New Russian Saiga MK-107 Recoil-less Rifle

Eric B
by Eric B

Every competitive shooter wants a recoil-less rifle. With the Saiga MK-107, or “recoil-less AK” we’re getting closer to that dream.

Translated from Russian:

“The new Russian Saiga MK-107 is a semi-automatic gas operated rifle with recoil-mitigating balanced action. This means that rifle features two gas pistons, entering a single gas block above the barrel from opposite directions.”

It is said to be released by the end of 2016, but that has been said for the last 2-3 years now.

I’m told that the caliber is .223 Remington, with a 5,45×39 mm to follow.
For competitive dynamic rifle shooting .223 Remington is the most used caliber by far.

As you can see for the left vs right picture, the muzzle brake (recoil compensator) is canted, a common modification to further reduce the recoil and keep the rifle in the “A” zone.

The Saiga MK-107 shot by Russian IPSC shooter Oleg Rybalki.

It looks extremely stable I have to say. It looks like the exact same rifle, looking at the muzzle brake.

Russia will hold the first World Shoot for IPSC Rifle in June 2017. Hopefully the best competitors from all over the World will be there. I will bet my money some one from Finland will win the match, but we’ll see.

The RWC (Rifle World Shoot 2017) will be held at “Patriot Range”, which has 31 stages up to 300 meters and 1 stage up to 800 meters long. There are also a multi-story indoor shooting range which looks very promising.

Above: The official logo of the First Rifle World Championship 2017

Here are a few other Russian AK-rifles from one of their 3 Gun competitions. I’m not sure enough to identify these versions, but the first one has a Swarovski Z6i on top. I would surely prefer a much lower mount.

The shooter is Alёna Karelinalёna, part of the Lady Kalashnikov team and two times champion of Russia. and World champion 2015 in IPSC Shotgun. A real Nikita!

Picture below is from her Instagram. Make sure you follow!

Another Russian shooter with the same AK.

3 Gun Russian style.

Yet another AK with modifications.

I’m sure we will see the AK-107 in the hands of the top Russian competitive shooters very soon.

Pretty cool gif I found. Hope it helps.

Eric B
Eric B

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