?

    “Rifle explosion with Swedish dynamite” – accompanied by some redneck music.


    There goes the rifle in a flash and a bang. To my knowledge Dynamite, or “Dynamex”, blows up at 8 300 meters per second. You can see the barrel split in at least two pieces.

    Ignition then “bang” – standby for the shock wave. Considering the size, there’s a lot of energy packed into dynamite.

    End result, the rifle is beyond repair and I’m pretty sure some parts are never to be found again.


    Swedish Dynamite’s Facebook can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/SwedishDynamite
    His YouTube Channel can be found: here.
    If you like to watch things blow up you’re going to enjoy the channel. Like a portable toilet going up in the air.
    Eric B

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