Inter Ordnance AK Fails AKOU Test On First Magazine

Many like to pile on to the abysmal reputation that Inter Ordnance AK-47 rifles have earned. While, yes, there are those that get what seem to be solid rifles, the trend (at least as reported by my fellow writers and internet commando’s) is that Inter Ordnance stinks.

Piling on again to their repuatation is AK Operator’s Union 47-74 with their well-respected 5000 round shooting test (admittedly with a bit of torture thrown in for good measure). Unfortunately, the Inter Ordnance rifle was not able to make it through its first magazine without a major functional failure. AK Operator’s Union was unable to zero the rifle due to a defect.

The front sight post does not hold position within the front sight. Rob was able to move the front sight post using just a finger, which should be substantially more difficult to move. The interference fit between the parts should require a press or adjustment tool to move while adjusting windage.

Combined with a failure to feed in the second magazine (and a few rounds later) this does not bode well for the long-term performance of the rifle. However, Rob did note that the “Wood looks good,” and the weapon passes the “no-go” gauge test.

Oh, and the cleaning rod was forgotten even after Q/C inspection!

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • ostiariusalpha

    Not exactly a shocking revelation, but somebody had to show it as plainly as possible. Thanks AKOU.

  • Rousso

    The worst “AK” rifles are being made in the US. At the same time, the government does a lot to prevent import or production of quality AKs on the US market. Even Arsenal AKs are not as good as the original Russian or Serbian rifles. Far from that.

    US government banned Finnish Valmets and original Serbian Zastavas, as well as Russian 100-series (manufactured for civillian markets as semiautomatic variants) by inventing artificial obstacles in the form of “import regulations”. And in the meanwhile they allow and encourage production of the low-quality clones by the incompetent enterprenuers, then using them as an example to support anti-AK propaganda.

    In the comment sections under every post, article or YouTube videos about AK always come some people and spread lies about Aks being “copied” from Stg-44 or Hugo Schmeisser working on AK project and that AKs are inaccurate and not as reliable as people say, etc.

    Shame on you

    • micmac80

      Agreed Kalashnikov should use legal ways to prevent any US manufacturer branding something as an AK47 as thy clearly have no idea how to buld one . Worlds most iconic firearm that is succesfuly built in many countries is in US in domain of trash builders and ‘neva been done befoe’ deviants.

      • Rousso

        As far as I know AK is not as cheap as people think: for the Russians, the cost is about 1,000$. So, after being imported the price in the US would be in the 18-hundreds area, just like most of other imported rifles. But I think a lot of people would be happy to get a nice authentic AK for that price.

        And the new models would become a hit for sure. These AK-12, I mean. That is exactly what the US government doesn’t want to happen. They understand the potential of the AK platform, and the reputation that would be earned, and the fact that all that would be projected in a favorable way towards Russia which is apparently not something that is on their schedule for the time being.

        The situation is that even the countries that are considered “friendly” are not granted the entrance to the US market unless they pledge allegiance to the US becoming a member of the NATO. Even Finland lost their Valmet because of their neutral politics.

        Although, it is also their own falt, like the Russians as well, because they are not selling these rifles on their internal markets.

        • tts

          I don’t have market numbers but generally its accepted once you get around $1K sales start to really drop off for guns. $1.8K gun sales are a thing but I don’t think they sell in the numbers you might believe they would. There is a reason why ~$600 or less AR15’s are so popular after all. For the money they’re damn hard to beat. Being easy to upgrade by a layman owner into a much better gun with simple hand tools is seen as a big advantage too.

          I’d agree with you that the AK12 or one of those nifty balanced piston AK’s would definitely be popular in the US but I don’t think reputation has anything to do with the import restrictions. Just because a given product is good from a certain country doesn’t mean it’ll influence how people think of that country all that much. There were tons of people who’d both simultaneously love Japanese cars and hate the country back in the 80’s in the US for instance. Same thing with AK’s or SKS’s from China or Russia back in the 80’s in the US too.

          Import restrictions generally have more to do with politics (which aren’t always rational, frequently aren’t IMO really) and internal economics (protectionism lobbied into law by industry trying to protect their sales).

