Schmeisser AR-15 Dynamic Rifle (Germany) – Skeletonized

Schmeisser GmbH in Germany has released an AR-15 for dynamic and sports shooting, to what looks to be an ever increasing market in Europe and Russia.

The name of the rifle is AR15 Dynamic M5FL 16,75”.

New EU gun laws regulating semi-automatic firearms and magazine capacity may put an abrupt halt to this later in 2016, but so far the market push is strong.

The weight of the IPSC dynamic shooting model is reduced to only 2,9 kg and has a Schmeisser Dynamic trigger.

The Schmeisser AR-15 Dynamic rifle is optics ready with picatinny flat-top.

Other special coatings are available on request, but the silver, or steel gray, looked very nice at IWA 2016.

There is no mentioning about who makes the barrel, but I guess Lothar Walther is a potential supplier.

The length of the barrel is a Germany legal 16.75 inches.


Every single Schmeisser AR15 is test-fired with different ammunition and magazines before it leaves
the factory.


The NO-REC-One compensator is IPSC legal, and described as extremely effective also also for the standard class where only smaller muzzle brakes are allowed.


The skeletonized magwell is certainly an eye catcher.


The trigger has fast reset and buildt-in anti-walking pins protection.


Every Schmeisser AR15 can shoot .223 Rem AND 5,6×45 NATO. Free-floating barrel is a must.


M4-stock is quick adjustable and rattle-free, and has 6 positions.


The Schmeisser website is about to be updated, but more information should be available here eventually: 

The material in the magwell looks very thin.


Some pictures from IWA 2016 in Germany.


The bolt carrier, lower and keymod handguard are skeletonized.  The design is certainly unique, but I’m not sure I’d like to have holes in my magazine well. I’d rather keep it “as was” and make sure no dust or particles get into the wrong place and ruins my competition with a malfucntion.


The price is 2 790 Euro, which equates to roughly 3 200 USD. Who said competition rifles were cheap in Europe?

A “basic” Schmeisser AR15 starts around 2 200 Euro, or about 2 500 USD. Lower volumes, higher prices. I’m sure these prices are outrageous for an American buyer.


There seems to be a distributor in Texas, Texas Armament & Technology and Canada, O’Dell Engineering Ltd.

Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • Oliver Muzzy

    Bill Cozby

  • Darrell

    So, who buys these guns? What’s a typical European AR shooter like? No disrespect meant. I assume it’s guys with money and proper paperwork, is it that simple?
    Also, I saw that they’re billing their own trigger. Would it fly aftermarket in the US?

    • Marc

      Jup, money and paper work.

    • JoelM

      I’m not sure if you’re asking if the trigger might be imported or if the trigger is any good? With import papers from the ATF (Form 6 I think?) and a willing seller in Germany I’m sure you can buy one. I know guys that buy AK parts from overseas sellers all the time. The ATF will usually approve anything except receivers and barrels of “banned for import” guns.

  • Slomotion

    What is “dynamic shooting”?

    • DIR911911 .

      it’s a new setting the camera man uses to make you look tacticool

    • Marc

      When the shooter changes positions between shots, in contrast to static shooting.

    • dP

      It’s a term used for practical shooting sports in countries where it’s illegal to shoot people, and the “practical” bit can be misunderstood by government officials or other ‘tards.

  • DanGoodShot

    How does one get into the shooting sports on that side of the puddle? Is it pretty much just law enforcement, military and civilians with a butt ton of money? I’m just curious. I REALLY wish gun ownership was more accessible world wide. It should be and for damn good reasons besides just the sport of it. I love hearing from fellow gun owners from other countries.

    Edit: Great review by the way. Also, those prices are not far off at all for a well built competition AR here in the states if the quality is there which it sounds like it is. A little on the higher side but not much.

    • Don

      This is quoted from UKPSA website…

      “Since the handgun ban in Great Britain in 1997 this has posed a lot of problems for UKPSA members who want to participate in IPSC pistol competitions.

