New Russian Saiga MK-107 Recoil-less Rifle

Every competitive shooter wants a recoil-less rifle. With the Saiga MK-107, or “recoil-less AK” we’re getting closer to that dream.

Translated from Russian:

“The new Russian Saiga MK-107 is a semi-automatic gas operated rifle with recoil-mitigating balanced action. This means that rifle features two gas pistons, entering a single gas block above the barrel from opposite directions.”

2016-06-17 06.50.02

It is said to be released by the end of 2016, but that has been said for the last 2-3 years now.

I’m told that the caliber is .223 Remington, with a 5,45×39 mm to follow.
For competitive dynamic rifle shooting .223 Remington is the most used caliber by far.

2016-06-17 06.50.05

As you can see for the left vs right picture, the muzzle brake (recoil compensator) is canted, a common modification to further reduce the recoil and keep the rifle in the “A” zone.

The Saiga MK-107 shot by Russian IPSC shooter Oleg Rybalki.

It looks extremely stable I have to say. It looks like the exact same rifle, looking at the muzzle brake.


Russia will hold the first World Shoot for IPSC Rifle in June 2017. Hopefully the best competitors from all over the World will be there. I will bet my money some one from Finland will win the match, but we’ll see.

The RWC (Rifle World Shoot 2017) will be held at “Patriot Range”, which has 31 stages up to 300 meters and 1 stage up to 800 meters long. There are also a multi-story indoor shooting range which looks very promising.


Above: The official logo of the First Rifle World Championship 2017


Here are a few other Russian AK-rifles from one of their 3 Gun competitions. I’m not sure enough to identify these versions, but the first one has a Swarovski Z6i on top. I would surely prefer a much lower mount.

2016-06-28 00.01.32

The shooter is Alёna Karelinalёna, part of the Lady Kalashnikov team and two times champion of Russia. and World champion 2015 in IPSC Shotgun. A real Nikita!

2016-06-28 00.01.19

Picture below is from her Instagram. Make sure you follow!


Another Russian shooter with the same AK.

2016-06-27 23.59.35

3 Gun Russian style.

2016-06-28 00.01.04

Yet another AK with modifications.

2016-06-27 23.59.49

I’m sure we will see the AK-107 in the hands of the top Russian competitive shooters very soon.


Pretty cool gif I found. Hope it helps.


Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • A bearded being from beyond ti

    I’ve seen airsoft rifles with more recoil than that.

    • Major Tom

      I’ve seen .22s with more kick than that!

      • A bearded being from beyond ti

        Shouldn’t the progression go down instead of up?

        • Mark

          I’ve seen STAPLERS with more recoil than that!

          Good enough?

          • A bearded being from beyond ti

            i’ve seen fingers with more recoil than that

          • rooftopvoter

            My Barrett 50 does not have that much recoil. Oh, wait…………..

          • A bearded being from beyond ti

            You’re not Miculek are you?

          • rooftopvoter

            Oh, no. I like his videos though. Also get a kick out of FPS Russia and his You Tube productions.

          • Sir TuberKopf

            My Pop-Tart has more recoil than that!


          • A bearded being from beyond ti

            my farts has more recoil than that.

  • roguetechie

    Someone needs to get them to release some A545 rifles too. That way I can be really sad about not being able to get either. And so that more people state side will get angry about an embargo aimed at punishing the American shooting community more than the Russian federation.

    • randomswede

      The A762 (6п68) is my best bet for a “Go-anywhere-do-anything” rifle.
      This is the best picture I’ve found of a fairly late version.

      • Sermon 7.62

        This is not a real gun.

        • Patriot Gunner

          Yet he still thinks it is a “Go-anywhere-do anything” rifle. Ahhh the mysticism of the AK continues…LOL

          • Tritro29

            It’s NOT and AK. And it’s really a “Go anywhere, Do Anything” Rifle.

          • Patriot Gunner

            Oh sorry, my mistake its just based off an AK…biiiiig difference. And how would you know that it’s a “Go anywhere, do anything” rifle? Please tell us about your spetznaz war stories….

          • randomswede

            In this case “based of” stops at using the same magazines, filling the same role and being hammer fired.
            It’s pretty much like saying the AR-18 is based on the AR-15.

          • Patriot Gunner

            You conveniently forgot it uses the same caliber and has the same type of operation (long stroke). Other than that yeah its a new rifle!

          • Tritro29

            So because it uses the same calibre and magazine FAMAS G2 and M16 are related?

