Winchester Honoring Olympian Shooter Kim Rhode

Kim Rhode isn’t just any Olympic shooter, she’s an Olympic shooter who has won not one, not two, but six medals, consecutively, in an individual Olympic sport. Rhode is also the first American athlete to do so. Unfortunately she hasn’t received the media attention she deserves for this accomplishment, but the firearms industry is doing its part to make their congratulations known. In fact there will now be a box of ammunition with Rhode’s picture on it, thanks to Winchester.

Winchester will be featuring Rhode’s image on commemorative boxes of their AA target loads. According to the company the boxes will be available soon at Winchester dealers. Of course, this isn’t Winchester’s only involvement in the Olympics. They’ve been the exclusive shotshell sponsor for the USA Shooting Team since 1999.

Brett Flaugher, vice president of marketing, sales, and strategy at Winchester Ammunition had the following to say about Rhode’s accomplishments: “We are proud of our long-standing partnership with USA Shooting, and particularly Kim Rhode. We offer a heartfelt congratulations to all the athletes who participated in this year’s games. Kim and her fellow teammates are a reflection of all that is great about sporting competition, what is best about America and what is best about the benefits of competitive target shooting.”

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  • Badwolf

    Great work Kim!

  • Bob


  • rennsport4.4TV8

    To say she is just the first American do it is kind selling it short. It kind of makes it seem like many other countries have people that pulled it off. She’s the first person to do it at the summer Olympics since its inception on top of being the first American.

  • Blake

    I wish more companies would realize how much of a positive impact doing things like this has on their image.

    Kudos to Winchester; may others step up to the plate.

  • Cory C