      Some members keep pistols stored for them in European countries and travel to matches in these countries. Also, where legal, UKPSA members have been able to borrow the equipment needed to participate in graded practical pistol competition around European countries. This has enabled the UKPSA to still be represented at Level 2 and Level 3 International Matches and also at level 4 European Championships.”

    • Kovacs Jeno

      “civilians with a butt ton of money?” Ton of money AND a lot of free time. In my country simply getting the licence as a sportshooter is cca. 1 year long procedure, with some 10-20 workdays lost for paperwork, psychological reviews, exams, safe storage control etc, and cca. 1000 dollar+ spending.
      And to keep the permit, you have to pay and do other paprworks in each and every year.

      So, you don’t really care about the prices. It is a not a real market. It is an elitist group.

      • ATman

        which country needs 10-20 workdays worth of paperwork.

        • Kovacs Jeno

          Hungary – minimum lost workdays until the first gun is in your licence.
          2×1 days pscycho exam
          2-3 days normal doctors
          1 day firearms exam at the police
          1 day for qualification at a competition
          1 day at sport shooting association’s office
          1 day at police apply for permit
          1 day control of safe storage by police
          1 day for picking up the permission document (not the final permit)
          – buy the gun –
          1 day at the sport shooting association’s office
          1 day back to police to “write-in” (register) the new gun into your final permit book

          And these are only if EVERYTHING goes smooth for the first time. Not usual.

          So, if you are not satisfied with the NFA process, just SHUT UP:-)

    • Schadavi

      Sport shooting: Join a club, go shooting for a year, then you can buy guns. Up to two handguns, three semi-auto rifles/shotguns, with the option to expand these limits as you participate in more competitions. Repeating/over under/lever action and single shot rifles and shotguns can be bought without limitation.

      Hunting: Do the hunting education course (about 1500-2500€) get a hunting license, buy up to three handguns, one has to be a small caliber for shooting animals caught in traps. No limit of any kind for long guns – not even barrel length applies, a lot of younger hunter own semi-auto versions of the aks-74u and similar short rifles.

      Collector: If you get a certificate from someone that you are capable of building a collection that would add any kind of value to the cultural scene, you can get a collectors license. These are a free pass to buy any kind of gun that falls in a specific category, for example “french small caliber pistols built between 1920 and 1945”.

      For all applies that you have to be without any kind of serious conviction (up to 30 days worth of your pay in punishment) give no reason to expect you to handle firearms unsafely (for example if you have a history of police calls to your residence for beating wife and kids, but never could be convicted) and that you have a safe place to keep your firearms. Either a gun locker or a vault room.

      I do both target shooting and hunting. In both areas I had a lot of young people and people without a lot of money. Most of the extra cost for gun ownership in Germany are one time payments – after having paid for the hunters education, gun locker the only repeating cost you have is about 15€ fee if you register/unregister a firearm from your license.

    • Nebelwerfer

      * Generally: All firearms purchases require a permit (one per firearm) from the local police. You will only be granted a permit if you have a clean police record, and you need a firearm for hunting or competition shooting. No carry/personal protection.

      Semi-auto firearms are illegal with the exception of regular handguns (no semi MP5Ks, “AR pistols” etc), semi-auto shotguns without any scary features like pistol grips or mag tubes >5 rounds, and two lists of rifles; one for hunting (Mini-14, Sauer 303, M1 Garand) and one for competition (a few ARs, two AK variants, and some other stuff that nobody really uses). All rifles are need to be approved for either hunting or competition by the police. Submitting a firearm for approval costs 600$ a piece, and the process takes several years.

      * Handguns:
      You need to be a member of a shooting club, and shoot actively for 6 months after the compulsory beginners course before you can apply for a handgun permit. You can own maximum one firearm per area of use (for different types of competitions) until you have enough competition starts to qualify for a spare/backup firearm. There are several different shooting organizations who shoot different competitions, so you can buy quite a few guns if you are active enough.

