Inter Ordnance AK Fails AKOU Test On First Magazine

    Many like to pile on to the abysmal reputation that Inter Ordnance AK-47 rifles have earned. While, yes, there are those that get what seem to be solid rifles, the trend (at least as reported by my fellow writers and internet commando’s) is that Inter Ordnance stinks.

    Piling on again to their repuatation is AK Operator’s Union 47-74 with their well-respected 5000 round shooting test (admittedly with a bit of torture thrown in for good measure). Unfortunately, the Inter Ordnance rifle was not able to make it through its first magazine without a major functional failure. AK Operator’s Union was unable to zero the rifle due to a defect.

    The front sight post does not hold position within the front sight. Rob was able to move the front sight post using just a finger, which should be substantially more difficult to move. The interference fit between the parts should require a press or adjustment tool to move while adjusting windage.

    Combined with a failure to feed in the second magazine (and a few rounds later) this does not bode well for the long-term performance of the rifle. However, Rob did note that the “Wood looks good,” and the weapon passes the “no-go” gauge test.

    Oh, and the cleaning rod was forgotten even after Q/C inspection!

    Nathan S

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