          • Rousso

            To me it seems that AK owners are more partial to the Russians than those who don’t own AKs. That is also true for the Russians that like for instance American music, or movies, or iPhones or something.


          • Gary Kirk

            Partial to the Russian firearm.. Most American music/film is anti government to some degree.. And iPhones are made in southeast Asia somewhere

          • Gary Kirk

            There’s a far deeper scope to the music/film angle.. But that’s for another week

        • Tritro29

          AK out of Izhmash is roughly 150 Dollars. But AK is illegal in Russia. Semiauto AK, like Saiga is legal but it will set you back from 280 to 480 USD.

          Ak 12 bottom price for MoD was allegedly ~650 USD and MoD found it too expensive.

          • Rousso

            Why are you spreading these lies? For what?

            “Новая разработка концерна «Калашников» автомат АК-12 будет стоить примерно одну тысячу долларов, сообщил 9 декабря в интервью «Эху Москвы» генеральный директор компании Алексей Криворучко”

            Do you understand Russian language?

            The price for both internal and international markets is going to be the same. About 1000 dollars. So said the general manager. He also said that the quality had to be compromised to keep the price at this level.

            Because of the competition from the side of the US selling cheap AR-15s.

          • Tritro29

            Ha ha…I’m Russian. The AK-12 is not for export (maybe you should understand why only the A545 was in Eurosatory and the AK-12 was not in CK booth while Rosoboron had the A545), maybe because it hasn’t an export licence yet. The lowest price offered was about 650 USD; I have this from MOD people.

            An AK (M43 7.62×39 AKM) assembled from Izhmash costs 150 USD . That is the COST per UNIT. What the sales price is that’s totally different.

            The General Manager that also says bollocks because CK hasn’t an export licence and still haven’t participated to any tender, except for the Ratnik Program…why is that so you think?

            Are you really sure you want me to explain you why the AK-12 hasn’t got an export licence and why CK is trying push cheaper solutions to the MinOboron, like the AK400?

          • Rousso

            “Cheaper solutions”, huh?

            Look, brother, you clearly have no clue and you seem to be a Russian’s hater rather than Russian. So, let me help you understand a few basic things.

            First, AK400 is not a cheaper solution but a higher class carbine, somewhat like HK416. Second, AK12 is still in development. And I don’t know what kind of “export licence” you are talking about. CK is under the sanctions, but other than that there’s no restrictions to be mentioned, as far as I know.

            Now, you have to back up your bullcrap “150$” info with a respectable written quote, otherwise you are nothing but another troll spreading lies and propaganda. I gave you the proof you were wrong. Can you prove that you weren’t? Please, do.

          • basawruek

            Hi, I’m from Russia. Saiga costs about $350, surplus AKM (VPO136) – about $280.

          • Rousso

            Brother, we are talking about AK12 here, not the worn-out surplus AKM or a corner-cut mutilated AK-based hunting rifles.
            But I had no idea that AKM has become legal in Russia, if that’s what has been said. Please, explain in more detail. I looked it up and found this:


            Looks beautiful. But that’s not an AKM. This one has 10-round mags, apparently single-stack, and also has select-fire markings on the receiver but obviously it is not a select-fire gun, so what it is?

            A gimmick

          • Tritro29

            Jesus allow yourself to get out of this fiasco clean? I was talking about the AK, not the AK-12 which can’t have a price yet (and if the Sales price is 1000 USD then the cost is going to be closer to 500 USD any way). So get a clue and quick.

          • Rousso

            You came here and stepped into the dialogue, so it might have been nicer if you tried to make an effort to at least follow the topic and stop acting like that. Because I was saying, “the cost for the Russians” meaning the price for the state, not what it costs to the KC to manufacture the rifle. And I got that info from a respectable source.

            Are you, little man, a respectable source?

          • Tritro29

            If you really think that the price for the MO is going to be the same as for foreign sales, i have this Palace to sell you. It is located in Tsarskoe Selo. I sell it cheap.