      * Semi-auto sport rifles:
      For civilians you basically have one option: IPSC. After taking a compulsory IPSC training course, you need to shoot competitions with a handgun (or borrowed rifle) for two years, with 12 match points each year before you can apply for a permit for an AR (which is the only thing any serious competitor uses). You can own one rifle per IPSC division, until you qualify for a spare (5 level II matches per year). Earlier, you could buy AR10s or other semi auto rifles with a caliber >6mm for metallic silhuette shooting, however, this was stopped be a high ranking gun-grabbing public servant in early 2015.

      * Hunting:
      Rifles and shotguns. No handguns or bows allowed. You need to take a training course, and pass a test. After that, you can apply for maximum 6 hunting firearms.

      * Collecting:
      Forget it. The only approved collectors organization is nearly impossible to become a member of. It’s invitation only, and a bit freemason-esque in it’s membership policy. Basically, you have to be guest for some years, and can join if they like you. If not, tough luck.

      • iksnilol

        You can’t get an M1 Garand for hunting in Norway.

        ANd you can have more than 6 hunting firearms, you just need to be specific on the permit after the 6th one.

        • Nebelwerfer

          I forskrift 9. september 2011 nr. 930 om forbudte skytevåpen og godkjente halvautomatiske skytevåpen gjøres følgende endringer:

          § 5 nytt nr. 23–27 skal lyde:
          23. Garand mod M 1,
          24. Garand mod M 1 C,
          25. Garand mod M 1 D,
          26. Mauser mod G-41,
          27. Walther mod G-41.

          So you can now get a Garand for hunting. Finally!

          • iksnilol

            Helledusan, mann! 😀

            nå husket jeg at jeg ikke er særlig keen på en M1 Garand :/

    • AK

      General: Permit to purchase and to possess is required for each individual weapon, costs 78 euro per permit and it’s “may issue”, so it can be denied without refund. No self-defence basis for purchase or possession, except for OC spray (OC classified as a “firearm”). Every police department has a little different “actual policy” on issuing permits, even though the law is the same.
      Sport shooting: Join a club, start practice with borrowed equipment. Rifles and shotguns you can buy once the police believe that you are an established sportsman (usually few months’ regular documented practice, or official competition results). Pistols need two years of documented practice (10 times total spread evenly over the span), and an official “firearms trainer” sign off on your practice documentation. The catch-22 comes in that most clubs don’t have equipment to borrow, so you have to know someone who will borrow you their equipment, and they have to be present since you don’t have a permit for possession. Usually easiest is to join reservist organization, because they have equipment to borrow. For this you have to be at least a citizen, though completed army service is preferred.
      Hunting: No pistols allowed unless you are a registered trapper, and then it’s usually only .22LR revolver or single shot. Rifles and shotguns are quite easily obtained after getting your hunting license (70 euros + passed test), but military style weapons may be harder to obtain on hunting grounds (AR, AK, semiauto shotguns with large capacity, etc)
      Collector: Usually prior weapons permits have to exist prior to starting a collection. Need to demonstrate expert knowledge on firearms, prepare a detailed collection plan and have a secure facility for storage (gun safe + alarms, or better), and then you can apply for the permit, which is “may issue”. Even then, granted permits are very rare. Need to collect for a decade usually before full auto and other exciting weaponry is permitted. Very difficult to get collector permit for full auto with authorization to fire the weapon nowadays.

    • DanGoodShot

      Thank you all for your replys! As a firearms enthusiast it helps give me some perspective and appreciation for the freedoms I have in that aspect. In my opinion, I would like to see Shooting Sports and firearms made more “available” worldwide without such heavy restrictions. Nukes and missiles in the like I fully understand. But a pipe that spits a little piece of metal. No. But, I do realize that my just be due to the culture I grew up in.
      I do appreciate these worldly conversations and a big Thank you to all of you who responded.

    • iksnilol


      -get hunting license (one written and one shooting test). This is for shotguns, manual rifles and a specific list of semi auto rifles. Also rimfire rifles in general. You can get 6 guns on a hunting license without having to be specific (IE without having to specify “X gun for Y game”).

