There is a lot going on with this Kel-Tec Sub2000 Gen 2. First it is a modified version that is now a takedown model. While not approved by Kel-Tec and would certainly void any warranty, it is an interesting design. While the concept of a takedown is intriguing on other guns and practical for some cases, it does not seem to be necessary for the Sub2000. The Sub2000 folds in half and is very compact. So having a removable barrel seems superfluous unless you are testing many different barrels on the same gun.

This barrel has been cut down and suppressed. If you notice the length is now the same as a factory barrel Sub2K. Unfortunately it loses its ability to fold and lock due to the handguard design and all the accessories on it.


  • PK

    It can’t fold even with the rotating handguard?

    Also I have to ask, pinned can or SBR? Slick package, either way. That would make one nice HD rifle.

    • Nicholas C

      SBR. and no. If you look at the locking mechanism of the stock, it would hit the can. So technically it could fold but why bother?

  • Jwedel1231

    The Sub2K is the one gun that having a take-down version of makes no sense. It makes it no shorter when put away, and slower to deploy. The cut down size to accommodate the can is pretty good, tough. 4/10, would not operate with.

    • Nicholas C

      Yeah the takedown feature seems unecessary. However the owner of this I believe uses this as a test gun so he may be swapping other barrels on it. Not sure how frequent one would need to do that but it is interesting and functional.

      • Giolli Joker

        Having it take-down version allows you to keep the red dot on a conventional fixed railed handguard, otherwise you need a “revolving” one or a some other not so conventional solutions to be able to keep the sights on when you fold down the gun.

      • Joe

        If you could acquire the bolt and barrel from a .40S&W and a 9mm Luger SUB2000 you could swap calibers with this cutout method. And that Red Lion Precision quad rail can unlock and rotate allowing the firearm to fold so long as part of the handguard, even on a 45deg, is clear of accessories.

  • YZAS

    Interesting. Not sure I agree with the choice to take it in half – he could have cut it down and suppressed it without doing that – but always interesting to see what people do with their Sub2k’s. They’re like little mini Rorschach tests.

  • MyFifteenthAccount

    That’s like putting a 5.0L in a Ford Festiva.

    • Michael R. Zupcak

      It’s Ford Fiesta. Duh.

      • Scott Tuttle

        kids, sheesh.

        • Michael R. Zupcak

          haha…I will admit I had never heard of a Festiva but I also didn’t think for a second that anyone’s brain would misinterpret “Fiesta” in that way, so I did a search to verify my theory and then I had no choice but to bust some balls with that joke

          • Hugo Solis

            The Festiva was a tiny 11ft long econobox make in the early 90’s.

          • Andrey Martim

            I have a Fiesta. It is a very nice little car… Very little, looks like my shoe.

  • Anonymoose

    Why bother with the SBR stamp when you could have just gotten a suppressor stamp and welded it to the barrel after shortening (with the barrel-half uninstalled, of course)? Now you can’t take it across state lines without notifying the ATF.

  • gunsandrockets


  • Sasquatch

    If it can’t andbwont fold then why….. Just why mall ninjas why…..

  • spotr

    A little photo-manipulation to see it as an assembled gun.

  • Tom Simpson

    A Sub2K that does not fold…is…what? A mediocre, underpowered and overpriced carbine? One step over a Hi-Point? Not much of anything in my book…

  • Town22

    The folding option is why I have one. Been very discipline in not losing that preference; very discreet inside its case. However, shooting bowling pins and steel plates I’m in a disadvantage. Shooters with High Point, Beretta and S&W carbines have optics on them. I can feel the pressure to modernize.

  • Jeff Smith

    Removing the barrel would allow your to mount a fixed optic to the top rail and store the gun in a backpack by situating the receiver and barrel beside each other.

  • mechamaster

    Mmm… Keltec version of semi auto DeLisle Carbine.. But it’s inspiring really !

  • Ghost930

    A lot of people pooh-poohing this gun. Why? First reason for it, as someone else pointed out, it allows you to keep an optic attached without some whizzo revolving mount. Two, it allows for separation and storage of the two sections in opposing pockets of say a pretty small back pack or even messenger type bag or sling bag. Most importantly……………..It’s his freaking rifle, and he can modify it any way he wants to, for what ever purpose he intended, and it’s actually fairly well done, and fairly innovative in some aspects. Why do some of you paint your guns camo, when you never go anywhere but the range? Because you want to. Nuff said.

  • William Elliott

    now if they’d just make one in a hot little cartridge like the 22 tcm-r
    Just thinking outside the box [IE poor man’s P90]