            Holy Gospodin, do you read what you write? If Izhmash says they will sell no less than 1000 USD, that means that the MO already rejected 1000 and Izhmash wants no less than that. It’s simply black PR.

            If I am a reputable source? No. Don’t quote me on this. Just wait and see.

          • basawruek

            Full auto is totally illegal, welcome to GULAG)) But semi-auto VPO-136 / Vepr-KM or MA-AK still “civilized” AKM, soviet era made, worn-out military surplus. And there are many models of Saiga that looks like AK.
            30 round mags are not a problem. From military $10 to $100 Magpul.

          • Rousso

            Full auto is illegal almost everywhere, except for Iraq, it seems, and also Pakistan.

          • Tritro29

            Maybe you should go and read my posting history. If I’l a Russian hater, durak, then I don’t want to know what it takes into your eyes to be a Real Russian.

            AK400 which is based on legacy receivers..and uses a smaller SVD action is a “higher class” carbine? Are you for real? The AK400 aka AK103-4 during Ratnik tests, was actually a legacy compromise when compared to the tighter tolerance AK-12 (which includes ergonomic quantum leaps as thumb selector, empty mag bolt open system aaaand thumb mag release.

            CK is under sanctions from where? NATO area when it has never tried to sell small arms. But ironically India and Pakistan that are friendly markets and are having tenders for small arms were never approached for a sale.

            Once again, the AK-12 doesn’t have and export license as yet, because the gun is not finalized. I don’t see how CK can try and stiff arm the MinOboron with an unfinished product that costs way too much. Among many things, the free floating hand-guard that is 3D printed, was deemed superfluous from the MinOboron, the sight solution was also deemed too expensive (sight was 7000 rubles from MO sources).

            The only thing you posted is the claims of the CK Brass insisting that an unfinished product (AK-12) is going to be 1000 bucks, 70000 rubles. Replacement cost for AK74M, according to Russian Ministry of Defense is about 32000 Rubles (2015).

            The production cost for the AKM styled rifles, is 150 USD, that’s also the base line price AK74M’s were offered to Syria in 2008.

            You posted the selling pricepoint for the AK-12 a completely different animal and yet not as expensive as the people at CK would like the MO to pay.

            Even with devaluation the cost for the Army is well under 1000 USD.

            Given that you don’t understand what you’re talking about gun wise and that you clearly ignore the fundamentals of CK/Izhmash milking (that press report though) the MO, I’d say that you need to stay clear of these discussions. Written evidence of what?

            Russian hater, that’s new.

          • Rousso

            Look, man. You came here and stepped right in the middle of a dialogue, so it might have been nicer of you if you made an effort to at least follow the topic.

            First, if you consider thumb selector, mag release and bolt hold open features a “quantum leap” in ergonomics and at the same time don’t understand the advantages of short-stroke piston over the long-stroke, the benefits of the free-floated barrel and regulated gas block over the earlier design, retractable and folding buttstock over the sidefolder than there’s nothing to talk about. You are incompetent.

            And also, have you compared the AK12 and AK400 tightness of tolerances? Nope.

            AK400 has all the features of the modern high-end carbine, like the aforementioned HK416, also in itself an upgrade of the M4 built on the “legacy” receiver, but it doesn’t mean a thing.

          • Tritro29

            I read that an Ak was costing 1000 USD. In English, these things have a different meaning. Cost of the rifle means what it takes to build it. The price indicates it’s acquisition cost. Which is different from its production cost.

            Then you explain that the AK-12 is going to cost 1000 USD, which is a completely different animal from legacy AKM. That price is too steep for a rifle that is currently only offered to the Russian state and is being developed for the Russian State.

            In few words, this is black PR from Izhmash. They are trying to stage a price while their product isn’t finished and isn’t even issued to the Russian armed forces. From trustworthy sources the bottom price asked and offered by Izhmash has been ~650 USD (Under 50 thousand Rubles). This for whatever reason has been unacceptable for Izhmash.