      -Be a participating member of a pistol club for 6 months and you can get a pistola or revolver (specific types for specific types of competitions).

      -2 years in pistol club and you can own a firearm for “dynamic shooting” AKA stuff like AUGs, AKs, ARs and such are on the table then.

      -Some specific rifles for DFS shooting comps, that’s target Mausers, Krags and Sauer STR 200s, + their conversions and of course rimfires geared towards that type of comp can be gotten if you participate in DFS.

      -Also collectors, but those are super serious guys and also you can’t fire the guns. But you are pretty much free to have anything for your collection.

      Not expensive to get into the the game. A milsurp Mauser in 30-06 or 6.5×55 ,can be gotten for like a 100 USD, for hunting, and the hunting license/test itself is about 100 usd. An AR is like 1.5k USD, granted I don’t know how much it costs to participate for 2 years (though yearly fee is like 20-50 USD depending on the club). Granted, you need to have a safe for the firearm or another type of safe storage (IE taking the bolt out and locking it in a box separate from the rifle itself).

      That clear anything up?.

      • Mark

        Is there an estimate of the rate of unlicensed firearm ownership in various European nations? It is difficult to believe that men who suffered at the hands of both the Axis and the Allies (e.g., 2 million Germans killed AFTER the war in the Morgenthau/Eisenhower camps) hurried down to the police station to obediently turn in their weapons and ammo.

        • iksnilol

          Some did, some didn’t.

          I don’t know much about the estimates though.

  • Hoplopfheil

    Man these extra long penis-extension rifles are getting ultra popular lately.

    • DIR911911 .

      16.75 is long? heaven forbid you had to carry the m16a1 like I did

      • Hoplopfheil

        I’m referring to the crazy-long handguards.

        • DIR911911 .

          I think they just start to seem long when we get used to seeing all the pics and videos of SBRs running around with 9 and 10 inch barrels. compared to something like the scorpion and these start to look like anti aircraft rifles.

        • mig1nc

          So you prefer your AR’s to be circumcised then? ;P

          • Hoplopfheil

            … y… yes.

  • Marcin Ski

    in Poland You have to pay 1100$ for Mossberg MMR….. One of my colleague paid around around 4k$ for vanilla JP rifle (i don’t know which model exactly) and waited around 8 months. Simplest way to restrict access to guns. make them accessible only for the richest. I’ve had to spent around 2k $ for trainings, exams, documents, medical checks, just to be approved to buy a gun. And I can only use them for collector or sport purposes. No self defence, no hunting.

    • RaunchyDawg

      I’m glad I don’t live in your oppressive country.

      • Marcin Ski

        Not that bad. Just little hick-up after 60 years of communism/socialism. until stalin died in 1953 there was death penalty for possessing of gun. later propaganda done its best. common people thinks that only police/army and criminals have guns. u have a gun? u are policeman? no? then you are criminal.

        • James Young

          Wow, the EU sounds like the expansion of the US Commerce Clause in the Constitution. Both were created to simplify trade and commerce between states and instead have been used to create regulations for every area of life, including firearms.

      • glenn cheney

        Self policed up my frag post, it read like a rant…DELETED, I concur Sir with your perspective, you are much more articulate than I.

    • glenn cheney

      “We read you loud and clear, we copy.” Poland is one of four, five countries in the E.U. poised to take action. I follow your country closely. Finnland, Russia Belgium all about ready to get serious.

      America watches as EU power brokers divy the larder. It may well be Russians that save Europe, not NATO. Europe needs to be defended from it’s self.

      P.C. has become internationally toxic.

  • mig1nc

    Is this Schmeisser company in any way related to the Schmeisser of old? Or is it a “rebirth” like Armalite?

    • Marc

      No relation, just a brand name chosen for the recognition factor.

  • LazyReader

    New from Schmeisser..and It’s Banned.

  • RaunchyDawg

    What is a 5,6×45 Nato? Some new stuff?