          • randomswede

            There’s a load of things I “conveniently forgot” such as materials used, production processes, country of origin, etc.
            Using the same magazines usually means using the same ammunition.
            Finally the BARS system is not distinctly a long stroke piston as it has two opposing pistons linked by a gear.

          • Tritro29

            It’s hopeless man.

          • randomswede

            It’s a mythological concept of weapon, it doesn’t really exist just as a cartridge that can fill all roles from SMG to LMG doesn’t really exist so it’s more an exercise in “if you could only pick one X for the rest of your life, what would it be?” and bears as much importance as “If you had to ‘sleep with’ a celebrity, who would it be?”.

            But a rifle in 7.62×39 that works well in semi and full auto, can take optics and suppressors, is light and hand yet durable fits the bill for me. A last round bolt hold open would have rounded the list of nicely but she’ll do.

            It’s just a bit of fun as statistically no one gets to pick a rifle to go to war with.

        • Dima K

          This is real gun. AK-12 rival.

          • Sermon 7.62


            The real gun is A-545, it has a different stock and grip, a different handguard and it looks much better.

          • Dima K

            A-545 is 6П67 and has 5.45 caliber. The gun is shown has 6п68 title and 7.62 caliber

          • Sermon 7.62

            This is not a real gun.

          • Tritro29

            This is a real gun it’s the GRAU 6P68 A-762 variant of the A545 with the Ratnik common parts.

            Don’t diss people before knowing what you talk about.

          • randomswede

            I thought I might have stumbled on an airsoft clone of some sort at first since I can’t read the text in the picture.

            Do you know if this is the latest iteration Tritro29?
            I made that assumption as it’s least like the AEK-973 vissualy.

          • Tritro29

            This is the State Trial gun. You can see the common parts on it. Text reads, Avtomat 6P68 from the KMZ (Kovorv Mechanical Plant) submitted for competition “Ratnik”.

          • Sermon 7.62

            This is not the real gun. The real gun, 6P68 A-762 looks the same as 6P67 A-545. And I don’t remember dissing people here.

          • Tritro29

            It is the real gun…the one that was was presented for export, cannot be used as it is for all troops (full stock requirement, bolt open mag release etc) which would eliminate it from Ratnik. Compare the two Ratnik guns. You’ll see that while they look “PS’d” the furniture and modifications are different.

          • Sermon 7.62


          • Tritro29

            Vadim the TsiintochMash Janitor…

      • Tritro29

        Hehe, what did I say? You even know where to look for Russian sources now.

        Yeah that’s the State Trial product from Zid (you can see the common parts with the AK-12 stock, grip, muzzle brake, new mag release/bolt hold open mechanism).

        • randomswede

          Hehe, google translates on screen keyboard helped me with the “п” and google images and patience does the rest.

          Is that bolt hold open as in last round bolt hold open? I hadn’t heard anything about such a device for 7.62 though I understand the AK-12 and A545 has it.

          I still don’t understand how the AN-94 won out over the AEK-971.

          • Tritro29

            Simple, AN when maintained properly and used by the right people can put two rounds on a chest while pressing the trigger once and you can go like this forever. It was a very promising design. But then it got stuck into a sea of issues. Production issues, manual of Arms was to be retaught, cleaning process took 4 times the one for both AK and AEK.

            Long Story short, it was a new toy with awesome performance and every one wanted it.

  • Joe Schmo

    Is Russia becoming more gun friendly than America now? Is America losing freedom and Russia getting more?

    Next thing you know Russia will make their own version of Red Dawn where America invades their country!

    Just kidding, I like America more than Russia.

    • BrandonAKsALot

      They are still limited to one rifle and one shotgun per person. No handguns at all.

      • Anton Nazarov

        5 shotguns + 5 rifles (all can be semi auto, rifles can be purchased 5 years after 1st shotgun is acquired) are allowed easily. if one is getting licens for collection – amount of shotguns and rifles is unlimited, all you can use for training at the range. however for hunting you can use 5+5 only.
        handguns are banned for private persons. shooters buy them via shooting clubs. no carry, only shooting at the ranges for training or competition purposes.

        • toms

          Also magazine capacity is limited in rifles to ten rounds. No 50 bmg I think too. Pistols and carry only for the kings men. There a lot of places to shoot in Russia though. Ammo was overly priced too especially for a country that produces a metric ton of the stuff. I always thought it was funny that I could buy Russian guns and ammo in the USA for 1/2 the price of Russia.

