Schmeisser AR-15 Dynamic Rifle (Germany) – Skeletonized

    Schmeisser GmbH in Germany has released an AR-15 for dynamic and sports shooting, to what looks to be an ever increasing market in Europe and Russia.

    The name of the rifle is AR15 Dynamic M5FL 16,75”.

    New EU gun laws regulating semi-automatic firearms and magazine capacity may put an abrupt halt to this later in 2016, but so far the market push is strong.

    The weight of the IPSC dynamic shooting model is reduced to only 2,9 kg and has a Schmeisser Dynamic trigger.

    The Schmeisser AR-15 Dynamic rifle is optics ready with picatinny flat-top.

    Other special coatings are available on request, but the silver, or steel gray, looked very nice at IWA 2016.

    There is no mentioning about who makes the barrel, but I guess Lothar Walther is a potential supplier.

    The length of the barrel is a Germany legal 16.75 inches.


    Every single Schmeisser AR15 is test-fired with different ammunition and magazines before it leaves
    the factory.


    The NO-REC-One compensator is IPSC legal, and described as extremely effective also also for the standard class where only smaller muzzle brakes are allowed.


    The skeletonized magwell is certainly an eye catcher.


    The trigger has fast reset and buildt-in anti-walking pins protection.


    Every Schmeisser AR15 can shoot .223 Rem AND 5,6×45 NATO. Free-floating barrel is a must.


    M4-stock is quick adjustable and rattle-free, and has 6 positions.


    The Schmeisser website is about to be updated, but more information should be available here eventually: 

    The material in the magwell looks very thin.


    Some pictures from IWA 2016 in Germany.


    The bolt carrier, lower and keymod handguard are skeletonized.  The design is certainly unique, but I’m not sure I’d like to have holes in my magazine well. I’d rather keep it “as was” and make sure no dust or particles get into the wrong place and ruins my competition with a malfucntion.


    The price is 2 790 Euro, which equates to roughly 3 200 USD. Who said competition rifles were cheap in Europe?

    A “basic” Schmeisser AR15 starts around 2 200 Euro, or about 2 500 USD. Lower volumes, higher prices. I’m sure these prices are outrageous for an American buyer.


    There seems to be a distributor in Texas, Texas Armament & Technology and Canada, O’Dell Engineering Ltd.

    Eric B

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