  • Marcin Ski

    when it comes to dynamic shooting, ar-15 is king of the hill. i’ve seen people with aug’s, all kinds of ak’s in competition but in the end ergonomy of ar wins everytime or at least first 10 people on dash board.

    money is not a problem for me. and it should not be for anyone, otherwise this sport becomes something for rich snobs, another sticker “we are elite”. it was not like that in our history, it was sport for everyone.

    i would love to to build my own ar15 from scratch, gain knowledge and maybe even save few bucks, but i cant do it without state “gun manufacturer” certificate.

    After reading your comment I’m starting to think that You are my fellow citizen. If I’m right please answer my question. Do you really think that when in case of using gun in self defense (not criminal act looking as self defense) the law would be on your side? You would have nothing to fear when facing judge in court? I’m not a lawyer but as far as I know, there no straight interpretation of gun laws in this manner. i have heard lot and lot of hints from experienced gun owners, lawyers and even active police officers. And every hint ends with statement that they won’t give me any guarantee.

    for example that You said about carrying loaded sport gun according to polish gun and ammo act is illegal, but on other hand u can go to jail if 3rd party will take your gun from You(same act). The “recommendation” You brought iis from WPA (Police Department of Administrative Proceedings – for US readers – u get your gun license from them) letter, its not even applicable to use in court as figure.

    its all up to judge, if you get one that is hoplophobe you are screwed, if you get opposite, yey, jail free card…

    about no hunting u got me wrong. probably my english sorry for that. i was trying to say that I’m not able to hunt without getting through procedure all over again (with maybe different exams) paying again for medical checks, police administration procedure, etc. well at least i wouldn’t need different gun safe 😀

    I don’t want to hunt but there are probably people that had to pay for both…..

    You probably know that if You use hunting shotgun for sport you are technically commits felony?

    And i don’t have nothing against shooting clubs, I think its great idea. Unexperienced shooter with a gun is a ticking bomb. sabotaging shooting club’s ranges by commercial ranges is completely different story…..

  • Ranger Rick

    I checked it out; sucks!

  • JoelM

    The magwell on a standard forged M16/AR15 lower is very thin in spots. That is not unique to this gun. The cutouts just reveal it where you would not typically be able to notice it.

  • buzzman1

    At less than 6 1/2 lbs people will still complain its to heavy.

  • glenn cheney

    It hurts my head to read the posts on this thread…….This “place” is supposed to be non-political, but the contributors here from across the “pond” stand as testament as to the value, worth, and necessity of the Second Amendment.

    Anyone want to import bear pepper spray into Europe? Yea, hunting with bear pepper spray is becoming a CQB Sport, if, you can find the pepper spray. Europe is a disarmed camp of metro men, politically neutered with a few countries beginning to sprout a pair. We know who they are, we know who won’t fight as well.

    I’m a pol, pro-pol….too far up the breech of mass public mis-info’d lied to and anything else that washes the kool-aide down…When Europeans purge teh current leadership, the Merkel’s, there might remain some hope. Much of Europe is awaiting hand to hand.

    I take heat for being pleased to see the strife break into public via citizen uploaded cell phone clips on utubber…..

    News is suppressed, there, and HERE. BREXIT came just in the nick of time people, they had NWO ready to roll out, same as those stashed U.N. Armored vehicles. This country is just a few fife’s and drummer’s away from blood in the streets here in the U.S.

    So, read this post quickly before it’s deleted, I’m sure the “range master” will recognize my shooting lane in moments, so, READ THE POSTS FROM THE POSTS ABOVE….VIGILANCE…..WAKE UP……LEARN FROM OBSERVATION.

    Did you know? They are landing WARTHOGS on public highways in Europe? They are playing “RAWHIDE” on the radio….you know,..keep them DOGGIES movin’…..WWII codes a’ playin””’Europe is scared chitless and is about to break out in open conflict.

    It can’t come soon enough for me…Gonna be interesting come January 2017 in Europe, perhaps the U.S. as well, we shall see.