            Enter then a cheaper solution. Unlike your idea, the AK-400 is a smaller Dragunov system fitted in a AK receiver, doesn’t have ambidextrous controls, still have a large right side selector, which isn’t good at sealing the mechanism from foreign elements. Has been tested and designed around the M43 (7.62×39 cartdrige), has basically nothing over the AK-12 both in manual of arms, ergonomics and production values.
            It’s a cheaper solution for people who can’t afford the AK12.

            The short stroke system offers a mild advantage when you’re using the M43 cartdrige in terms of recoil, but then so does the BARS system and frankly the AK74 has already a better solution. Smaller round.

            Comparing the AK400 to the relationship between H&K416 and M4 is really not understanding that the difference stands in the serialization and standardization of the system when it comes to the US/German rifle.

            This is almost impossible with the way the AK’s are built. Stamped metal guns are cheaper in material, but they have a bigger labour cost. With a cheaper labour, the combination becomes deadly.

            That’s why the US can’t afford to build and assemble AK’s at the same price point than WAPO/Commbloc countries. Even the DOD recognised that. From an economic standpoint, it’s illogical.

          • Rousso

            Definition of cost: An amount that has to be paid or given up in order to get something.

            Look, kid, I am not interested in arguing with a fool.

    • BrandonAKsALot

      Most of the myths about the AK and AR are finally being ironed out at least. Really all the ex-commbloc factories made excellent AK’s because they all had the proper equipment. Hungarian is my second favorite next to Russian. Their manufacturing was the work of real craftsmen.

      These US companies are cobbling together garbage parts just to make a few bucks. It’s the tale as old as time that the commerical vs military versions of things are drastically different and have different goals. When bottom line is the most important part of your gun’s design, you have pre-destined it to fail. Unfortunately, these problems tend to take a while to show up as well due to the more casual nature of the everyday shooter. Most people aren’t pumping 10k+ rounds a year through their firearms.

      • Rousso

        Not just the equipment but the proper technological nuances are important as well. It took decades to refine the rifle’s design. And anyone who has seen the ballistic tables knows how much precision was implied to make them what they are: accuracy calculated by percentages, probability of hits statistically measured, etc.

        • tts

          From what I understand part of the problem is that the AK actually requires some amount of hand fitting and filing during assembly and most of the US AK manufacturers are trying to cut corners as a result of the ‘extra’ labor costs resulting in crappy products. That plus there is some skill required to quickly and correctly assemble a AK and if all they want to pay their assemblers is crap wages, well, are crap results so surprising?

          They’re all used to the AR15 where every part is specified just so and goes together like lego blocks in comparison.

          • Rousso

            That’s correct

            But the problem is also that in the US no one has the proper tools to do the job. In Russia AKs are assembled by women, and as you said they are trained and taught and have the skills and know-how, while in the US AKs are actually reverse-engineered by a bunch of amateurs

          • Tritro29

            Lol and in Poland they’re made by women only? FFS do you think Radom or Cugir/Kargujeac-Zastava is any different from Izhmash? All those have men AND women to the chain. The only difference is that the ex-Commbloc/WAPO nations have a real know-how on crucial steps of the process and cheap labour compared to what would cost an US manufacturer to do the 1/1 assembly and fitting process.

            In clear it’s simply way too expensive to manufacture the AK in the US, because it’s not a super standardized, automatized process. But because labour is way cheaper in Eastern Europe, we can afford the roughly 12 hours of the process.

          • Rousso

            But the prices in the US are also higher. And some people like Rifle Dynamics sell their AKs for 23 hundred dollars and make good money. You are right about “crucial steps” and all, but if some US firm bought the technology and tools from the Izhmash than the quality of their product would be the same.

            Arsenal USA apparently has these tools and technology, but they cut corners on fit and finish.

          • Tritro29

            Once again, it is not about capability, it’s about price and cost. US made AK’s are going to cost a penny and a half. Non-US made AK’s are going to cost a kopeck. Just not the same.

            It’s going to be unprofitable soon to make those AK’s in the US. Even with the ferocious protectionism in the US market.

      • Allan

        AK are well made reliable guns , unless they are made in the USA in which case they are crap , every ak gun,magazine and accessory problem can be traced to made in the USA.