          • Anton Nazarov

            Mags over 10 are ok for sport shooting. We use 40 or 60 (drums) w/o problems.

        • Tassiebush

          Very interesting! Are those handguns stored at the club or in the person’s home?

          • Anton Nazarov

            At club only.
            Handguns are bought and registered by club, private person formally rent them.

        • BrandonAKsALot

          Thanks for the clarification. Is this a recent development or has it been that way for some time. I could have sworn it was someone from Russia that told me of 1 of each law. I could be mistaken.

          • Anton Nazarov

            5+5 rule is in place for many years.
            Collection (unlim shotguns & rifles, but not for hunting) is in law for years as well, but in practice authorities became easier to allow it in the recent 2 or 3 years. Previously it was not an easy permission to get.

      • John Johnson

        The only di#erence is ten minutes and a hacksaw

  • Harry’s Holsters

    We really need to fix our relationship with Russia. For the love of guns!!!

    I’d think someone over here could make a custom version of some sort. The concept isn’t to complicated. I’m sure Rifle Dynamics or Tromix could do it.

    • randomswede

      I can only assume it’s one or more of these:
      1) It’s more complicated than it looks
      2) Western AK builders aren’t as proficient as we’d like to think
      3) Western AK builders are making good money selling “regular” AKs, no need to complicate matters
      4) There’s no (perceived) market for such a rifle in the US (at the price you’d have to charge to cover engineering costs)
      6) There are patent issues
      7) Everyone assumes someone else has tried and failed (The “If it could be done someone would have already” notion)

      • Stephen Paraski

        A shop in Carolinas was running a sale on Arsenals yesterday, starting at $1400+. i would take a FAL over a AK costing that much.

      • Harry’s Holsters

        My understanding is this system is similar to the Kriss Vector in that is actually only shows it’s advantage when used in full auto. I don’t see this being mass production but I could see collector paying for one off custom variants. Would that infringe on patents?

        • randomswede

          For “minute of man” accuracy in semi auto there’s less advantage in a balanced system but for a competition rifle the benefit is that your sight picture moves less.
          Essentially there’s less work to do for the muzzle break and as such it’s easier to tune and should work better when shooting with the rifle sideways for instance.

          I posted a link above to full30 where Larry Vickers shoots both semi and full auto. (I don’t want to end up in moderator limbo otherwise I’d just post the link.)

          • Harry’s Holsters

            I think I’ve seen the video and I remember the full auto portion. Good point on shooting using a 45 degree mounted optic.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    It’s cool seeing the magpul fore end on the Russian guns being used over there.

  • yodamiles

    I really want to start a discussion about this “balanced recoil system” and I guess this is the time. Now, I never shot this gun before and only seen it through YouTube videos, so take what I am saying for a grain of salt.
    I really question the effectiveness and practicality of the balanced recoil system. Every videos we seen so far are Mk 107 (or the full auto ak 107) chambered 5.45 (which is a very low recoil round) and top it off with massive muzzle brake. Combine this with heavy weight of the rifle (8.4 lbs), it wound not be surprised that it is so controllable. The system may help a bit, but would it be better to show it off without muzzle brake. Nonetheless, I am exited for 7.62 version. (If it ever come to the States)

    • gunsandrockets

      I believe the point behind a balanced action is that once the recoil impulse of a Kalashnikov is made very low, like that of an AK-74, much of the remaining vibration of the rifle is caused by the movement of the weight of the action banging back-and-forth.

    • Tritro29

      The BARS has been tested first with both 7.62×39 and 7.62x54R. Initially the system was thought too big and cumbersome for an assault rifle and was meant for the SVD. Let us say that it counteracts as a balance to the bolt impulse backwards. If you question the practicality of a system that has very few parts compares to some other “recoil mitigating” systems in the west, then we can stop talking about this ever again.

  • Anonymoose

    If a Red Dawn scenario ever happened, I would welcome these women with open arms.

    Also, I need this balanced recoil system on a Vepr (since Saiga imports are b& now), preferably one in 54R, .308, or .30-06 (modified to take BAR or BN36 mags).

    • Nicks87

      I would welcome these women right now… My wife probably wouldn’t though lol.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        You’ll never know till you try.

      • Vanns40

        Tell your wife she’s an NRA Instructor and gives hands on instruction. That said, man is she skinny. Not what I would call beautiful.

