ATN Releases X-Sight II Update with New Features

X-Sight II Update

ATN announced a firmware update for its X-Sight II line of thermal rifle scopes. The update improves some existing features, squashes a few bugs and introduces a number of new features including a new reticle and ballistic calculator.

New or Improved Features

  • Smart Shooting Solution – This is a ballistics calculator that adjusts the scope for range and wind readings. Improved zooming capability with this feature enabled.
  • added warning message when ballistic compensation is active
  • addition of the NP-R2 MOA reticle
  • improved WiFi video streaming
  • disabled by default the USB mode dialogue

Bugs Squashed

For shooters used to traditional optics, the idea of glitches in your scope may be enough to turn you off of a microprocessor controlled system. However, to get the benefits of thermal imaging, coding and a chip will be involved. Here is a list of the bugs that have been fixed in this update (as described by ATN):

  • Device streaming in X-sight II, when mobile application loses connection
  • Some devices crash, when USB cable is connected during Firmware update
  • Sleep mode wake up – Disabled sleep mode temporarily
  • Widget artifacts 2
  • Reticle image overlay
  • Ability to change reticle style on mobile device
  • Ability to change sensitivity in day mode
  • Crash after pop-up message on high zoom

The update is free and should¬†be done in a few minutes. Click here to go to the company’s web page with the update information and firmware download.

Richard Johnson

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  • Mike

    Its new and scary and I dont like it.

    • valorius


  • TFH

    To the author, the ATN X-sight is in no way shape or form a thermal optic. Please adjust fire accordingly.

    • nova3930

      Yep, while thermal for $500ish would be nice, this ain’t it. It’s a low light camera sensitive to IR and it most definitely does not work very well without active IR illumination. IMO it works pretty darn good for what it is, having allowed me to pick off several coyotes I otherwise would not have, but it’s not a thermal imager….

  • Swarf

    the idea of glitches in your scope may be enough to turn you off of a microprocessor controlled system.

    That is correct.

  • valorius


  • gordon

    I really think they are on to something with this line but I am waiting for the Mk III hoping mostly that it will be lighter.