  • ozzallos .

    I had hopes for them… Especially that Nano AK. But their assurances of new quality control don’t seem to match the interwebs findings.

  • Big Daddy

    I am very dubious of the many AK rifles on the market these days. I did have a nice and cheap WASR 10. But the accuracy had a lot to be desired so I sold it. I like the 7.62×39 round and that it’s cheap to shoot. So I bought a CMMG Mutant and couldn’t be happier. I am waiting on reports of the PSA KS47s, if they prove to be as good as the Mutant it’s on my list.

    I think the SKS is a better design and overall rifle than the modern AKs on the market. I liked the rifle but it was just not comfortable to shoot. So I thought about a Mini 30, they don’t shoot the cheaper ammo well unless modified, so the whole idea was defeated by Ruger.

    The quality Russian and some other real AK47s are good battle rifles. As a sporter they have not lived up to the reputation of the AK47 itself. They cannot be easily modified or parts replaced like the AR. So for better or worse I’ll stick with the AR platform.

  • Jim

    Think AKOU are nuts and ate biased from the beginning. Face it too no one Fires 5000 rounds wo stopping with a normal rifle. Think the rich AK nuts just whining about nothing.

    • Rick AK nuts whining about nothing? Not making it through a single mag is nothing eh? Being unable to zero is nothing. Got it. *smh*

      AKOU is hardly biased. In the land of sell-outs, Robski has a level of integrity rarely seen in firearms reviews.

    • tts

      If he was shooting 5000rd without stopping all the barrels on all the guns he tested would’ve been blow irregardless of the design. Unless they were water cooled of course. But I don’t think he has ever tested a water cooled design.

    • BobinMI

      They do not fire 5,000 rounds without stopping, they have a very extensive testing protocol which involves measuring the head space, how hot the firearm is becoming. they test well within the parameters that these rifles should be able to withstand. You should not comment about things that you clearly do not understand, and did not take any time to research. Google is literally at your fingertips and you failed.

    • 68Whiskey

      Someone has a bit too much invested in his IO AKs.

    • UninfringedTech

      This rifle however failed before 30 rounds…

      • Alex @Sea

        I ignored negative feedback about Interord and bought a semi pps 43. Within 100 rounds the firing pin broke. Did everything I could to contact them and finally got a reply that basically said “can’t help you”.

        • UninfringedTech

          Wow. Sorry you had to experience that but thanks for taking the risk and letting us know. Any company can make a crummy model now and then but these guys sound like something special!

  • Vitsaus

    This is what you get when you are shopping for a price, and not for a firearm.

  • Klaus Von Schmitto

    If you can give your car a brake job or change an alternator, you have mechanical skills to build your own. Buy a parts kit and a 4473 receiver and just do it. If a kid in an Afgan village can do it so can you.

  • Gary Kirk

    AKs are like M14s to a degree.. Now hear me out fans of either.. To make them work is to “build” one.. Now, we have all these companies buying parts wholesale to build rifles.. Mix and match, doesn’t work outside the AR world (and even sometimes inside that one) as far as making a decent firearm. They are manufactured at one plant that uses one set of plans, machining, parts, and employees.. Now, you have a big mixed group of mixed manufacturer’s parts, and are sourcing who knows what quality domestic product.. Mix them all together and see video above.. Then, you do have the companies that limit who/where they get their parts from, and machine their own needed extras in house. But that raises cost above what most are willing to pay for an AK.. Same with the M14/M-1A.. So you wind up with arm chair operators complaining about both, because the real deal was out of their price target/range.. Me personally, I can’t stand the AKs ergonomics, that said.. I’d love to have one, but reside in MD, so can’t have one..

    • Rousso

      If you had to spend 6 hours outside in the cold wearing winter gloves and then get into a firefight and shoot you would begin to appreciate AK’s ergonomics

      • Gary Kirk

        I think you’re talking about shootability.. Not ergonomics, two separate things.. After 6 hours in the “cold” (and spend my life outside working between -20 up to well above 100° F) You’re just not “comfy” anyway.. So ya just want something that is going to work easily, and the AK works.. And I never said it didn’t..