    • Major Tom

      I think I need to get into politics then. Cuz I really would like a select-fire version of this after somehow making it legal to import and possess one without being registered and profiled like I was some kind of sex offender.

    • Laionidas

      A bit dissapointed though that TFAB is apparently still unaware that “Nikita” is a guy’s name,..

      • Giolli Joker

        It is indeed in Russia, but Luc Besson gave us a pretty famous armed lady with such a name.

      • disqus_PDmXLtTxJj

        I think they are just jokeing about the old TV show and movie. I never thought the girl in the TV show was hot though. She looked mannish.

  • Jim N Jenna SK

    Import – import – import

    • Scott P

      Banned, banned, banned.

  • guest

    The balanced mechanics do NOT eliminate recoil, what they do eliminate are the 3 out of 4 total major impulses the gun would otherwise transfer to the shooter, meaning the first impulse that pushes the gun forward while the piston, carrier and bolt get pushed back, the second impulse when the carrier/bolt group strikes the receiver as it fully stops in the most rearward position, and the third impulse when the same group travels forward, locks and slams up against the trunnion/barrel.
    The rest is done by muzzle brake and preferably an overloaded (“overgassed”) cartridge that has excessive powder gases to operate the brake even more, much like all “race guns” do. So the recoils is there, what’s not there is all the rest.

    • Tritro29

      It doesn’t eliminate, it balances out the first impulse by striking forward with the “same” energy that the bolt carrier strike rearward. Both movements then decelerate in similar fashion if you stop pressing the trigger or restart the same pendulum style movement if you keep pressing it (Full Auto). What the BARS system doesn’t do is neutralizing the force applied on the trigger and the cartdrige quality.

  • Patriot Gunner

    Definitely a cool gun, but if I had one it would probably be relegated to range use only. The balanced recoil system is pretty slick but it does add complexity. And check out that height over bore, yikes! The AK already has a terrible bore height and now its even bigger. Also, the gun is basically an open action with that big slot on the left hand side of the dust cover, reliability would be another concern. Lastly, I wonder how much this thing weighs…If I had to guess I’d say between 8-9 pounds and any 22 caliber gun can be pretty tame on recoil at that weight. With all my moaning and groaning, I STILL WANT ONE!

    • Max Glazer

      Look up Venezuela PK-A sight. It sits so low it almost touches the dust cover and is lower 1/3 cowitness with irons. I’m sure you’ll like that sight 🙂 Also. Add complexity? Come on now. Surely you are mechanically minded enough not to have a problem understanding that there is nothing more then an extra sliding rail on top of the gas piston and a simple gear that synchronises them. It’s simple enough.

      • Patriot Gunner

        Thanks, I looked up the PKA sight and wow does it sit close to the dust cover (I mean that in a good way!). Too bad the optic looks like a Soviet optic from the 70’s. I still stand by my original comment that yes it does add complexity. It is a little bit more than “just a sliding rail”, its another moving piece with springs and components that will wear out. I don’t know how tight the clearances are on the sliding rail, but if you were to get some sand or other debris in there it could gum up the entire gun. Plus it adds weight, I did a little Google-fu and found it weighs 8.5 pounds. For a 22 caliber gun, that is a bit much.

        • Sermon 7.62

          This rifle is still more simple than AR15 or HK416, and there is a bigger choice of optics.

          • Patriot Gunner

            How so? DI guns are stupid simple, just a small tube going back to the receiver, no added weight or extra moving parts. These have extra slides, springs etc….

            Its not the optics choices I’m concerned about, its the mounting system…

          • Sermon 7.62

            Look at the pistures that I uploaded. This rifle is still more simple than AR15. No small parts, no pins, etc.

          • yodamiles

            Small parts were never really an issue with ar 15 anyways. You will be surprised to see that even most reliable gun contain large amount of small parts, yet you don’t need to remove any of it to clean.

          • Sermon 7.62

            But there’s no small parts on AK, and small parts do need to be cleaned on AR, so…

        • Tritro29

          PKA is a Soviet OPTIC from the 80’s and it’s pretty effective. Check Karl & Iain at Forgotten weapons as they tested a Russian Army combo 74M+Obzor optic.

        • Max Glazer

          Nothing wrong with soviet optic from 70s 😉 It actually has to look the way it does since it mounts to the side rail like the old 70s optic lol I like the fact that it always retains the zero no matter how many times it’s fitted and removed.

          It weighs a bit more then standard AK, but then it’s a really tough rifle. We are talking high tensile strength steel stampings that are strong enough for the weapon to be dropped from heights and handle strong impacts that cast and machined aluminium wouldn’t be able to. I’ve seen soldiers use their AKs to boost their mates over obstacles.

          As far as wearing out goes – it’ll last as long as the barrel does. Unless manufactured poorly out of substandard materials.

  • Lee Enfield

    Looks like her shirt is a little drafty. Gotta get that fixed. Not.

  • Ed Forney

    Gotta have one of those !!

  • Gusto

    If You eliminate recoil to this extent for a sport why even use guns and calibers like these anymore?

    If The sport is becoming more just running an gunnin why not do the same thing but with 22s?

    • A tin of 500 good .177 pellets is about $8. A brick of the cheapest .22LR I can find is about $40. Why not pellet guns?

      • mazkact

        These days a high end AEG M4 airsoft is making more and more sense for practice.

        • Most AEGs don’t have functional charging handles. Semi-auto is laggy, since the motor has to crank back the piston before firing. A gas blow-back would be better.

          • mazkact

            AEGs are a little harder to shoot and that is the point really(beyond convenience and affordability). Batter on deck swings a bat with weights, runners run with weights on ankles. I really should not have said “High End” my favorite training tool is a Lancer M4 AEG. I shoot the Lancer almost daily when I get home from work on many reactive targets in the backyard, it works for me. I plan to try one of the SIG M4 pellet Co2 versions, I really wish they would make a bulk Co2 version fill instead of the 88 gram tanks.

  • disqus_PDmXLtTxJj

    What ever happened to Kalashnikov USA’s ALPHA rifle? Me likey.

    • Sermon 7.62

      That thing is Israeli

  • LazyReader

    An AR with a good muzzle break has virtually no recoil……..
    So is this just good engineering or….Over engineering like the AN-94

    • Vitor Roma

      The AN-94 is way, way worse than the 107.

  • Sermon 7.62

    These MK series are based on AK107 in 5.45, AK108 in 5.56 and AK109 in 7.62, and in the meantime, as people are being excited about a piston AR15 and plastic bullpups, the Russians are opening the next page. This is the future gun design profile.

    • yodamiles

      Nothing wrong with piston at 15 or plastic bullpup though. I like them.

      • Sermon 7.62

        Plastic bullpups are the best. You can disguise them as a cordless drill and pretend being an electrician, that’s great for special forces’ operations.

  • Sermon 7.62

    It needs better furniture. It should be possible to convert it to AK108, but parts might be hard to obtain.

  • PXN

    So Want.

  • Sermon 7.62

    Russian rifles are the best! AK109:

  • FightFireJay

    This is not a “recoilless rifle”, that would be a Car Gustav.

    Words have meanings. Or we could just start saying “clipazine”.

  • Max Popenker
  • NICEGUY777

    I read some where this recioless rifle has more moving parts to go wrong and not as reliable as the orginal AK.

    • randomswede

      It does have more moving parts, two more: A gear sprocket and the opposing piston.
      We’ve been making and using gearboxes in cars for quite some time now and while they do break it’s not something that’s constantly on your mind while driving.

      As Alex said in the reliability video, if you want the ultimate reliability you’ll have to go for a single shot weapon.

  • Patriot Gunner

    Yeah guys! C’mon! How daft and dense do you have to be to not believe word for word my anecdotal stories of face kickers loving this gun!! (well not this EXACT gun, but prior iterations) I mean really, COME ON!!!

    Please regale us with more face kicker spetsnaz stories!

    • Tritro29

      Hopeless ignorant.

      • Patriot Gunner

        Ignorant: lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about something in particular. Considering you have never shot, touched and don’t have a shred of empirical data about the gun, yet you claim it is thee “go anywhere, do anything” rifle strikes me as outrageously hypocritical. You are not only hopelessly ignorant, but completely, utterly, hopelessly foolish.

  • g box

    Looks like a bumpfire nightmare.

  • John M. Zeigler

    What part of recoiless rifle don’t some people not understand.

  • Ced Truz

    Doesn’t the fact that it’s chambered in .223 make it recoil-less?

  • Anon. E Maus

    Recoilless? Where’s the warheads?

  • Wolfgar

    Trump wants to be friends with the Russians. Now I know why. Free trade with Russia, lets start shipping these rifles, pronto!