        • Rousso

          “Ergonomics” means user’s comfort. And that’s exactly what people complain about, since most don’t realize that AK’s were made the way they were made for a reason. And that reason is the 10,000 km northern border of Russia, as well as Siberia, where the temperatures go down to -30 and even more.

          Wearing thick gloves you will appreciate the “small” pistol grip and the “too tight” safety lever, and the charging handle that is on the “wrong side” when the piston freezes in the cold and you will be able to just pull it back and crush the ice. You will appreciate the sights, too, as there is no aperture and it won’t be filled with frost. All these little things that people in the US complain about were designed that way for a reason.

          And if you meant by ergonomics the ability to mount various devices then you should just try the Russian products. The ones made in the West are tailored for the AR platform. For the AK, use the Russian stuff.

          • Gary Kirk

            Import ban..

          • Gary Kirk

            Oh, and unless you’re the Tommy tacticool type that’s replaced your grip and trigger guard, you can use an AR with mittens.. Which work better than gloves.. And as far as crushing ice easily.. Well.. And if I remember correctly, the original design of the AK was for AV personnel.. Then was redesigned for general use.. And the ergonomics I spoke of were for general use, not “the” odd time they might fit.. All that said, I’d still love to have one.. Just doesn’t fit me right, hope yours continue to provide you with years of service and comfort up there

          • iksnilol

            I wear fingerless gloves in -20 C. Works well enough.

    • Gary Kirk

      And how did I know an AK fan would be the first to reply?? Oh wait that’s right, I posted this at around 9:30.. All the M-1A guys were in bed already

      • Gecko9mm

        Shots fired!

        • Gary Kirk

          I almost thought about using the GOD GIVEN 1911 (and I own one as well as a M-1A) as an example.. Just didn’t want to break my email service with all the hate mail, God knows tmrw is gonna suck.. Just hope some people get my point.?.?.?

  • Andrew Dubya

    We thank you, O Rob Ski, for thou unpaid reviews and beseech thee that thou see fit to deliver IO from their sins.

  • Simcha M.

    Please to remove kheering protekshion so as to lower the volume. Spaseebo.

  • ToddB

    I think QC is nonexistent in most places. Yea they may put a sticker on there saying so, but then find such glaring problems like a missing cleaning rod or a front sight that moves under finger pressure. How could anybody have looked the gun over? The answer is, they didn’t. QC costs money. We see it even with big companies, look at all the obviously screwed up R51 pistols Remington sent out, they say were inspected. But then have pistols where the sights can be pushed out with finger or fall out on their own and you cant actually cycle the weapon. Whats QC, they say yea theres a gun in the box? I bought a glock magazine recently, been avoiding the korean ones, and glock doesnt make a 40 cal bigger than 22rds. Vendor at the show had some SGM tactical 28rd mags, they were 20$ I got one, if it works fine I can order more. Well there couldn’t have been any QC as it simply does not work, the follower jams up, a quick glance and you see the flashing from the mold inside. But there has to be a boss somewhere who looked and said ‘meh screw it ship em out’ yet cant figure out why business is slow.

  • John Snow

    At one time I would been die hard Ak47 defender on mythical abuse that Ak47 could take over Ar15 being abuse. How ever these day poorly made American turd brands Ak47 mall ninja on youtube channel paid well sell as lemons to all of us a long time ago end my belief on mythical belief that American made Ak47 could out last out abuse well made American made Ar15. You look at numbers people complain about crap there get when they buy American made turd version Ak47 more than just handful complain what turds they are getting for there money. Be made buy Century Arms or Inter Ordnance turd made American made Ak47 seem share all same poor quality issues same lame excuses why there quality sucks buy those who supports those brands . If had pick between American made Ar15 and American made Ak47 going with Ar15 not gone fall part on me gone go bang a lot longer than turd Ak47 version made buy Century Arms and Inter Ordnance that are falling part do poor quality control cheap pot metal there made out of.

  • iksnilol

    AKOU has really declined in quality. I mean, “torture testing” is… wiggling the front sight? Good God y’all.